May 16: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Episode Recaps and History

2016: In handcuffs, Quinn begs for Liam's forgiveness...Nicole goes into labor 2013: With her memory patchy from a concussion sustained in her motorcycle accident, Liam has to lead his wife to the realization that she lost her baby...

Monday, May 16, 2016 – Episode #7332


Does Liam Have a Tiny Soft Spot For Quinn?

May 16 2016 Bold and the Beautiful SpoilersAs Wyatt holds Steffy and the police officers look on, a handcuffed Quinn makes a last ditch effort to remain free.  She begs Liam for his forgiveness.  There are so many things she should have done Quinn says but she honestly didn’t think it was right to put him back in Steffy’s orbit.

With Quinn, presumable hauled off by the police, Wyatt continues to hold his wife.  Steffy is clearly bothered by her experience with Quinn.  She tells Wyatt that she has never seen his mother like that before.

Later, Liam tells Wyatt and Steffy that he understands how difficult it must be on them.  Quinn is Wyatt’s mother, and Steffy’s mother in law.  He tells them they can forgive Quinn if they want.  Since Quinn did actually take pretty good care of him in her cabin, Liam seems to have a small soft spot for her evidenced by telling Wyatt that Quinn did nurse him back to health and admitting to Bill that he and Quinn loved each other like a married couple when he knew no different…

Nicole Goes Into Labor

Caroline and Sasha are hanging out by the pool at the Forrester Mansion when Caroline gets a text from Ridge.  Nicole is in labor.  Sasha sits bold upright on her sun lounge.”What?” she says.

Caroline tells someone, presumably Sasha, that there is something more meaningful she could be doing with their time.

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Episode Summary:

Quinn Begs For Forgiveness Before Being Arrested

Quinn begs Liam not to let them do this to you.  They think I hurt you, but we know the truth.  Please tell them how you feel.

Wyatt tells her she has no right to ask Liam to speak up for her.

Quinn says she should have told him who he was from the beginning.  There are so many things he should have done but she didn’t think she should put Liam back in his orbit.  She admits she wanted Steffy for Wyatt, but what took her by surprise was finding a better match for herself.  Opening up to him and allowing herself to be vulnerable was the greatest gift of her life.  If she goes to jail because she fell for him, it will be worth it Quinn says.

Quinn needs to apologize before they take her away.  To all of them.  She tells Wyatt the pain and emptiness of waking up herself every morning is gone.  Spending the time with Liam a man with no memory she didn’t’ have to hide anymore.  She let him see who she really was.  It started as a deception but she doesn’t regret how it turned out.  If she goes to jail she totally understands but it doesn’t change how she feels. She wants them all to know that her time with Liam healed all her old wounds and filled her with hope of what is still to come.

Liam simply tells the police to take her away, but he seems affected by what Quinn has said as she is led out.

With Quinn gone Wyatt asks if Quinn hurt Steffy. Steffy says she just wanted her help.  Wyatt wonders how any of them can forgive her.  Liam says he understands its hard for them.  She’s his mother and Steffy’s mother in law.  They can forgive her if they want, but Liam is glad he doesn’t have to.

Alone with Wyatt Steffy tells him that she has never seen his mom like that; affectionate and vulnerable.  Steffy says her feelings for Liam seem to be real.  Wyatt agrees. He doesn’t understand what is going on around here.

At home Liam remembers the tender moments of his relationship with Quinn and Quinn begging him not to let the police take her away from him.  Quinn gives a statement.  She took care of Liam and kept him safe, and if the state and Liam want to send her to jail, then fine.  But she hopes it doesn’t turn out that way.

Lt Baker at the Police Station

At the police station, Lt Baker asks Quinn if they need to wait for her lawyer.  Quinn says it won’t be necessary.  If Liam wants her in jail, so be it.

Quinn reflects on her relationship with Adam when the police officers leave the room.

Nicole Goes Into Labor

Zende finds Pam running around the office looking for washcloths.  Nicole’s in labor.  Pam brings Nicole a ball to sit on.  Zende follows.  Her contractions are 6 minutes apart.  He asks if she is ready for this.  Nicole says she has to be.

Zende asks for a moment alone with Nicole.

Zende is proud of her and hopes all goes well.   He tells Nicole he’ll be thinking of her.  Nicole tries to ask him to come but pulls pack and says he can check in with Pam who likely will be first to know.

