May 19: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Episode Recaps and History

Thursday, May 19, 2016 – Episode #7335


May 19 2016 B&B Spoilers


You Said You Loved Me

Zende has a double dose of regrets to deal with.  Not only does he regret his decision to end his relationship with Nicole because she was carrying a baby as a surrogate for her sister, but he now has to deal with the regrets of getting involved with Sasha in the first place as she’d dropped her own baby bundle on Zende telling him that she is pregnant!

Zende lied to Sasha when he went to the hospital to be with Nicole.  There’s the first clie that he really doesn’t want to be with her.  Then after watching Nicole give birth Zende had an epiphany about how wonderful what Nicole did was.  (never mind that everyone has been telling him that for months).  Nicole accepted Zende’s heartfelt apologies and the couple were well on the way to a reunion.

Zende just had one thing to deal with.  Sasha.  He went home to find Sasha had set the scene for romance.  Pity Zende was about to dump her.  Sasha is not a stupid girl and dropped her won baby bombshell.  She’s pregnant she tells Zende and throws her arms around him.

But Zende isn’t so thrilled. Zende wants to know how this could have happened. They were just enjoying each other, but there was no commitment.  Zende tells Sasha that he didn’t want that, and she knew that from the outset.  Zende doesn’t even understand how this could have happened.  They used protection every time.

And it would appear that Sasha at least feigns surprise that Zende isn’t thrilled to be Daddy to her Mommy.  Looking hurt by Zende’s outburst, Sasha says “You said you loved me.”  After a lifetime of being rejected by her father, Sasha is suffering rejection at the hands of another man she thinks loves her…

In the hospital, Julius visits with Nicole who tells her dad that she thinks she and Zende are on the road to a reunion.  Things look hopeful for us Nicole tells Julius.

Walking Around Naked

Bill is clad only in a towel when Katie gets frisky with her husband in their bedroom.  Bill squirms as Katie tells him that one of the things she loves about him is that he likes to walk around naked.  Bill is uncomfortable because Brooke is hiding under the bed…

MORE:  Why is Brooke hiding under the bed?

Episode Summary:

Zende Freaks Out About Sasha Being Pregnant

You’re pregnant, Zende asks stunned.  Sasha is thrilled.  She was kind of afraid to tell him until he was so thrilled by the experience Nicole went through giving birth.

How long have you known, Zende wants to know.

Since last night, Sasha says.  I tried to tell you at the pool.  It was a home pregnancy test.

Zende asks Sasha if she agrees it is wrong to lie.  Sasha tells him she’s not lying. Zende says he’s not ready to be a father.  Sasha realizes that Zende is about to kick her to the curb just like he did Nicole.

Zende says that they did not have that kind of relationship. They were just enjoying each other, but there was no commitment.  Zende tells Sasha that he didn’t want that, and she knew that from the outset.

Sasha retorts they have the kind of relationship where this is possible.

You said you loved me, Sasha says hurt.  Never, Zende says.  I said we made love because I don’t like the other term, Zende tells her.

Sasha says they will get through this.  It’s a lifetime Zende says.  He wants and explanation.  They used protection every time.  How could this even happen?

A condom never broke, not once.   Sasha says there are no guarantees.  Zende says this can’t be happening. Sasha wonders if there is any small part of his that is happy. Sasha realizes it’s about Nicole. Sasha thinks it’s better that they don’t say anything else.  She just wants to feel close to him. Zende has to leave.  He asks her not to be there when he gets back. Sasha cries as Zende leaves

Avants and Baby

In the hospital Rick, Maya, Nicole and Vivienne admire the new baby while Rick googles how to hold a baby.  Vivienne says there are only two rules.  Hold the baby’s head and don’t drop the baby.

Julius arrives.  Maya admits she sent the text. Julius jokes it must be his destiny to fill the generation of Avants with girls.  Maya offers Julius to hold the baby.  She can’t complain about him banishing her from the family if she does the same to him.  Julius holds his first grandchild. He promises to be a better grandfather than a dad.

Rick and Maya go to bath heir baby.  Vivienne comes with them not wanting to be in the room with Julius.

Julius is confident that life will repair itself.  Nicole says she will get her life back.  Even Zende.  He was here, and he now understands.  Things look hopeful for them Nicole tells Julius.  Father and daughter hug.

After Julius leaves, Zende arrives.  What she gave up was for something amazing.  What he gave up he gave up for nothing. Nicole isn’t sure there is a right and wrong to this.  But if it ends with her opening her eyes and seeing him here is good enough for her.  She loves him.  Nicole is changed for the experience of having a baby.  It changes how you see life.  Nicole can tell Zende has something on his mind.  It can’t be that bad she says.

Brooke Hides Under the Bed

Brooke leaves a gift for Katie in her bedroom with a note for her to send a selfie when she tries it on. Brooke is surprised when Bill comes out of the shower wrapped only in a towel.

