The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: April 18 – 22, 2016

This week on The Bold and the Beautiful (April 18 – 22): Ridge and Caroline’s problems resolve themselves; for a while.  Liam learns how much of his life his brother stole. Sasha is set straight about a few things.

 Liam, Wyatt and Steffy – Liam Vows to Take  His Life Back

Steffy and Wyatt discuss the fact that they still haven’t told Liam that they are married.  Wyatt tells Steffy they have to tell Liam.  Steffy agrees, but thinks it needs to come from her…

By Tuesday, Liam proposes to Steffy, who is of course technically married to his brother.  Even if Steffy doesn’t say “yes” which again technically she shouldn’t, it’s not going to do much for the brother’s relationship when Liam discovers that his fiancé is now married to his brother.

Liam is horrified to learn that Steffy married his brother and tells her that she can’t stay married to him.

While Steffy is delivering her bombshell news to Liam, Bill and Wyatt discuss the situation also.  Bill is worried that in his current state of mind, that Liam will not be able to cope with the news.  But maybe Bill should be more worried about Wyatt losing another wife to his brother (granted because he keeps marrying women in love with his brother on the rebound…)

But nor is the fact that Wyatt also moved into Liam’s shoes at Spencer Publications. Despite having left Forrester Creations before he disappeared, Liam decides to return to work at Forrester Creations (probably because Wyatt also took his job over at Spencer Publications in his absence). He is welcomed back to the fold by the Forrester’s.

By weeks end, look for Liam’s gratitude to his brother for freeing him from nutso, Quinn to disappear.  Liam vows that he will get his life back from his brother.  And tells his father exactly that.  Poor Bill is destined to permanently be caught between his sons.  Because as determined as Liam is to get his life back, Wyatt is to keep his marriage intact.   Wyatt tells his wife that Liam just needs to accept that they are married now.

Pity it will really come down to what Steffy wants…Has Steffy accepted that she and Wyatt are married?  It seems that what she is telling her father.  She tells Ridge that her vows with Wyatt were real; and she can’t just pretend she doesn’t have feeling for him.  But are they strong enought to stay married to Wyatt?  Liam doesn’t think so, because he tells his brother to do the right thing and step aside so Steffy can do what she really wants…

Bill and Katie

Bill is in an uncomfortable position with Liam approaches him about Liam’s plan to ask Wyatt to be his best man.

Katie’s insecurities are exacerbated by her drinking.  And emotionally fragile Katie tells Bill that she can’t live without him; that she won’t live without him.

Katie wants to talk to Brooke. Katie learns from Rick that Ridge’s doctor is dead.  She also talks to Ridge about what she learned from his doctor…he told her that Douglas isn’t Ridge’s child…

Ridge and Caroline – Problems solved; for a while…

Caroline and Ridge’s problems with Ridge’s urologist, Dr Wolin come to an unexpected resolution. After the doctor gives Ridge an ultimatum 24 hours and 100 grand, Ridge walks away from the man contemplating his next move.  From behind him, tires screech, a horn sounds and a woman screams.  Ridge turns.  Wolin has been hit by a car…Presumably the doctor is dead or severely and permanently incapacitated for the blackmail threat to be neutralized…

But Ridge and Caroline are not in the clear yet.  They don’t have long to breath that sigh of relief when Katie fills Ridge in on the conversation that she had with the medico. Ridge isn’t pleased.

But Ridge’s bigger problem is that Rick who is very resentful of his older “brother” also knows about Ridge’s doctor’s death.  A friend of him saw Ridge and Wolin at the restaurant last week he tells Katie who is stunned to learn that Ridge’s doctor is dead!

Rick has to be suspicious.  He know about Ridge’s vasectomy and miraculous reversal and now Ridge’s doctor is dead?  Rick tells Maya he is certain that Ridge is covering somehting up and he is certain that Katie can help him work out what that is…

Sasha, Zende and Nicole – Set straight…

Maya wants to know why Zende is with Nicole’s best friend if he will always love Nicole, like he claims.

Vivienne has words with Sasha over Zende.  Vivienne is kind to the young woman she doesn’t realize is her husband’s secret daughter.

Vivienne is also there to support her daughter Nicole.  She can’t make Nicole’s decisions for her, but she and Julius are there to love and support her.

Zende confronts Sasha about the conversation she had with Nicole last week.  Zende sets Nicole straight on his feelings for her.  They may be together but he has only ever loved Nicole.  And Zende did nothing to Sasha any other ideas.  In fact when they first got together he told her he couldn’t give her everything she wanted.

The Bold and the Beautiful Coming and Goings Summary:

Anna Maria Horsford appears as Vivienne Avant on Tuesday  19 April, 2016 and Wednesday 20, April 2016. Obba Babatunde joins her as Julius Avant on Wednesday.


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  1. Ridge is very nervous that more people know about his problem after the Doctor tallked with Kaite now he new that he wanted to destroy his life and his happinss with his wife and baby. I really hope that the bady is Ridge’s I think the Doctor lied to Ridge that after a will he can come to Ridge and black mail him later. I think Ridge can give Caroline baby’s he should go and get tested with a reall Doctor.

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