May 23: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History

Monday, May 23, 2016 – Episode #7337


May 23 2016 B&B Spoilers

Will Liam Press Charges Against Quinn?

Liam tries to explain to Bill what it was like for him when he was missing with no memory.  Liam really thought that he was Adam, Eve’s adoring husband.

But Bill clearly doesn’t understand the kind of relationship that Liam is taking about, because he just tries to redirect Liam’s focus onto Quinn, pressing charges and making her pay for what she has done.

Can Liam do that though?  IF he really believes that they were in love like a married couple?

Meanwhile, Quinn is telling someone that she did everything she did for them (Wyatt?  Liam?)

Will Julius Support Sasha?

Sasha, having told her dad that she is pregnant with Zende’s child looks to him for some fatherly assistance.  Sasha wants Julius to help her by getting Nicole to back off.  Has Sasha thought this through?  Julius didn’t leave Vivienne for Sasha’s mother, so what makes her think that Julius is going to support Zende sticking by Sasha’s side?


  1. I hope that Julius will not go along with Sasha scheming she can’t force Zanda to be with her even a pregnancy can keep a man. Zanda can give her money for abortion and tell her to find her own life. She has to find some one new. That girl needs some respect for her self. Liam has to deside what to do with Quinn. Bill wants to see her in jail and though a way the key. Wyatt on the other hand wants that his mom will get mental help.

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