The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: May 2 – 6, 2016

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful (May 2 – 6, 2016): Nicole puts aside her shock to see a secret exposed. Deacon comes to realize the depths of Quinn’s feelings for Liam; Ridge compounds a lie with another lie.

    Sasha, Zende and Nicole

    Zende makes a confession about his love life to Rick.

    Coming off an emotional confrontation with her father, Sasha now realizes Julius will never love or accept her since he hasn’t been able to truly accept Maya either.  When Nicole confronted Sasha after Sasha got the brush off from Julius, telling her to leave LA and her family alone; Sasha has overstayed her welcome, Sasha blurts out that she has just as much right to be there as Nicole.  She’s her sister.

    Nicole is initially disbelieving but  when comes around when Sasha assures her it is true.  Sasha is concerned about losing what little relationship she has with her father, which seems like she wants Nicole to keep her secret.  But Nicole handles things differently.

    Zende finds an upset Sasha in the studio and asks her what’s wrong.  Sasha has been carrying this secret all her life and has just blurted it out in and is now worried about the consequences.  She tells Zende that something bad is going to happen.  Sasha confides in Zende that she told Nicole that they share a father.  Sasha tells Zende about how she grew up…and her concerns for her future.

    Nicole  confronts her father and tells him that she understands he has doesn’t have only two daughters, he has three.  Julius tries to come to a compromise with Sasha (on that undoubtedly has Sasha leaving town).  Julius tells Sasha to pack her bags and go back to Illinois – today.  A sad Sasha who has wanted the love and support of her father all her life, rather than being his dirty little secret, tell Julius that she should be ashamed to admit he’s her father, the way her treats her; but she’s not.

    Instead of pressuring Sasha to leave LA, Nicole takes her friend and half sister by the hand and tells her father and mother, that Sasha isn’t going anywhere.

    Steely eyed, and heavily pregnant, Nicole tells her father to tell her.  Meaning Julius should come clean on his 20 year old secret and tell Vivienne the truth, that Sasha is his daughter via an affair.

    Julius is forced to expose his secret.  He’s Sasha’s father.

    But doing what is right for her new sister might bring the girls closer together, but that doesn’t mean they don’t still have issues to deal with over Zende

    Nicole can’t help but worry about the stress she’s under affecting the baby she’s carrying for Maya and Rick

    B&B Spoilers May 2 - 6 2016

    Julius and Vivienne

    Julius finds himself on the back foot through Sasha’s admission to Nicole that they are sisters.  A 20 year old secret is now in Nicole’s hands.  And she has made it clear to Julius that she now knows Sasha is also his daughter.

    Nicole tells her parents that Sasha isn’t going anywhere (which would be convenient for Julius since his secret will leave town with her) but she is staying. Nicole also pressures her father to tell her mother the truth.  That 20 years ago he had an affair, fathered Sasha and has been supporting Sasha and her mother ever since.

    Vivienne is disappointed and angry that Sasha couldn’t find it in herself to tell her the truth.  Sasha knows she could have done so.  Vivienne tells her that she’s no better than her father; lying to Viviennes face all these years while Vivienne took her into her home and felt sorry for the girl without a father.  Nicole defends Sasha’s silence.

    Which brings up the question of whether Vivienne already knows.  How can a man work two jobs to support a secret family and Vivienne never question where the kind of money that pays rent and food for an adult and child goes to.  Could Vivienne have known all this time about Sasha and her mother?  Or is she truly so blind about the families finances?

    Liam, Wyatt and Steffy


    Deacon comes to realize just how deep Quinn’s feelings for Liam run.  He needs to examine his own feelings for Quinn.

    Bill and Katie

    Katie has an innocent conversation with Caroline that leads her to believe that Caroline cheated on Ridge by having an affair.

    Ridge and Caroline

    Ridge tries to sort out Katie’s inquiries about Douglas’ paternity by telling another lie.  Katie offers Ridge her help, but for her to do that he has to trust her with the truth.  Katie wants to know if Ridge killed his doctor.

    Ridge ends up coming clean with katie and telling her the truth, but it now looks like a very real possiblity that Ridge could be implicated in the doctors death sinc ehe appears in a photo of the scene of the doctors accident.


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    Wednesday, May 4, 2016 – Julius tries to send Sasha away
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    Friday, May 6, 2016

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    1. Well the cat is out of the bag Sasha talled Nicole It’s a bit odd that Julius hid shuch a big secret all these years and his wife Viv didn’t know? Sasha was leaving very close to the Avonts did any body pick up on some thing about Sasha? The holl story is a bit strange I hope we will get some answers about the Sasha story I wander what Zanda will say about it now that he is friends with her and she is Nicole’s sister.

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