May 10: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Episode Recaps and History


Family battle lines are drawn in The Bold and the Beautiful today.

Ridge’s Name is on Douglas’ Birth Certificate

May 10 2016 B&B SpoilersThanks to Katie, Thomas now understands that Douglas is his biological son.  Ridged tries to bribe/blackmail Thomas into keeping the secret.  Ridge tells Thomas that a scandal of this magnitude would see all of them fired at Forrester Creations, and Rick would take over.  But if Thomas keeps the secret, Ridge promises Thomas his 100% support and he will likely be running Forrester Creations one day himself.

But Thomas isn’t so easily swayed.  He has biology on his side and Thomas already has an inexplicable bond with Douglas.  One he likely now understands.  Thomas isn’t going to let go of his son so easily.  Ridge becomes frustrated and still harboring anger against Thomas for how Douglas was conceived; Ridge gets in Thomas’ face and tells him that Douglas is his son.  It’s Ridge’s name on his birth certificate and that is never going to change. Do you understand me? Ridge demands of his son.

Wyatt Dishes Out Some Tough Love

Wyatt has tried to be understanding and supportive of his brother’s situation, especially since it was Wyatt’s mother’s actions that cost Liam so much.  But when he learns that Liam asked Steffy to leave Wyatt, Wyatt feels like he has to take a stand with his brother.  Wyatt defends his marriage to Steffy and tells his brother in no uncertain terms to back-off.

Wyatt tells his brother that there are some facts that he has to face right about now.  Wyatt regrets what Quinn did to Liam, but it doesn’t change that while Liam was gone, Wyatt and Steffy made a commitment to each other.  Wyatt draws a line in the sand.  If Liam wants to be part of their lives, Liam is going to have to respect that commitment and Wyatt and Steffy’s marriage.  Liam needs to understand that Steffy’s future is with him now, Wyatt tells his brother.

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Episode Summary:

Thomas Now Understands His Connection to Douglas

Thomas is aghast that Ridge wants him to deny his own son.  Ridge asks him to give Douglas what he needs.  Thomas says that’s crazy.  Ridge says he’s happy and secure and Ridge isn’t going to let anyone destroy the family he and Caroline have made for him.

Thomas now understands the connection he’s had to Douglas, even before he was born.  It didn’t make sense, but now it does.  Ridge says if Thomas cares about that little boy he won’t throw him into this chaos.

Thomas tells Ridge that he doesn’t’ honestly expect him to go along with Ridge’s plan to leave things as the are, with ridge Douglas’ father and Thomas his “brother”. Never tells anyone, not even him.

Thomas worries that if it comes out like it did with Ridge and Massimo Douglas will think he rejected him.  Ridge says he never has to know what you did to him mother.  Ridge yells at his son that he betrayed Ridge and he betrayed Caroline.  Thomas realizes that this is why Ridge has been so angry with him and tried to ship him off to Paris.  What happened to all his talk of forgiveness?  Ridge can barely look at him.

Ridge admits if he was anyone else he wouldn’t be here right now. Thomas tries to tell him he and Caroline broke up.  They broke up because he couldn’t give Caroline the child she so desperately wanted.  Ridge tells him about the vasectomy and attempts to reverse.  He’s infertile so they know Douglas came from that night with Thomas.

What Thomas did was wrong and there is a price to pay.  That price is my son Thomas says.  Ridge yells Douglas is his son.  It’s his name on Douglas birth certificate and that is never going to change.

Ridge says we did what was right for the boy Ridge says.  Thomas realizes Caroline has known the entire time that Douglas is his.  He felt so drawn and connected to Douglas.  Ridge says a mother does what is best for her child that’s why she didn’t say anything.  Thomas says he’s becoming a better person.

Thomas wants to know why he’s telling him this now.  Ridge says it had to be him. He and Caroline are married and love each other.  They are dedicated to that little boy.  What are the repercussions of bringing this up now do to that little boy.  Be the man you say you wnt to be and do the right thing.

Thomas says it doesn’t feel right.  Not at all.  He leaves the office.

Caroline Waits…

Katie returns and Caroline begs to know that she hasn’t told Bill.  Katie hasn’t. Katie says in the long run this is the best.  Thomas has a son and he deserves to be part of his sons life.

Parenting isn’t about DNA, Caroline says.  Thomas wasn’t ready to take that on.  Katie says they didn’t give him the chance.  Caroline tells her she doesn’t know the circumstances of Douglas conception.  Douglas is thriving and telling Thomas now is going to tear her family apart.

Katie doesn’t think this has to be a disaster.  Pam comes in with Douglas in his capsule.  She wasn’t getting anything done with all the models oohing and aahing.  Pam thinks Douglas is even more popular with the ladies than his daddy.

Caroline gets a text and has to go check on an order of sill.  Pam stays with Douglas.

Wyatt Tells Liam to Move On – Without Steffy

Liam can see if in Steffy’s face that she misses what they had.  Liam says she made a mistake but she doesn’t have to live with it.  But Steffy tells him too much has happened. Tell me no then.  Tell me to back off.  Liam doesn’t think she can do that because that’s not how she feels.

Tell me how you feel Liam asks.  It’s the only thing that matters to him.  Wyatt enters. He didn’t like the way they left things so he came back to clear it up, right now.

Steffy doesn’t want the brothers fighting over her.  She came because Bill told her about Bill.  Wyatt wants to know what Liam needs to hear.  He doesn’t want to come down on him but Wyatt saw what his mother did to him, he doesn’t need that right now.  Wyatt wants to give Liam the time to get over that., but if he can’t respect his commitment he can’t be part of Steffy and Wyatt’s life.

Liam tells his brother this isn’t about him. Liam says he’s just trying to put his life back together.  But if you keep doing this it’s going to be hard to have him part of their lives.  He and Steffy have moved on and Liam has to as well.

They’ve been through too much to give up Liam says.  Wyatt tells him that Steffy doesn’t want to hurt him.  Steffy tells him that their history will always mean a lot to her.  Wyatt says her future is with him now and he has to let go.  Liam says he’ll try.

Wyatt and Steffy leave.

Thomas Kidnaps His Son

Thomas comes into he office looking for Caroline and finds Douglas in his capsule.  “My boy, my beautiful boy,” Pam comes in.  Douglas says she can’t leave him alone like this. She was just getting Mr buzy bee Pam says.  Douglas picks up the capsule and says that Ridge asked Thomas to bring Douglas to his office.  Pam is reluctant because Caroline asked her to look after him, but Thomas reassures her that its fine, Thomas has him now.

Caroline arrives back to find Pam writing a note.  Thomas took Douglas to Ridge.  Caroline rushes to ridges office.  “Where is Douglas?” Caroline asks.  Thomas didn’t bring Douglas to him Ridge says.  Caroline says “oh my God.

In the care park Thomas straps his son into the car and drives off.



  1. Thomas is not going to enjoy being a dad until they do the D and A test. Ridge is not going to give up on his little family that he has with Caroline Thomas will have to behave himself and not do stupid thing like taking the baby with out premitted. Caroline want trust him and Ridge will make his life hell. Kaite do no care that she made a mass In Ridge and Caroline’s life. Ridge is so angry that he took her advise for talling Thomas. And he has Rick in his face to wanting power.

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