May 11: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Episode Recaps and History

Wednesday, May 11, 2016 – Episode #7329


Ridge Blames Katie for Thomas Kidnapping Douglas

May 11 2016 Bold and Beautiful SpoilersIt may have seemed to Ridge that Thomas may go along with his plan to keep the secret of Douglas paternity, but Thomas’ reaction upon finding his son alone with Pam was not what ridge expected.  He told Pam that ridge wanted him to bring Douglas to his office.  But that isn’t what Thomas did.  He buckled Thomas in his capsule into his car and drove off with the boy.

Meanwhile inside Forrester Creations Caroline and Ridge have put together what has happened.  Ridge wants to call the police, but and emotional but forceful Caroline tells Ridge not to.  That after all is the quickest route to getting their family secret on the front page of one of her Uncle’s tabloids.

Caroline tells Ridge that she will handle this.  She tells ridge she is going to get her son.  And with her mix of anger and panic she may just do it…

While Caroline is doing just that, ridge is left to wait.  He fills Katie in on what has happened.  Ridge blames Katie for what has happened because it was she that backed ridge into a corner and made him tell Thomas the truth.  Katie goes on the defensive telling Ridge that this is not her fault.  She states that none of them could have known that Thomas would take Douglas.  But Ridge keeps coming back to the fact that none of this would have happened if it weren’t for Katie meddling in matters that were none of her business.  Ridge blames Katie for what has happened because it was she that backed ridge into a corner and made him tell Thomas the truth.

Katie has maintained that Thomas as Douglas has a right to know he has a son.  But ridge and Caroline don’t see Thomas as parent material given his past bad, immature behavior .

Thomas is the kind of man who takes advantage of women and kidnaps his son.  Does Katie really think he is capable of being a responsible father?

Maya Worries about Rick

Maya tells her husband that she knows that Ricks is still upset about Ridge moving into the Forrester Mansion (Ridge’s family home) and that he took over as CEO (after Rick was a tyrannical dictator in the role).  Maya agrees that Rick has every right to feel frustrated and betrayed, but Maya doesn’t want Rick to let it consume him…

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Episode Summary:

Caroline Goes to Meet Thomas and Get Douglas

Caroline tries to call Thomas but he’s not answering.  She’s panicking.  Ridge says it will be alright.  Caroline frets she will never see her baby again.  Ridge calls Charlie who tells him that Thomas just drove off with Douglas.  Ridge thinks Thomas knows what to do, but Caroline worries he isn’t thinking straight.  Who takes a little baby from its mother Caroline panicks.

Ridge calls, and Thomas answers.  Thomas demands Ridge put Caroline on the phone. He’s my son, Thomas says and Ridge puts Caroline on the phone.  Thomas tells her that he is on the way to the cabin and she is to come alone.  He needs to see her.

Caroline storms out she knew this secret was a terrible idea.  She is so furious with Thoams right now.  This is backfiring on them.  A panicked Caroline has to go get her son.  Thomas doesn’t want him to come Caroline says. Caroline says he’s at the cabin, but ridge is not to come and he is not to call the police.  She will handle this. She will get their son.

Katie is Sorry

Katie arrives. Caroline told her that he spoke to Thomas.  Katie is sorry.  Ridge asks her if she’s happy now.  Katie maintains Thomas needed to know. She should have kept out of Ridge says.  Now its ten times worse than it was, Ridge tells her.  Katie tells him he did the right thing.

Ridge tells Katie that Thomas took off with his son. Caroline has gone after him.  Katie thinks he should call the police. Katie understands how frightening this is for him and Caroline. Katie says it will take Thomas a minute to process this.  Everything will turn out in time.

Because of your part in this fiasco?  None of this would have happened if it weren’t for her.  Katie reminds him Douglas is Thomas’ son.  Ridge yells Douglas is his son.


Thomas Takes Douglas to the Cabin

In his car, Thomas rehashes the conversation with his father wher he learned that Douglas is his son.

Thomas arrives at the cabin.  He watches Douglas sleeping in his capsule.  My son, my beautiful boy he says to himself.

Caroline arrives.  Caroline goes straight to her baby. Thomas tells her she would never hurt his son.

He wants to know why he didn’t tell him. They’ve always been such good friends.  He feels so bad about that night he’s been beating himself up over it.  He never meant to hurt her.  That night was such a big mistake. But they created something beautiful.  A little boy.

Thomas agrees he should have asked before taking Thomas.  Caroline is in tears.  She apologizes for not being honest with him, but it’s the way it had to be.  Thomas wants to know how long she knew.  Ridge told Thomas about his vasectomy and infertility.  Thomas wants to know how Caroline could let him believe that Douglas was his little brother when they created him. Nobody can take away the fact that Douglas is part of him and her.  ridge can say he’s Douglas father but Thomas is his real father.  Caroline says that in every way that matters Ridge is his father.

Thomas says biologically he’s his.  And always will be.  Thomas says it all makes sense .  he’s been so drawn to him and fascinated by him. He’s changed his life Thomas tells Caroline. Douglas coming into the world had a profound impact on him, more so than when RJ was born.  Now it makes sense.  He feels the way a parent does when they look at their child.

Caroline thinks they need to have a discussion.  Thomas says Dad already told him what he expects of him. He supposed to behave like Douglas is his dad’s child, but he’s his.  He doesn’t know if he can live with ridges plan.  Can you, Thomas asks Caroline. Does she feel the same way as Ridge Thomas demands.  Caroline is in tears.

Rick Knows There is Something Going on With Thomas and Ridge

In another office, Rick and Maya discuss Julius keeping his secret about Sasha.  Rick says Sasha is the real victim in this.  Maya says her daddy has a love child and Rick quipped he thought his family was the only one that keep secrets like that. Maya realizes he’s talking about Ridge who was secretly a Marone.

Rick says Ridge is the product of a scandalous affair and

Rick wants to be in the Forrester Family house and raising his child there.  Maya tells her husband that she knows that Ricks is still upset about Ridge moving into the Forrester Mansion  and that he took over as CEO.  Maya agrees that Rick has every right to feel frustrated and betrayed, but Maya doesn’t want Rick to let it consume him…

Rick just wants his father to see who Ridge really is.  Pam enters and says to steer clear of Ridge he’s in a foul mood. Something about Thomas and Douglas.  Pam explains what happened about Caroline freaking out over Thomas taking the baby and instead of taking the baby to Ridge Thomas drove off.

Rick thinks that Ridge is overreacting.  Rick feels bad for Thomas. Now Douglas has to deal with having Ridge as a father as well.



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