May 17: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Episode Recaps and History

2016: Nicole gives birth to Rick and Maya's baby...

Monday, May 17, 2016 – Episode #7333


The Family Waits For the Birth of a New Forrester

May 17 2016 Bold and the Beautiful SpoilersWith Nicole in labor and Rick and Maya at the hospital awaiting the birth of their first born child, grandparents, Brooke and Eric wait together for the baby’s birth.  Conversation, of course turns to the selfless thing that Nicole has done for her sister, Maya and her husband Rick.  And all it has cost Nicole.

Brooke notes that if it weren’t for Sasha, she believes that Nicole and Zende could have survived Nicole’s surrogate pregnancy even through Zende was against it from the outset.

Eric agrees.  Zende hasn’t been the same since he broke up with Nicole.  Eric says he’s been moping around the house and staring out the windows.

Caroline and Sasha also wait for news.  Caroline holds her own baby as she tells Sasha that her sister is so ready for this.  Caroline can only imagine how it will feel when Nicole hands Maya that baby.

Zende Regrets What He Missed

At the hospital with baby Forrester born, Zende is with Nicole and full of regrets.  He tells Nicole that he missed the most precious moment of her life…Doing this for her sister was the greatest gift Nicole could have given her sister, and he missed it…

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Episode Summary:

Zende Has To Go

Sasha brings iced tea for the hot man poolside. Zende thanks her.  making him happy brings her joy.  She understands this is a tough day for him but they will get though it together. Sasha kisses Zende but he’s thinking of Nicole.  He tells her he has to go.  He forgot something at the office.  Zende leaves.

Inside, Sasha runs into Caroline and Douglas.  Caroline tells her motherhood is the best feeling in the world and Maya is so ready for it.  Caroline can just imagine how it will feel with Nicole hands Maya that baby.

Nicole Give Birth To A Girl

Vivienne arrives at the hospital to be with Nicole. Maya, Rick and Vivienne are so proud of her.  Nicole labors.  She’s grateful that they are all there for her; she just wishes…Vivienne says she can call him.  Nicole says no.  he’s probably with Sasha.  He has a whole other life now.  And soon Maya and Rick will too.

Nicole is moved to delivery where everyone is wearing scrubs.  Zende is in the room watching.

Nicole pushes. The baby is born.   Maya cuts the cord. The baby is passed to Nicole who passed the baby to Rick and Maya.   It’s a girl.

Nicole tells Rick and Maya to bond with their daughter. Vivienne holds the baby.  They Rick holds his daughter.  An emotional Zende watches from the corner unnoticed.  Maya introduces the baby to Aunty Nicole the reason she’s here.

Zende sneaks out. Outside the room his phone rings. Its Sasha. She just wants to hear his voice. She tells him the sooner he gets home the happier they will both be. Zende looks like a young man with the weight of the world on his shoulders.  He looks in Nicole’s room.  She sees him and he enters.  She is now alone.

I had a baby Zende, a beautiful little girl. It was so amazing.  She knows it was a problem for them but it was so worth it.  The joy in Maya’s eyes, Rick and her mom couldn’t stop crying.  She wishes zende could have been here.  Zende says he was. You were here Nicole asks surprised.  Seriously?  Watching you do this he doesn’t know what to say except he sorry he bailed on her.  he missed the most precious moment of her life, anyone’s life.  He couldn’t stay away though.  He couldn’t stop thinking of her and the gift he was giving Rick and Maya.  He feels like a selfish fool.  He lose sight of what she was doing.  He was so wrong.  Zende is sorry.  Nicole takes his hand asn says that he is here now counts for something.  They hug, then kiss.

Grandparents Wait

Eric arrives at Brooke’s house as she’s washing up in the kitchen.  Brooke tells him they are going to be grandparents.  They hug. They discuss how well everyone is handling this.  Eric says Rick will be a great father.

Eric and Brooke wait together.  They joke about which house the baby will scamper around.  Brooke says it can be

Brooke says it seems so unfair that Nicole is the only one who has lost something out of this. Eric wonders is she really has since Zende hasn’t been the same since he broke up with Nicole. Just moping around the house and staring out the window.

But it seems like Zende has moved on, Brooke states.  Eric agrees it looks that way.  Sasha is certainly smitten Brooke notes.

Brooke wants to call Rick and Eric convinces her not to.  Brooke hopes everything goes smoothly for Nicole and wishes that Zende could have been there for her.  Brooke believes Nicole and Zende could have worked things out if it weren’t for Sasha.


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