June 1: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History

Wednesday, June 1, 2016 – Episode #7344


Thomas Realizes Katie Knows About Douglas

June 1 2016 B&B SpoilersThomas is back in Forrester Creations offices in Los Angeles after standing up to his father trying to ship him off to a remote Forrester Creations office in China in the name of furthering Thomas’ career.  But Thomas was wise to Ridge’s real motive – to keep Thomas away from the son they agreed Ridge would raise to avoid a family scandal.  Thomas finally worked out that he was the one with the power in this relationship.  He told his father that if he wanted to raise Douglas as his own, so be it, but Thomas would have a relationship with the boy (as Caroline promised) and if Ridge knew what was good for him, he would respect Thomas’ opinions on the matter.

Can The Avant’s Reunite As A Family?

It seems that everyone is out of sorts with each other in the Avant family.  Julius calls a family meeting and surprisingly includes his secret love child Sasha.  Is Julius trying to put his family unit back together?  Is that at all possible with all the hard feelings amongst the family members.

A couple of months ago, Julius difficulties with accepting Maya for who she is and what she asked of Nicole being a surrogate for her and Rick, seemed to be this family’s only real problem. Now Julius has also alienated his wife with the revelation that Sasha is his secret daughter – the product of an affair many years ago. Vivienne is rightfully hurt and she doesn’t want to talk to Julius yet, because his betrayal is still too painful.  Nicole comforts her mother fully aware of how much a betrayal can hurt, since she is still nursing the sting of Sasha’s betrayal.

All Sasha has ever wanted is her father’s love and approval, but she’s gone about it in a bad way.  She’s grown up as her sister’s best friend and Sasha’s jealousy over Nicole having what she so desperately wanted his made for a friendship based on rivalry.  Sasha has suffered her father’s rejection all her life and when Zende treated her well, she wasn’t’ ready to lose that feeling.  No man had ever treated her like she mattered before.

Sasha not only stole her sister’s boyfriend, instead of standing by her heart broken sister, but she pretended to be pregnant to keep him.  Nicole can’t forgive Sasha, even if she is her sister.

Can Julius convince them all to put aside their feelings and come together as a family to heal?  His first step is to ask his wife, if she can forgive him.

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Monday, June 1, 2015 – Episode #7089

Eric is Blindsided by the Takeover Cartel

Eric is insulted that Ridge says his time is over.  Liam admits he started all this last time Steffy came to town.  Liam says it’s not about Eric it’s about Rick.  Eric blames Ridge.  He’s ashamed of his infantile jealousy over his little brother success behind the big desk.  What would his mother think of him Eric asks.  Ridge thinks she would jump for joy.

Eric says they can’t remove him.  But Ridge says they own the company, and recounts who owns how many shares.  Eric says he has the loyalty of all the employees out there.  They think of Ridge as an entitle egomaniac.  One word from Eric and they all walk.  Eric hopes the three of them can sew.

Ridge says they can be replaced. Steffy says only Rick is out.  Eric says the clause is iron clad.  Ridge says except for the morality clause.  Eric wishes Ridge was more like his mother.

Liam says that everyone tried to tell him how bad thinks were under Rick, but he didn’t listen. Steffy says no one died.  Eric says as long as there is breath in his body Rick is going to keep his position.  Eric leaves when Ridge says that experiment is over.

Steffy feels for her granddad, but this is about Rick not Eric.  It goes further back than that.  You mean Brooke?  Ridge says even more.  Its about his mother and who she loved the most.  She knew that Ridge wasn’t his biological son and it colored everything between Ridge and his father.  Steffy notes that if Ridge isn’t Eric’s son then she isn’t his granddaughter either.  She supposes they are now disowned.

Ridge assures Steffy that she is next – after him, she will be the next CEO of Forrester Creations.  Its his today and hers in the future.  Finally they agree.

Rick and Maya Finally Talk

Baby sister strikes again Maya says.  Rick says not to blame her. Maya is scared someone will see them.  Rick notes that she was never scared before.  Please don’t go Rick says.  They are worth fighting for.

Rick reminds Maya that she reacted when she found out he wasn’t a waiter.  Isn’t he allowed a reaction too?  He asks her to be patient with her.  He feels all the right things even if he doesn’t know what to say or do.  Maya notes it was all fine until the whole world knew.

Rick admits he felt bad everyone talking about them, their bodies and their most intimate moments. Maya says when Dayzee left no one knew anymore and then she fell in love and there was no rulebook about when to tell him.  She didn’t like that she couldn’t share her childhood with him.

Rick says he never heard the question on the phone.  Maya repeats it.  If he still loves her and still wants to marry her.  Rick tells her he never heard the question because his car ran off the road and he got pretty banged up.  Ask me again Rick asks of her.

Maya is sorry.  Rick is going to unconvince her that the future doesn’t hold anything good for her.  His cell phone rings.  Eric tells Rick that Ridge has gotten them out of the company.  He’s in the CEO office behind locked doors.  Rick tells Maya.  Maya says he should go.  They worked to hard for this.  He needs to do whatever he needs to do to stop Ridge.  Maya promises not to go anywhere until  he gets back.

He tells her he loves her. Maya smiles as Rick leaves.

Ridge gets to the office and they discuss Liam having control over Bill’s shares.  He wouldn’t just give that away Rick says.  They check the share register.  Bill still owns the shares.  Rick says they have to go to Bill, suck it up and convince him not to vote with Ridge.

Carter and Nicole

Carter tells Nicole that all this isn’t on her, it’s on Bill.  Carter tells Nicole that Rick may not even find Maya.  She gave him and envelope of cash to give Nicole so that she would be alright.  Maya is leaving LA, Carter tells Nicole.  Nicole doesn’t want money she wants her sister.

The Spencer’s Celebrate

Ivy arrives at Spencer and tells Katie that the takeover is a foregone conclusion thanks to someone being back in town.  Katie tells Ivy not to let Steffy worry her, everyone knows how she operates.  Bill arrives into the conversation.

At Spencer Bill pops a champagne bottle as Liam fills Bill in what happened.  They toast Rick being out.

Bill tells him that Ivy was here.  Liam needs to talk to her now that Steffy is back.  Liam agrees with bill that winning and winning big feels good.


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