May 20: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History

Friday, May 20, 2016 – Episode #7336


May 20 2016 B&B Spoilers

Sasha Tells Julius She’s Pregnant

After visiting Nicole and his new granddaughter in the hospital, Julius tries help repair Nicole’s life (id he can’t yet repair his own relationship with Vivienne).  Julius asks Sasha to meet him at Forrester Creations and leads into a conversation about Zende by asking Sasha if she believes Nicole has behaved more sisterly since she found out they weren’t just best friends, but sisters as well.  Sasha says definitely.

Julius tells Sasha that sisters borrow things from each other all the time.  The loving ones, return what they have borrowed.  Julius of course is trying to tell Sasha that it is time to give Zende back to Nicole.  But what Julius hasn’t counted on is Sasha telling him that she can’t do that, because she is pregnant with Zende’s child.

Sasha is getting a double dose of rejection again.  Zende wasn’t thrilled by the news and he even told her not to be in his room when he got back.  And somehow it’s unlikely that Julius is going to support Sasha either, given he has already placed Nicole’s happiness with Zende above hers.

Zende Tells Nicole Sasha is Pregnant

With the news of Sasha’s pregnancy still ringing in his ears, Zende heads to the hospital where Nicole can tell there is something worrying him.  What is it?  Nicole wants to know.  Zende tells Nicole that he has never been more in awe of anyone and he would give anything to have her back.  But there is something Zende needs to tell Nicole first, and if it’s true it could change everything.  Sasha is pregnant, Zende tells Nicole.

What is Brooke Doing in Katie’s Bedroom with a Half-Naked Bill?

When a towel clad Bill surprised Brooke leaving a gift for Katie to wear to the fund raiser she was going to that night, he knew immediately that Brooke shouldn’t be there.  Bill was naked and Brooke was in his and Katies bedroom.  If Katie were to see them it would set her off, Bill surmised.

When Katie arrived home, Brooke hid under the bed, considering the validity of Bill’s concerns.  What neither Bill nor Brooke counted on was Katie wanting to get sexy with her husband instead of getting to the benefit on time.  When Katie dropped her underwear and she and Bill fell onto the bed it was too much for Brooke and she came out of hiding.

Katie, predictably, loses the plot and yells at her sister wanting to know what she is doing under the bed in her bedroom.  What the hell are you doing in my bedroom Katie yells at her sister?  Bill tries to explain that its not what it seems. Brooke tries to leave.

Brooke clearly gets her opportunity to explain why she was there.  But Katie is skeptical.  So you weren’t trying to seduce my husband, you were just trying to do something nice; for me Katie recounts from what Brooke has told her.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015 – Episode #7081

Maya at her Dayzee’s Apartment

Maya is back at her apartment above Dayzee’s; crying. She reflects on what happened with Rick and the vow he made to his father.  She’s typing her resignation and emails it.  There is a knock at the door.  It’s Nicole.  This is where she lives now, Maya tells her sister, who hugs her.

Maya admits that she told Rick before it hit the news.  When it did everything went wrong.  Nicole admits to Maya that she told Wyatt.  Maya says she begged her not to tell Rick and then Nicole told someone she’d just met who’s dad is the biggest media mogul on the planet.

Maya admits that she walked out on Rick, not the other way around.   Maya says Rick’s proposal was the most beautiful romantic moment of her life. He understood.  He was incredible and told her he still loved her. She had to tell him how everyone knew and he didn’t.  Then he called Bill and his father and the things he was saying.

He’d said nothing had changed but he was shamed and embarraseed when he talked about it.  So Maya left.  Maya can handle the fallout, Rick shouldn’t have to.  Maya tells Nicole she resigned from Forrester Creations.  Nicole says she can’t quit.  She earned her place at Forrester.

Maya says she wanted a life with Rick. Maya doesn’t expect Nicoel to understand.  Rick is a good man who wants to accept her as she is, but this is bigger than him.  His family, his career, the business.

Maya tells Nicole that Rick hung up on her when she asked him if he still wanted to marry her.  Nicole wants to know if she’s called Rick.  Nicole feels terrible. I should have told him before he proposed Maya says.  He would have accepted her, she knows that.  She should have told him before anyone else found out.  Especially Ridge.

At Forrester Creations

Pam tells Ridge that the Maya story is everywhere. Pam admits Charlie knew and he was right.  But Pam didn’t believe him.  Pam admits they found her estrogen pills and figured it out.

Eric texts that Rick was in a car accident.  He’s resting at the house.  Maya isn’t mentioned Pam says.

Ridge gets the email Maya sent to HR resigning – Jake McClain brings it in.  Ridge tells him he’ll make sure Eric and Rick see it.


Rick explains to Brooke what happened.  He has to see Maya – she asked him a question.  A doctor checks him out but Rick is determined to call Maya.  The doctor leaves.  Rick needs rest.  Rick tries to get up and see Maya.

Brooke says she lied to him. She just too long to tell him Rick says.  He still loves her.  She needs to know that Rick says.

Rick realizes that Maya overheard the things he said to Bill and Eric on the phone.  Brooke tells him that Maya can wait to hear what he needs to say.  She made him wait long enough.

Rick says he was angry with Bill for taking it public.  Brooke says Bill is despicable for taking it public but Maya should have told him long ago.  Rick admits he was in shock when she told him.  He’d just proposed.  Rick says he doesn’t care about Maya’s past – he loves her.  he’s upset that everyone was talking about it behind his back. Especially, Ridge.   Rick said he was toying with him.  Eric says Ridge was concerned about him.

Brooke and Eric tell Rick to rest.  They will tell him if Maya calls.  Eric asks if Maya is unwelcome.  Brooke is worried.  Rick crashed his car!  Eric can’t imagine a more personal thing.  Bill was wrong to publicize it, but Maya let him down just like Amber and Caroline.  She should have told him long ago Brooke says.

Downstairs, Eric and Brooke talk as Ridge heads upstairs to see Rick who is looking for a phone in the bedroom.  Ridge gives  Rick the resignation from Maya. She can’t do this, Rick says.  Ridge tells Rick he has to take control of the situation.  Ridge will take over if Rick is too tied up with personal problems.

Ridge gloats that he knew before Ri ck did.  Ridge accuses him of freaking.  Ridge berates him for snapping for his girlfriend told him she was transgender.  Ridge tells him he brought this on himself and turns to leave.  A furious Rick gets out of bed and goes after Ridge….


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