He’s home because there’s a museum thing they have to go to.  That’s why Brooke came over.  T bring her a dress. Bill doesn’t think that is a good idea. Logan’s don’t have to call, Brooke says.  Everybody else does.  As they discuss this the hear Katie coming.  Bill tells Brooke not to hide, but Brooke does, under the bed.

Katie arrives and sidles up to her husband.  Bill reminds her they have an event to get to.  But Katie doesn’t mind missing a few speeches.  Katie gets sexy with her husband.  One of the things she likes about him is how he likes to walk around with nothing on.  Katie has changed her mind, she doesn’t’ want to go. Katie notices Bill looks flushed.  She thinks they should stay home.  She begins to undress.

Katie realizes something is going on with Bill.  He says he is just following orders.  Bill says there is something wrong.  But Katie doesn’t want to hear about it.  Katie sidldles up to Bill and undresses.  From under the bed, Brooke sees Katie’s underwear drop and can take no more. She comes out.

Katie is horrified.  What is Brooke doing there?

Loving Sisters

Julius meets Sasha at Forrester Creations at his request. They discuss the baby. Julius asks if Sasha is prepared to behave like a sister to Nicole like she has to Sasha.  Sisters borrow from each other, Julius says, but he loving ones give back what they borrowed.


Tuesday, May 19, 2015 – Episode #7080

Rick Reacts

Maya hugs Rick and says she hoped they would work out.  Rick says nothing has to change  this is between them.  Rick’s phone starts buzzing.  Maya admits how many people know and Rick becomes upset.  Rick is upset that Ridge knew before him. He realizes his family has been tiptoeing about him.

Rick says he doesn’t want any whispers.  He picks up his phone to call Brooke and sees the headlines.  Rick is calling Bill.  Rick tells Maya not to look at her phone – not to look at it.

Why are you doing this Rick yells as Bill answers.  That’s what Bill asked when he took shots at Caroline.  Bill says he’s just running his business as he sees fit.  Just like Rick is running his.

If Bill doesn’t take the stories down he’ll have Carter hit him with a lawsuit.  Rick wishes she’d told him first.  He’ll take care of them.  Rick blames Ridge.  He calls his dad and learns it wasn’t Ridge.

Maya suggests they get out of the public eye for a while.  But Rick won’t he finally has everything has everything he wanted.  Maya won’t be ashamed of who she is.  Rick yells he needs time to think and Maya needs to know that Rick is on her side.

Its such an embarrassment Rick yells.  Maya picks up her bag and walks out.  He tries to stop her…Rick grabs his keys and follows.  Maya just drives faster as Rick honks his horn.  Don’t leave me now Rick says speeding up to catch up with her.  Rick tries calling Maya. She hangs up.  He tries again as they drive too fast down the mountain road

She finally answers.  She’s an embarrassment , she made a mockery of his family and runined his life.  Rick wants to turn off so they can do this face to face.  Do you still want to be my husband now that the whole world knows, Maya asks  She needs to hear him say it.  The call ends.

Rick has run off the road. The airbag is deployed and Rick lies unconscious in his car….but Maya thinks he hung up.

The Forrester’s Wait

Ridge, Brooke and Eric look at the headlines he’s published. The phones start ringing.  Brooke says Rick can’t  know Ridge knew before him.  Eric says what Bill has done is sick.

Nick and Nicole arrive realizing the press have hold of the story.  Ridge and Brooke tell Nicole only one person is responsible for this – her.  Nicole suggests that Ridge did this to her sister.  Nick suggests that Nicole should have told Wyatt her story not Maya’s.  Nick asks if any of them know how many transgender women have been murdered this year.

Eric gets a call from Rick.  Eric tells him they know how it happened and it wasn’t Ridge.  Eric asks how his son is.  Rick says he loves Maya.  He will protect Forrester he assures.  He can handle the scandal and mockery.  He will do what he has to to get Forrester through this untarnished – somehow.  Rick swears it.

Nicole knows they all think she did this to hurt Maya.  She never meant to hurt her Nicole claims.  Nick has an idea that may help.

Nick says the saddest thing about this is that Maya really loves your son as he leaves.  Nicole states Maya will never forgive her.  She lost her sister all over again.

Katie Yells

Katie walks into Bills office.  How could you, she says to her husband.  Bill says he will always make a choice that benefits his business and family.  Katie says Rick is her family. Bill’s phone rings. Bill wants to know if Katie had been so forgiving if Rick had taken shots at her.  Katie says Caroline can look after herself. Katie argues that Caroline won’t approve of what he’s done or thank him for it.

She holds him to a higher standard because she loves him.  Sometimes doing the right thing means backing away from something Katie yells.  Holding Maya up to public ridicule will never the be the right thing.

Katie never objected to the tabloid arm or the money it created in the past.  Only now that its personal.  He calls it hypocritical.

Eric calls. He asks Bill if he’s heard of GLAAD.  They aren’t going to be happy about the venom hew spewing about Maya tonight.  Bill suggests its just the truth.  Karen is one of GLAAD’s biggest donors Bill reminds him and they have power in influencing advertising…