Sasha and Caroline at the Pool

Caroline arrives at the pool to find Sasha already there.  Caroline notes that she looks like she’s waiting for someone.  Caroline jokes that when Zende arrive they have enough to play Marco Polo.  Caroline says she’s kidding.  Caroline does a couple of laps.  She promises to leave when Zende arrives. She won’t get in any woman’s way with those abs.

Caroline gets a text from Ridge.  She thinks Nicole may be the one leaving.  Nicole is in labor.  Sasha decides to stay away and leave this moment for Rick and Maya.

Caroline and Sasha talk about Nicole stepping aside to raise her child. Caroline says that in many cases that is the best for all involved.  This was Nicole’s gift to Nicole and Maya.  Sasha doesn’t think Nicole has thought this through.  No wonder Zende ran.

Zende comes home and finds Caroline inside.  They discuss Nicole being in labor.  Caroline says Sasha is poolside but is that really where he wants to be  Caroline asks.  There is something more meaningful he could be doing with his time, Caroline says as she goes upstairs.

Zende goes down to the pool and finds Sasha.  She suggests they forget all their troubles and enjoy each other and the California sunshine.  Just what he needs Zende says, but he’s not in the mood for beer.

They discuss Nicole giving birth to his cousin right now. How messed up is that.  Sasha goes inside to get them some ice tea instead.  Zende thinks about Nicole.

At the Hospital Nicole Labors

Maya asks what happened with Zende.  He just wished her luck.  Rick says they don’t mind if she wants Zende here. Rick and Maya leave to talk to the doctor.  Nicole wonders if she should have asked him to come.

Nicole thinks about their relationship with Zende between contractions.

Thursday, May 16, 2013 – Episode #6573

Steffy Understands She Lost Her Baby

“I shouldn’t have been on that motorcycle,” Steffy tells Liam. “Can you forgive me?”

Steffy tells Liam that he looks worried.  What is it she wants to know.  She asks him why he looks so serious.  It was a close call but she will be fine.  They’ve been here before; the bathtub, Cabo, Aspen and now this. Steffy tells Liam she has nine lives; like a cat.  Liam tells his wife he only needs one life if it’s with her.

Liam asks Steffy if her memory is coming back at all. How many weddings have we had Liam asks his wife.  Steffy answers 4, then corrects herself 2.  She remembers the wedding in Aspen and tearing up the annulment papers.  Liam asks if she remembers the wedding in LA.  Steffy tells him its coming back.  He still looks worried and Steffy wants to know what is wrong.

Liam wants to talk about today.  They had plans at the house.  Steffy chimes in; a BBQ she says. Liam continues that she went to go see her brother.  Liam thinks she rode her motorcycle home instead of her car because traffic was backed up on PCH.  Liam asks Steffy if she remembers why he didn’t want her riding her motorcycle.

Because you were worried about me, Steffy croacks out.  Anything else?  Liam asks his wife. At which point Steffy remembers she’s pregnant. Then Steffy weeps “No! No! My baby,” as Liam tries to comfort her.

From outside the hospital room Steffy’s family watches her come to the realization she’s lost her baby.

Steffy’s Family Gathers

Bill tells Taylor that Liam and Steffy will get through he loss of their baby; together.  Hope tells Taylor that she hates seeing Steffy go through this.  Hope offers to leave, but Bill tells her to stay.

Jesse “Runs Into” Maya

Jesse tells Maya he’s changed.  Maya tells him that she shouldn’t even be near him.  Jesse knows she could end up back in prison.  He tells her again he isn’t the same he used to be.  He tells Maya that he has come into some money and suggests they grab their little girl and get out of this town.

Maya thinks Jesse is out of his mind. Jesse reminds her they have a daughter. Jesse wants Maya back and a fresh start.  Maya then has to break the news to Jesse that their daughter is dead.  Maya explains what happened.  She tells him that they can’t go back that it just wasn’t’ meant to be.  She places a hand over his in comfort.  Allison, meanwhile, takes the photos that could put Maya back in jail.

Maya whishes Jesse all the best but she can’t see him again. And leaves.

Back with Alison, Jesse wonders why he’s getting 10k for this but Alison just tells him that there business is finished and he’s never to talk about this again. Jesse leaves and Alison calls Bill.  She tells him that she has when he needs.

Rick Still Can’t Dump Caroline

Caroline, at the club, is still purposely  misunderstanding when Rick tries to end their relationship.  Caroline still thinks there is a side to Maya that none of them know about.

Maya is back with Rick.  She tells him that she just ran into someone from her past and it reminded her how lucky she is to have him in her life.


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