May 12: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Episode Recaps and History

2015: Nicole beat herself over telling Wyatt Maya's secret 2016: Caroline convince Thomas that the secret of Douglas' paternity needs to be kept - for Douglas' sake

Thursday, May 12, 2016 – Episode #7330


Thomas Can’t Walk Away

May 12, 2016 Bold and Beautiful SpoilersThomas, still coming to terms with the news that he is Douglas’ biological father, is now processing the news that Ridge expects Thomas to deny his paternal rights to Douglas and allow Ridge to raise Douglas as his.

Thomas tells Caroline that Ridge has claimed a stake to his first born son and just wants to push Thomas away. Thomas cant’ be blamed for having his doubles about Ridge being a father to Douglas.  After, all, Thomas is also Ridge’s son and look what he is asking of him…

Caroline, who has felt guilty about Ridge’s plan from the moment he brought it up is seeing those doubts now validated.  And she told Ridge as much when Thomas took Douglas.  Caroline knew it was a mistake and it was now backfiring on them she’d yelled at Ridge.

Caroline appears to regret not telling Thomas the truth and she tells him that  she can’t give him back the time he lost by not knowing he was Douglas’ father, but presumably she isn’t going to support Ridge’s desire to lock Thomas out of his son’s life.

He’s Stealing My Birthright

Meanwhile, Rick has a full head of steam all worked up over Ridge not being a Forrester.  Rick puffs that it’s a disgrace that a Marone is running everything Forrester. What Rick keeps forgetting however that Eric may not be Ridge’s biological father, but Eric raised Ridge into adulthood and beyond, believing Ridge to be his son.  Eric thinks of Ridge as his son, just as I’m sure Rick will expect people to think of his baby’s mother as Maya, not Nicole.

And even if Eric didn’t think of Ridge as his son, Ridge is still Stephanie’s son, and it has been well established that she was instrumental in Forrester Creations success (if only for the face that her family provided the startup capital that allowed Eric to do what he loved).

Brooke shows exasperation with her son as he goes off on another one of his rants about Ridge.  She wants to know why Rick worries about Ridge so much.  Rick states his reason.  It’s because Ridge is stealing his birthright.

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Episode Summary

Caroline Convinces Thomas to Keep The Secret of Douglas’ Paternity

It all makes so much sense ; the emotions he’s experiencing; because he’s his son.  And Ridge had Caroline keep that from him.  Caroline says they decided it together.

Thomas tells Caroline she has a mind of her own.  Ridge has claimed a stake in his first born son and just wants to push Thomas away.  Is that what Caroline wants to? Caroline tries to share the blame with Ridge.  It wasn’t malicious and it wasn’t a decision they made lightly.

But it was expedient. Dad wanted a family and he always gets what he wants.  But now that the secret is out, Thomas asks, what do you want?

What do you think if they make an announcement? Thomas looks relieved until Caroline asks what then? The scandal will follow Douglas and her around for the rest of their lives.  When she got pregnant she and Ridge made the best decision for their family.  She stands by that.

She asks Thomas to just not claim Douglas, not deny him. Thomas blames his father.  Caroline tries to share the responsibility. Thomas wants to know if that night have happened without Ridge being in her life would she have come to him and told him she was pregnant with his child.  But Caroline can’t answer that.  They can’t go back.

The world according to Ridge.  So you want me to keep this secret Thomas states.  Caroline thinks it’s the only option.

Caroline can see how much Thomas loves him.  But she wants her son to have a happy carefree life.  The press with already be all over him for being half Forrester and half Spencer, but this secret protects  him from a paternity scandal and a bitter custody battle.  He’d not thinking that is he, Caroline asks.

Caroline promises complete and total access to Douglas.  They all live on the Forrester estate.  They brought a beautiful baby into the world.  She wants Douglas to know him and learn from him.  But as his brother Thomas states.

Thomas cries.  Caroline says they can do this as a family and do what is best for Douglas.  She asks Thomas to keep things the way that they are.

Thomas thinks she should have told him sooner.  Caroline tells him it wasn’t black or white. And the night with him was complicated so she was onboard to keep the secret, but she is so sorry because he had every right to know.

Thomas thanks her for that.  She can’t give back the time he lost not knowing he was his, but they have the future.  Douglas needs Thomas.  She and ridge both want him to be a part of Douglas’ life.  Thomas tells Caroline he has to promise not to push him out.  This isn’t going to be easy Thomas says in his tears.  He’s going to need a lot of help and his father isn’t going to be okay with him leaning on her life this.  Caroline says she will take care of ridge.  She understands this is the most difficult decision he has to make but it’s the right one for Douglas.  Caroline hugs him.  We made a boy, Thomas states and they gush over Douglas. Caroline picks up Douglas and tells him he took a ride with Thomas but that he is safe with both of them.  She hands Douglas to Thomas to hold.


Ridge Blames Katie

This wouldn’t be happening if it wasn’t for you Ridge tells Katie.  Why couldn’t you just keep out of it.  Why did she have to talk to his doctor in the first place.  Katie says Ridge seemed upset and she was worried.  Katie wonders how this will change how Caroline feels. Dad is a strong man with one weakness – Ridge .  Katie asks if he’s never felt any guilt over how he’s treated Thomas.  Not with his track record with women.  But Caroline sees that Douglas has changed Thomas Katie says.

