May 13: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Episode Recaps and History

2013: Liam got a call from the hospital. Steffy had been in an accident 2015: Rick proposed to Maya at the Big bear Cabin 2016: Steffy tells Quinn she wouldn't have married Wyatt if it weren't for Quinn

Friday, May 13, 2016 – Episode #7331


May 13 2016 Bold and Beautiful Spoilers

Wyatt Believes Steffy Would Have Married Him Anyway

Wyatt is at Liam’s house and they are once again discussing Steffy now being Wyatt’s wife and Liam’s need to move on.  Understandably, Liam is having trouble accepting what has happened because it was Wyatt’s mother who kept him away from Steffy all these months by using his amnesia to build Liam a whole new life as Adam, husband of Eve.

Wyatt tells his brother that even without his mother’s meddling he honestly believes that how things are now; Steffy married to Wyatt, is how things would have turned out anyway.  Oh Wyatt, did you learn nothing from your marriage to Hope?

Steffy Wouldn’t Have Made Her Vows If It Weren’t For Quinn

Over in another part of Malibu at her home, Steffy is horrified to be confronted by Quinn, who has proven herself to be totally unstable.  Steffy is rightly fearful of what Quinn may do.  Quinn did after all withhold medical treatment from a man who clearly needed it for her the personal gain of her son.  Not to mention she threw a guy off a cliff and it really never was resolved whether she was responsible for Ricardo’s death (the jeweler who bequeathed Wyatt the Hope forr the Future Diamond).

Unfortunately for Wyatt, Steffy pretty much discredits his belief that Steffy would still be married to him even if Liam hadn’t disappeared.  A sad and maybe a little scared Steffy tells Quinn that she meant the vows she took on the beach when she married Wyatt, but she never would have said them if it weren’t for Quinn’s manipulations and interference.

Quinn gets emotional and begins to yell that Liam is not right for Steffy.  Quinn thinks that Steffy finally figured it out…

Family Scandals…

Eric reminds his son, Ridge, that he isn’t exactly Robinson Crusoe in having to deal with family scandals.  Eric reflects that he too has navigated the family through some serious family scandals.  Ridge smiles and states like father, like son.  Ridge tells his father that its not always about blood.  Sometimes its just about being there for each other.

Episode Summary:

Caroline Thanks Thomas

At Big Bear Thomas gets to know Douglas as his son. Caroline gets a text from Ridge. Caroline confirms that they are okay.  That she and Ridge will be Douglas parents and .

She calls Ridge.  She tells him they are find and that Thomas understands.  Ridge tells her he will be waiting. Caroline thanks Thomas for letting her and Ridge being his parents.  It’s the greatest gift.

Caroline needs to get back. She takes Douglas.  She tells Thomas this is what is best for everyone.  He’ll get married one day and he’ll have kids.  That’s how he should be a fther, not like this, a scandal.  Caroline leaves and thanks Thomas again for understanding the way it has to be.  Thank you for being his brother Caroline says.

Alone Thomas is still processing.

Ridge Waits For Caroline and Douglas

At home Ridge waits to hear from Caroline.  Eric arrives. He was hoping Douglas was with him.  He was hoping to get in some grandpa time.  They discuss that Stephanie would love what is happening in Ridge’s life right now.  Living in the house, raising his baby, and running the business that they trained him to run.

They discuss ridge leaving his not so mature days behind him.  Eric says he can’t talk to took the family through his share of scandals also.  Life father like son, Ridge says.  Ridge says he doesn’t care what Rick says, Eric is his father. Ridge hope he teaches his kids that its not only about blood but being there for each other.

Caroline arrives home.  Ridge is happy to have them home. Caroline says that they need to be more understanding of Thomas.  He was shocked and reacted.  He knows what is best for Douglas.  Ridge confirms with Caroline that Thomas will keep their secret.  She nods.

Ridge says Thomas owes them his silence after what he did to Caroline.  Caroline says Thomas knows his place ad Douglas brother, a very involved brother.  Caroline worries about Ridge’s harsh line on Thomas.

Wyatt Tells Liam To Move On – Again

Wyatt arrives at Liam’s house to check in on Liam.  He says he’s been better.  Wyatt says he’ll  get through it.  He has to accept what it.  Liam thinks he’s doing a victory lap, but Wyatt is just trying to be a brother.  Wyatt tells Liam that Liam and Steffy are never going to happen.  Steffy is just taken that is the reality.

Wyatt suggests he call Ivy or Hope.  But Liam isn’t interested.  Wyatt tells him there is a woman out there for him it just isn’t going to be Steffy.

Liam asks if he and Steffy would be married if Quinn hadn’t taken him.  Wyatt says probably not, but they would be on their way.  He and Steffy had their issues before Quinn. Wyatt thinks that things turned out how they would have anyway.

