May 18: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Episode Recaps and History

Wednesday, May 18, 2016 – Episode #7334


May 18 2106 Bold and Beautiful Spoilers

Zende and Nicole Reunite?

Sasha is at home at the Forrester estate waiting for Zende thinking he bailed on their afternoon by the pool to go back to work.  Sasha is seriously smitten with Zende.  With a guy like Zende a girl sure can dream she says.  But Sasha’s dreams had better to be on how to hold onto Zende.  And thanks to Caroline espousing the virtues of motherhood and the bond it creates, Sasha may just have a plan…

What Sasha doesn’t know however is that Zende didn’t head back to work.  While Sasha was trying to distract him from what was happening in a hospital, which is all that Zende could think about regardless; Nicole giving birth.

Zende snuck into the delivery room and watched Nicole give birth to Baby girl Forrester and hand her to her parents, Rick and Maya.  Later he told Nicole how sorry he was for being so selfish. Zende tells Nicole that she knew all along what she didn’t; what an selfless joyous act of love what she did was.  Zende tells Nicole that she has the biggest heart of anyone he knows…

Brooke’s Kitchen

Meanwhile in Brooke’s kitchen news of the baby’s birth has clearly spread.  Brooke tells Eric that Rick thought he would be taking his daughter home to the Forrester Estate and raising her there, but then Ridge pulled what he did.

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Monday, May 18, 2015 – Episode #7079

Rick Reacts to Maya’s News

Mayas StoryShe was named for her grandfather, Maya says.  Who would give a little girl an old mans name Rick asks.  The first thing a child is given is a sex, their name and future is supposed to fit it.  Sometimes that has to change too, Maya explains to Rick who has tears in his eyes.

Maya tells Rick there is no boy here.  She was never a man.  She did have a tracheal shave to reduce her Adams apple , her eyebrows are higher, her forehead is smaller, they softened her chin, her voice was always high.  There are other things done that Rick didn’t need explaining.  She is still the same person she was an hour ago, Maya tells Rick.

Rick calmly tells her that they person she knew an hour ago would have told him when they first met.  Why didn’t she Rick wants to know.  You knew I wanted a family and wanted children buy you said nothing.

Rick wants to know if she thought he would hurt her.  I asked you about those pills.  You should have told me then.  Maya tells him she crossed a line with Carter accepting a proposal from Carter without telling him.  She wouldn’t do that again.  Rick asks if not telling him was about keeping her job.  Maya thinks Rick knows  what Maya was scared of losing by not telling him.   It turns out when you fear something you can indirectly make it happen an emotional Maya tells Rick.

Maya gets her bags.  She says now he knows why she followed in her own car.

Rick says she already made up her mind about what his reaction would be.  She should have told him sooner but she was never false or unfaithful to him.  Rick wants to know when she transitioned.  In her teens she left home after doing some stupid things.  Jessie helped her through it until she worked out how he got the money for her procedures.  So did the police.

It is hard to believe in yourself when you’ve been told your whole life that no one will love you, Maya explains.  She is sorry she wasn’t stronger sooner.  She goes to leave, but Rick stops her.  Wait, Rick says.

Rick says he grew up feeling the same way.  People loved his name more than him.  He says that’s why he didn’t tell her who he was when  they first met.  He just wanted to be loved for him, Rick says drawing a parallel.  Rick understands.

She was right to wait until tonight Rick admits.  Rick says he knows her now.  She’s always the same person when his back is turned or the cameras are flashing.  He asks if there is more to this story?

No, Maya says.  The woman Rick knows would have told her and he’s glad she told him.  Rick doesn’t care who they were named after.  He just loves her and wants to spend his life with her.  Rick pleads with Maya not to walk away from him.

Eric and Brooke Wait

Eric and Brooke continue to wait.  They think Spencer killed the story thanks to Rick.  Brooke notes Ricks phone is always on and triggered to buzz when a story about Forrester or himself hits the press.

Eric says they will be there for him when Brooke worries that Rick has been betrayed so many time before by the woman in his life.

Rick’s computer starts blipping with alerts.  Brooke has the password and sees that Bill has published Maya’s story.

Bill Prepares to Run Maya’s Story

Bill continues to work headlines with Justin…they discuss angles for each of their publications with their journalists.  They are going to out this woman and possible destroy her life?  One journalist leaves saying he’d like to work for an actual human being and leaves.

Bill gets another journalist.  He wants their stories in thirty minutes.  He’ll deal with headlines.  Bill is impressed with the stories he gets…Justin asks if he’s sure, it can’t be undone.  Bill is sure.  Justin makes the call to make the story live.

Nick Explains Maya’s Actions to Ridge

Nick arrives looking for Maya.  He talks to Ridge.  Ridge asks if Nick thinks Maya needs luck for her plans tonight.  Nick says people like him and Maya can’t rely on luck.  They have their own backs.  Nick thinks Maya will be fine.

Ridge tells Nick that he thinks Maya’s evening is going to tank.  She isn’t going to be back at his father’s house.  Ridge’s brother doesn’t take well to being lied to Ridge reasons. What lie did Maya tell Nick asks.  Nick states that coming out is for people hiding something.  Maya isn’t hiding anything.  Disclosure breaks transgender individuals whereas coming out makes gay people feel whole, Nick explains.

Nick asks what will happen to Maya.  Ridge says it’s a family matter but he expects that Maya will lose her job.  Firing public sector is against the law according to the attorney general.  Nick challenges Ridge to have Forrester joining the 21;st century.


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