May 2: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Episode Recaps and History

Monday, May 2, 2016 – Episode #7322


Sasha Has Played Her Trump Card

May 2 2016 B&B SpoilersGetting close to giving birth, Nicole’s mind has turned to her life after the baby is born and handed over to parents, Maya and Rick.  She’s decided that she wants another chance with Zende, but that Sasha needs to be gone for that to happen.  Nicole told Sasha to go make a life and a family for herself elsewhere and to stay away from hers.  Already hurt and rebuffed by her father, Sasha, raw emotionally blurted out that there was a reason she was always around like family, and it wasn’t that she was hovering.  You’re my sister, Sasha told a stunned Nicole.

Nicole is blindsided by this news and is at first disbelieving thinking that Sasha is working another angle to get her way.  Nicole is serious when she asks Sasha to tell her the truth.  “Are we sisters?”  Nicole wants to know.

An emotional Sasha tells Nicole that she doesn’t have much of a relationship with the man they both call their father, but she would like to keep what she does have.  Is Sasha asking Nicole to keep her secret?  And will this bombshell change the way Nicole feels about taking Zende back off Sasha once the baby is born.?

Will Nicole Back Away From Zende?

Elsewhere, Rick and Zende have a discussion about Nicole asking Sasha to leave LA.  Nicole has already told Zende that she wants to make a comeback into his life once the baby is born and she has promised him that she will be hard to resist.

But that was before Sasha played her “I’m your sister” trump card.

While Rick is reminding Zende  what a selfless and amazing thing Nicole is doing for him and Maya but giving them their miracle baby, Nicole is learning that the woman who betrayed her by moving in on her boyfriend may not be so easy to get rid of.  Nicole has been very generous with her older sister, Maya, will she be as generous with her new found sister Sasha?  Will their new family bond make Nicole back away from Zende and let her sister who has missed out on the affection of their father growing up have this moment of happiness in her life?

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Episode Recap:

Nicole Learns Sasha is her Sister

What did you just say?  Sasha says nothing.  You just said we were sisters.  Sasha tries to back track, but Nicole doesn’t believe her.  Then why wouldn’t she say that.  You’re implying my father and your mother.  No Sasha says.  Nicole says she knows it wasn’t her mother.  Nicole pushes.  Sasha tries to leave realizing what she’s said.  Nicole asks her for the truth.  Are we sisters?

Sasha wanted to tell her so many time when they were growing up. They had more fun together and fought each other harder than anyone else.  Her father will cut her off if Sasha tells  Nicole.

You never said anything Nicole says.  Sasha tells her that Julius told her that it would ruin his life and Nicole would hate her. It has to stay a secret Sasha tells her.  You can’t tell Julius you know Sasha begs of Nicole.   The sisters hug.  Nicole can’t believe how their father had treated Sasha. You grew up with your father a few houses down and just pretended to be a girl form the neighborhood.  Sasha admits she hasn’t had much of a relationship with their father but she would like to keep what she has.  Let her stay his dirty little secret, Sasha begs.

Nicole can’t promise to let the secret stand for another day.  She will respect their sisterhood, but Sasha deserves better and her mother with all she’s put up with from Julius also deserves to know the truth.

Nicole leaves and Sasha cries. Zende gets back tot the studio and realizes Sasha is upset.  Something bad is going to happen,.  Mr Avant is going to be so mad.  Zende is surprisesd that he is scared of Nicoles father

If Nicole Wasn’t Pregnant He’d Still Be With Her

Zende says that Sasha didn’t say anything about going away. Rick says Sasha doesn’t know yet, so he asks for Zende’s discretion.  The Avant’s leave for Zende to have a meeting with Rick.  Rick says that Julius isn’t the most discreet man but he’s right about his situation.  He’s got two incredible women, Nicole and Sasha who are all about him Rick says.  Rick says he’s been there. Zende says it ended up find for him.  Married to Maya and Nicole having his child.

Zende admits he enjoys being around Sasha but if Nicole hadn’t been pregnant she’d be the only woman in his life.  He saw the future when he looked at Nicole.  Sasha is now.  But he wanted Nicole to be his wife and carry his baby.  Rick says that they can find their way back to each other.  It kills Zende that he hurt Nicole, but he had to be true to himself.

Rick suggests that they are constantly evolving.  What didn’t work in the past may be okay in the future.  Zende thanks Rick for being solid through all of this.  Rick says they are family and nothing touches that.

 Julius Likes California

Julius enjoys lunch on the sky lounge with Vivienne and Maya.  He can’t help but bring up all Nicole has given up for Maya.  He still doesn’t like it. He does like his fruit drink though. Maya gets him a refill. Julius is starting to like California.  He’s thinking of having the FC logo tattoed on his chest because it has changed his daughter’s lives so much.  LA has grown on him. Except for Sasha.  That girl needs to go back to Illinois now, Julius says.  For once Maya and Julius are on the same page, but Vivienne feels sorry for Sasha. Vivienne has a hard time being tough on Sasha.  She grew up without a father, that tough exterior is just a front.

Later, Vivienne and Maya arrive in Rick’s office.  They discuss Sasha and Vivienne doesn’t want taking Sasha’s one true family experience away from her.  It could really damage her

Nicole Confronts Her Father – Sasha Is My Sister

Nicole goes to see her father who has gone back to the hotel.  He’s playing golf.  He asks her why she is looking at her like that.  He thinks its about the baby and his opinion.  He mentions her and Maya being sisters but what she has asked is too much.

Nicole hasn’t always agreed with him but she’s looked up to him her all her life.  A man of honor and integrity, if not an easy man.  A man they looked up to and who deserved her mother’s love.  But she knows his dirty little secret the one he’s been keeping all these years.  The one who has been her best friend all these years.  She knows he doesn’t have two daughters, he has three.  Sasha is my sister Nicole tells Julius.



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