Liam says at least Quinn nursed him back to health.  Wyatt asks if Liam is actually defending Quinn.  She didn’t have to care for her and confide in him Liam says.  Wyatt gets a text.  She’s with Steffy, Wyatt tells Liam and the brothers run out of Liam’s home.

The brothers race to Wyatt’s house with Liam on the phone to the police. Cops should be there any minute Liam tells Wyatt.

Quinn Wants Steffy’s Help

Steffy is home along when Quinn arrives at the door.  Steffy tries to shut the door on her.  Quinn pushes her way in.  Quinn needs help to get Wyatt to forgive her.  She doesn’t want to lose Wyatt, or Liam either.  Steffy is aghast about her losing Liam.  Quinn states she’s in love with him.

Quinn is begging Steffy for help because of Steffy’s influence over Wyatt and Liam.  Her time has changed her Quinn claims.  She just wants a chance to show them all.

Steffy yells at Quinn that she was waiting for Liam the day that Quinn took him.  They were going to work things out.  Quinn tells Steffy that she is with Wyatt now, married and happy with tattoos. Steffy tells Quinn she meant her vows but she never would have said them if it weren’t for Quinn.  How can she think any of this is okay, Steffy wonders.

Quinn tells Steffy that Liam is not right for her but she’s finally worked it out.  She could have gone back to Liam but she didn’t; she stayed with Wyatt.  Quinn just wants a little support.  Steffy says that Liam despises her and doesn’t want to be with her.  Steffy tells Quinn she needs help.

Quinn thinks Liam let her go because he cares for her.  Steffy tells her that he let her go because he thought he might kill her.

While Quinn is going on about Liam, Steffy texts Wyatt without Quinn seeing.  Steffy wonders if Quinn thinks that Liam can return her feelings.  Definitely, Quinn says, if he remembers what it was like just the two of us in our own little world. Quinn says if she has Steffy on her side this can all happen.  Liam cares about her, but doesn’t want to use her like Bill or Deacon.

There is a knock on the door.  Steffy yells “she’s in here”.  The police burst in and grab Quinn and arrest her

Quinn asks why Steffy is doing this to her.

You took Liam away from me, you wanted him for himself.  You are never going to have my support Steffy yells at Quinn while the police restrain Quinn.

Quinn is on the ground at Liam’s feet.  She looks up at him and best him to make them stop.  He can tell them to stop.”

Liam wants you locked up just as much as I do Steffy yells at Quinn.

“I love you, don’t let them take me away from you, please, Quinn begs of Liam.  Liam simply looks at Quinn seemingly confused.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015 – Episode #7076

Rick and Maya at Big Bear

Love can overcome all odds, Maya is counting on that she tells Rick.  Maya wants to freeze this moment.  This one is so pure and simple.  She wishes it could always be this way.  It can and will, Rick assures her.

This is as close to perfect as she will or could ever experience.  And if this is all she gets, this moment, right now, will last her a lifetime, a teary Maya tells Rick.

Rick says this moment is perfect but he strives for more.  More perfect moments and a life of commitment to that.  Rick says she’s changed his life.  She’s taught him what it means to be truly loved.  He never wants to be without her again.  They sip martinis as Maya tells him she’s not going anywhere.

Rick wants to deserve her.  He’s waited his whole life for someone like her.  Someone who isn’t going to let her down with lies and betrayal. No secrets, honest and thruthful.  He wants her forever.  He gets down on one knew. Tell me you want the same, tell me you want to spend the rest of your life with me, Rick asks Maya.  He opens a ring box and asks Maya to marry her.

Maya hears Brooke’s words about telling Rick before accepting his proposal in her head.

Brooke finds out about the Spencer’s knowing Maya’s secret.

Brooke wants to know if Ridge has heard from Rick.  She hopes that Maya is telling him she’s transgender before he hears from someone else.  Ridge tells Brooke Nicole told Wyatt so it’s likely the Spencer’s know.  Brooke is stunned.

Ridge wants Rick to fall, but not because Bill tripped him.  Brooke says Rick needs to find out from Maya.  Brooke leaves.  She needs to find out what is happening.  Ridge is coming.

Bill Tells Justin, Katie Warns Bill

Justin arrives in Bill’s office. What Bill is about to tell him will blow his freaking mind.  Bill asks what Justin thinks about Maya’s looks.  She’s beautiful, Justin say, flawless even.  Rick’s one true love, Forrester’s lead model, the big honkin’ picture on the wall was born a guy.  Maya was born Myron, Bill tells Justin.  Justin doesn’t believe it.

Bill explains how he knows its true.  The source doesn’t come any more reliable.  That’s some serious surgery Justin notes.  Katie enters.  She doesn’t have to ask what they are talking about.

