May 24: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History

Tuesday, May 24, 2016 – Episode #7338


Quinn Heads For Court

May 24 2016 B&B SpoilersWith Quinn’s day in court approaching Liam has his team on his side; his father Bill wants to see Quinn locked up forever and told Justin, the Spencer legal eagle as much.  But Liam’s brother, Wyatt is torn.  He doesn’t approve of what his mother did and actually helped Liam escape from the cabin even though Quinn begged her son to keep her secret.

While Liam is still at home, Wyatt turns up and makes one more effort to convince Liam to show leniency towards Quinn.  Wyatt begs his brother to do what he does best; have some compassion and show some generosity.  Do not press charges against my mother, Wyatt asks of Liam.

Liam Isn’t Feeling Compassionate

Later, at the jail (?) Liam comes face to face with Quinn.  He has his legal representation (Justin)with him however and you can bet Justin will use anything he can to do Bill’s bidding to put Quinn away.

Quinn pleads her case to Liam as well.  Quinn tells him that he made Quinn her very best self and she’s telling him that she can be that woman again.

But it doesn’t look like Liam is feeling all to compassionate and generous towards Quinn.  he tells her that she is the same conniving and scheming monster in that cabin as she is in the real world.

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Episode Summary:

Wyatt Asks Liam For Compassion for Quinn

Liam pours himself coffee while thinking about Lt Baker telling him that if he wants to push charges Quinn will probably go to jail for a number of years.  Its all up to him.

Liam’s phone rings its Lt Baker.  He wants to know if he’s going to pursue this as a criminal matter or not.  Liam tells him he’ll be at the station shortly with his attorney.

There is a knock at the door.  It’s Wyatt.  He’s asking him not to press charges against his mother. Liam is confused because he thought Wyatt was as outraged by what Quinn did as he is.

Wyatt begs his brother to do what he does best; have some compassion and show some generosity.  Do not press charges against my mother, Wyatt asks of Liam.

The good things that Liam brought out in her will go away if Quinn goes to prison. The softness and the vulnerability.  She will have to toughen up just to survive, Wyatt agues.

Liam says what she did was unforgivable.  She stole his life and gave it to Wyatt and Liam isn’t going to let her get away with that. He would be the one married to Steffy now if he hadn’t kidnapped him.  Wyatt doesn’t buy that theory but he’s not here to argue about Steffy,

Liam has to go.  He grabs his keys and leaves the house.

Wyatt Can’t Support Liam Putting Quinn Behind Bars

In the office Justin tells Bill that Liam asked him to meet him at the station.  Bill is pleased he thinks it means that Liam is ready to press charges.  It’s time for Quinn to pay for what she has done Bill notes. Justin says it’s rarely that simple.  Justin says that Bill should be prepared. Liam may decide not to press charges.  Justin says it was just the two of them, it becomes a case of he said she said.  Bill tells Justin that its his job to look out for Liam’s best interests.  Quinn is to go away for a very long time.

Wyatt arrives in Bill’s office. They deal with business and then Bill asks him what is going on.  Wyatt says he asked Liam not to press charges against his mother.  Bill tells him that his mother has to be held accountable.  Wyatt says that is up to Liam.  Bill tells Wyatt that his mother is going away for a good long while.  The longer the better.

Wyatt understands that his mother probably does need to suffer some consequences and pay for her actions. What she did was awful.  But she’s still his mother. For a long time his mother’s twisted kind of love was the only kind of love he knew.  He hates what she did to Liam but he can’t support him putting Quinn behind bars.

Will Liam Press Charges Against Quinn?

In jail Quinn reflects on Adam telling her that he loves her.  He didn’t need to remember how they met to recognize the feeling.

Lt Baker comes in and tells Quinn Liam is on the way over with his attorney. Quinn’s attorney arrives. Mr De La Rosa.  The cps either have to charge her of let her go.  He asks is Quinn has cash on her for bail.  Bu Quinn doesn’t think it will come to that.  Adam wouldn’t press charges.

The lawyer reminds Quinn not to call Liam Adam.  He tells her to keep quiet and allow him to argue her out of there.  Quinn agrees.  She can’t make anything up to Liam from behind bars.  Liam has had time to reconsider and will probably let her go, Quinn says.

Lt Baker, Justin and Liam enter. Quinn speaks up.  She thinks she and Liam can settle this.  Honor the connection we had in that cabin and please don’t send me to prison Quinn asks of him.

Quinn’s lawyer speaks up.  Was the relationship consensual he asks?  Justin reminds him that they are not in court.  He is just giving his client a view of what court will be like.   He argues that Liam could have left the cabin at any time.  He wasn’t held there against his will.  Did you resist my client’s advances De La Rosa asks?  Did you make advances of your own? Did you tell my client that you loved her?  Liam has to admit he didn’t resist her advances and made some of his own because he thought they were married.  And he did say he love her.

Does Liam Have A Case

Justin asks to see Liam in private.  He asks Justin given the points that De La Rosa scored in there do they even have a case?  They have a case with lots of grey areas to be exploited.  It could go either way in court Justin advices.  Liam wants to know if Justin thinks they can win.  He doesn’t’ need the whole world to know what happened and have Quinn walk away.  Justin thinks it will be a difficult case to prove.

Liam Has His Say

Liam and Justin come back in. What she did was wrong. She lied to him and she left a brain injury untreated.  What happened between them was a lie.  He will never care about her.

Quinn says he’s right.  She never should have taken him from the parking lot that day.  But she’s not sorry for what happened afterwards, because he made her the very best version of herself.

Liam can’t believe she thinks she can talk her way out of this.  She cost him the woman he actually does love. She is the same conniving scheming monster in that cabin as you were in the real world.  Lt Baker gets that he’s angry but if he isn’t going to press charges they need to take their beef somewhere else.  So what is it?. Is he going to book Quinn or not, Lt Baker wants to know.


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