Katie thinks Caroline an influence Thomas.  Ridge worries about the future even if Thomas goes along with it now.

Katie says as a mother she understands how deep the bond with the father of your child is. Caroline and Thomas are parents together and she wonders what kin of impact that will have.

Rick’s Birthright?

Brooke arrives in the same office as Rick to work.  But they end up talking about what’s bothering Rick instead.  Ridge.  Rick says he’s up to something and he’s going to find out what.  Ridge always has some kind of

Brooke tells her son to bide his time and just enjoy his life.  He’ll be winning one day soon.  Rick agrees Maya is enough for him and their child?  They are so blessed.  Brooke asks why he is so worried about Ridge.  Because Ridge is stealing his birthright. He is Eric Forrester Jr.  he should be living in the family home and raising his child there. It’s a disgrace that a Marone is running everything Forrester.

Rick still can’t understand Ridge taking down Maya’s picture.  Brooke says she’s sure that  Eric prefers have Stephanie’s portrait up as well.

Stephanie lied about ridges paternity and Rick feels like he’s been paying for it his entire life, rick says.  That secret has framed ridge’s entire life.


Tuesday, May 12, 2015 – Episode #7075

Rick and Maya at Big Bear

Maya’s evening is just beginning at Big Bear.  Rick admits this is glad she’s enjoying it.  This isn’t the average Big Bear experience.  She’s going to get the full VIP experience.

Maya feels safe here.  Rick tells her that all the doubters that don’t think he knows her – they are going to prove them wrong, Rick tells Maya.  Rick is sick of the haters claiming she’s fake and not who she says she is.

Rick is proud of her for the changes she made in her life.  That doesn’t define who she is.  Maya hopes not.  But she hopes is won’t hurt him.  Rick thinks she’s talking about being in jail.  She owns who she is and has no regrets, Rick says.  Maya says she doesn’t have any regrets because what she’s done has made her who she is. They go for a walk in the woods….and return.

Rick gets a text message.  He set some alerts on his phone for baseball, stocks and Forrester Creations of course…Rick tells Maya that she brought, sanity and commitment to his world.  They declare their love.  Maya wants to live up to that and never wants to hurt him.  She doesn’t want anything to change.  No matter what he needs to know how valued and loved she makes her feel.  He vows to always make her feel that way – for years and years to come.  They kiss.

The Spencer’s Know

Nicole is beating herself up over dishing Maya’s secret the son of a publishing empire mogul.  Nciole worries she really messed things up by telling Wyatt.

Ridge enters he lets Nicole know he knows, and Eric and Brooke.  Carter tells Ridge he can add the Spencer’s to that list.  Ridge notes that Wyatt’s family is responsible for tabloids.  Wyatt may not hurt her, but ruthless Bill Spencer would Ridge tells Nicole.

Ridge tells Nicole it wasn’t up to her to say anything.  Ridge says Rick is part of the family and they need to deal with this with decorum and sensibility.  Nicole leaves and Carter and Ridge talk about the damage she has caused.  Ridge thinks things are beginning to explode around here.

What to do About Myron…

Liam and Wyatt discuss what the best course of action is.  Wyatt says its crazy – a boy nemed Myron.  Bill and Katie enter Liam’s office.  Who the hell is Myron,  Bill wants to know.  With a name like that imagine how that kid will grow up Bill notes.  Funny he should say that.  Katie asks if they have a picture.  Wyatt looks at the magazine cover with Maya on it.

The brothers try to get rid of Bill.  Katie senses their caginess.   Wyatt admits they know Maya’s secret.  Bill is proud.  What is it?

Myron was Maya.  Maya is transgender Liam fills in.  Bill and Katie are stunned.  Katie is angry and asks them if they know what transgender is.  She thinks it ridiculous.  Bill realizes this is legit. Bill is proud of Wyatt.

Liam doesn’t know how this helps them.  Wyatt says they are looking with leverage on Rick and Rick doesn’t know about Maya.  Katie says this is personal and they are not going near it.  Bills sasy are you kidding me? If there was ever front page news this is it. This isn’t about another transgender model Bill states. Forrester Creations is a traditional company with blue blooded clientele.  Its about Rick Forrester living in a fool’s paradise.  “Ignorance is Bliss: It makes a man a miss”, Bill states thinking headlines.

Their competitors will run with this when they find out.  They are too.  It’s the biggest fashion story of the year and Rick Forrester gets a big surprise…

Katie doesn’t like it.  Throwing Maya under the bus doesn’t get rid of Rick liam says, its just makes them look like bullies.  Bill thinks there is nothing more compelling than humiliation.  He’s made an empire out of it.  Katie reminds him that this is about her family and her nephew.  There are crazies out there it could be dangerous for Rick and Maya.  Rick does not need to hear about his from Spencer Publications.  Are we clear Katie says to her husband.  Crystal, Bill says.

Alone in his office Bill makes a call.  He has a story to run that will rock Rick Forrester and Forrester Creations.

Nicole and Wyatt

Nicole finds Wyatt at Forrester.  She thinks she made a mistake in telling him about Maya.  She likes him and she got really caught up and didn’t think about what his last name meant.  Spencer media giant looking for a scoop.  Wyatt says he works here and makes jewelry.  Nicole says his brother and dad don’t.  Did he tell them?


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