Katie is fine about him going after Rick for a legitimate reason but not to make a circus of his personal life.  This is intensely personal Katie tells her husband and his legal eagle who Bill says is there incase Rick goes on a suing binge when he does find out.

Justine leaves.  Katie and Bill argue about this.  Katie says this is not celebrity gossip this is Maya’s story to tell.  They have no place in it.  This is what we do, Bill reminds Katie.  We publish stories of every kind.

Its wrong, morally wrong, Katie pleades.  You have to back away from this.  You can’t publish Maya’s story.

Bill says they have a hostile takeover in play.  He will do what is necessary to oust Rick.  Katie still thinks this is Maya’s story to tell,  Bill is wrong and he can’t talk his way out of it.  Bill says he is

Maya has what she wanted the high profile job and the high profile man . She put herself in the spotlight.  Politicians, actors and athletes aren’t immune nor are Forrester lead models.  Spencer Publications will run with the Maya story Bill tells his wife.

Nicole and Wyatt

Wyatt asks if Nicole is ok.  Nicole asks him if telling him about her sister was a mistake.  Nicole wants to follow the program – full disclosure no secrets – but she wants him to tell her she didn’t make a mistake.

Wyatt deflects attention from him when he finds out Carter knows about Maya.  Carter never really got over losing Maya to Rick Wyatt says.  Nicole says it won’t matter much longer.  Rick is going to propose and he will find out tonight.  But Rick has to find out from her.

Wyatt suggests that Nicole not worry about things she can’t control.  Nicole wants to know that that Wyatt hasn’t told anyone.  Brooke enters and wants to know the same thing.

Brooke and Ridge think Nicole is being Naïve about Wyatt not telling his family who own a media publishing empire.  Bill will do what ever is desired to get a result.  Brooke says Maya’s history is personal and private.  It will be dealth with by Maya and Rick, not Bill and Spencer Publications.

Wyatt says he’s got it.


Monday May 13, 2013 – Episode # 6570

Will Steffy lose her and Liam's baby?
Will Steffy lose her and Liam’s baby?

Liam prepares for an evening in with his wife (he’s grilling) but Steffy isn’t home from visiting her brother yet.  Liam calls Thomas who tells him that traffic on PCH is backed up and it will take Steffy a while to get home.

Meanwhile Steffy is lying unconscious on the road with sirens sounding in the distance.  Steffy is brought into the hospital where Dr Meade recognizes her.

Later, at home Liam gets a call from Dr Meade.  There’s been an accident and Steffy has just been brought into the ER he tells Liam.

Liam rushes to the hospital.  He’s told that Steffy may have a concussion, there are no broken bones; but she is still unconscious.  Liam goes to see his wife. He sits by her bedside.  What were you doing on you motorcycle Liam asks his unconscious wife.  He decides it doesn’t matter.  All that matters is Steffy and the baby, Liam says.

Liam turns to Dr Meade “Is our baby okay?”  Dr Meade looks grim…

Caroline is Still in Love with Rick

Caroline stops by her Uncles office with a gift to thank him for his amazing donation. He asks her how things are going with Rick.  Caroline is honest and says she’s avoided being dumped so far but isn’t sure how long she can keep it up.  She honestly believes that Maya is wrong for Rick.  Bill agrees.  He needs a partner that reflects well on him.  Caroline becomes teary and says they were happy and had plans.  She loves him so much and it hurts.  Caroline cries in Bills arms.

Later, when Allison enters with the news that Justin has the information Bill wanted, Bill turns to Caroline and tells her that he believes things will go her way.

Later Alison gives Bill the details.  Jesse Graves was recently released due to prison overcrowding.  Maya’s release from jail was conditional.  If she doesn’t stay away from this guy, she goes back to prison Allison tells Bill.

Bill laughs that this is almost too easy. Allison guesses that Maya is not going to stay away from Jesse and that information is going to find its way into the judges hands who released her.  Bill says that Maya is a threat to Caroline’s happiness and threats are removed, he tells Allison.

Hope Confides in Brooke

Hope tells her mother about running into Steffy at Thomas and Oliver’s place.  Brooke listens as Hope explains that she overheard Steffy telling Thomas how happy she is. Brooke asks if Steffy was gloating but Hope says Steffy was considerate and sensitive to Hopes feelings so Hope wished her the best.  Hope says that Steffy and Liam are doing the right thing by their baby giving it a stable and loving home.  Its time for her to bow out gracefully Hope tells her mother. It should have been her having Liam’s children, Hope hates how things turned out but she has to accept there is no place for her in Liam’s life.

One day, Hope thinks she will can be in a relationship again; with someone like Oliver who really does care for her, but she’s not there yet.


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