May 25: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History

2016: Lt Baker says what we are all thinking. is Liam pressing charges or not? 2015: Ridge and Rick vie for the CEO position.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016 – Episode #7339


Is Liam Pressing Charges Or Not?

May 25 2016 Bold and Beautiful SpoilersWyatt is giving up on getting leniency for his mother.  Wyatt doesn’t approve of what Quinn did to Liam and in fact was instrumental in Liam’s escape from the cabin.  You could even say his arrival gave Liam the memory breakthrough he needed to extricate himself from Quinn’s fantasy life.

Yesterday, Wyatt appealed to Liam’s sense of compassion and generosity and asked Liam not to press charges against his mother.  Today, he appeals to Bill, which has to be a harder argument to make.  Despite a little tryst in the bedroom after Katie threw him out, Bill has never had any time for Quinn and her scheming and manipulations that always seem to harm Liam.  Bill is gently but firm with Wyatt as he tells his other son that his mother has to pay for her crimes against his brother.

Bill believes that Liam needs closure on this experience.  And the only way Liam will get that is to put Quinn away for a very long time.

At the police station with Quinn, Liam and Justin still in a room Lt Baker gives voice to the sentiments of  viewers.  He’s had enough begging, pleading, justifications and arguments.  He calls a halt.  Enough of this he tells the group.  Lt Baker tells Liam that they need his answer.  Is he pressing charges against Miss Fuller or not?

Katie and Brooke

Katie and Brooke are having coffee in Brooke’s kitchen.  They seem to be discussing their sisterly relationship which has gone through its fair share of ups and downs.  Katie tells Brooke that they are not the only ones suffering because of their strained bond.  Bill is also suffering.

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Episode Summary

Wyatt and Bill Disagree

Bill tells Wyatt that Quinn belongs behind bars.  His brother needs some justice.  But Wyatt thinks Liam just wants Steffy back.  And Liam holds Quinn responsible for that, Bill says.  Quinn needs to pay Bill reiterates.

Wyatt thinks that his mom has already paid.  She lost Liam.  Not Liam Bill says, Adam. Bill understands he wants to protect his mother but Liam needs closure and the only way to get that is to put

Wyatt thinks Bill has no compassion. Bill says he knows what he did to her brother. Wyatt says Adams gentleness and sensitivity made her whole again.  Wyatt thinks Liam did that for his mother, or the man he was in the cabin anyway.

Wyatt leaves to go to the station.

Pressing Charges?

Lt Baker wants to know if Liam is pressing charges against Miss Fuller or not.

Liam is a non violent may.  Quinn says she admirers that.  Liam says she never used to. He changed that about her Quinn says.  Liam tells Lt Baker to press charges.

Quinn’s lawyer doesn’t believe Liam knows what he is doing.  She took care of him, not kidnap him. Do you think this is going to be a quick two day affair? Justin says his words can’t be ignored.  This case will be high profile and will touch everyone’s lives. He isn’t saying Quinn isn’t guilty, but Just thinks this is going to be a very difficult cast and he will go through hell for nothing.  Justin has his best interests at heart. Justin knows this attorney; he will fight the case hard.  Liam should walk away and release himself from this. Live his life, because if this goes to court this will be his life.

Quinn apologizes again.  She deserves it all.  She regrets not being able to make it up to him.  Lt Baker starts to take Quinn away, but considering Justin’s’ words, Liam tells him to wait.

Justin and Liam talk outside.  Justin knows he wants justice but its best to just move on not relive it in court.  Wyatt arrives. Wyatt was hoping Liam wouldn’t press charges.  Liam tells Wyatt that he isn’t pressing charges because Justin says the case isn’t strong enough.  Liam isn’t happy about it.  Wyatt thanks Liam and tells him that he will ensure that his mother stays away from him.

Justin and Wyatt talk about telling Bill the news.  Wyatt says he has to credit Liam.  Their time together changed his mother.  He just hopes she stays that way.

Quinn is released and free to go.  Her lawyer and Lt Baker advise her to stay away from Liam.  Liam enters he wants time alone with Quinn.

Who are you Liam wants to know. She has been asking herself that same question.  Liam says she’s a master manipulator. The woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with is married to his brother.  He’s not going to give up on her.  Quinn has taught him there are no guarantees in life.  Quinn realizes she has hurt the only man she’s ever connected to.  She will redeem herself she says.  Liam says after today they are done.

For him maybe, but not for her.  He taught her how to love and it’s not a lesson she will soon forget.  She will make him proud of her. She knows he doesn’t share her feelings but she isn’t the same Quinn he used to despise.  She’s the woman in the cabin full of goodness and tenderness – his words. He made her believe in herself. She is going to continue to be the remarkable loving woman he made her. She’s the woman from the cabin that he respected, admired and loved.

Katie Keeps It Together

Katie is playing with Katie when Aunty Brooke arrives.  Katie realizes that Brooke is checking up on her.  She and Brooke have been worried about her and not without reason.  But they don’t need to.

Bill has had to put up with her craziness and she didn’t want to be another one of Bill’s problems especially what he is going through with his sons.  They talk about Liam and Quinn.  Katie says something happened between those two in that cabin.

Bill is suffering as much as anyone because of this.  He’s caught between his two sons.  Katie knows she hasn’t been there for him in a long time. And Brooke says she is getting her sister back.  Katie says it still hurts that Brooke said that Brooke still loves Bill and always will.  But she’s not going to use it as an excuse to fall apart.  She’s going to keep it together for her family.


Monday, May 25, 2015 – Episode #7084

Ivy, Caroline and Ridge

Ivy defends Liam to Ridge who thinks Liam was part of the decision to print Maya’s story. Caroline and Ridge tell Ivy that Eric is asking Rick to step down as CEO because of the morality clause.

Rick Asks His Dad to Stand Up for Him

Eric still thinks Rick should step back right now.  He stole my wife, he stole your wife.  You can’t give him my job, Rick pleads of his dad.  Ridge takes what he wants and everyone lets him get away with it.  He couldn’t protect his mother, he couldn’t stop him stealing his wife, but he can stop him taking his job.  Ridge shouldn’t’ even know about Maya.

Rick still loves her and he still thinks they can run Forrester Creations together.  But Maya isn’t returning his calls.  Eric thinks Rick too should step out of the limelight for a while.  But Rick thinks this will only make him stronger as a CEO.

Ridge has taken so much from him and his father, Rick wants Eric to tell Rick no and stand up for his son.  The woman he wants to marry may be gone, don’t take his job from him too Rick pleads.  Eric needs to tell Ridge he can’t just take what he wants anymore.

Caroline Visits Rick

Rick wishes Caroline had told him about her accident.  Despite everything he cares.  Rick asks if Caroline is here to run in the stuff about Maya.  Caroline is here as a friend.  Rick defends Maya.  It doesn’t change his feelings he tells Caroline.  She isn’t here to judge.  Are you two fine Caroline asks.  Caroline is surprised that Maya walked out.  She worked too hard to become the Forrester matriarch.

Rick doesn’t know where Maya is and Ridge is trying to use this to become CEO, Rick tells Caroline.  But it’s not going to work.

Liam Stands Up To Bill

Bill tells Liam he has lunch plans with his dad.  You promised me you wouldn’t exploit Maya Liam states angrily. Get over it Bills says.  Focus on the good.  Rick is in a tizzy and we’re making a bunch of money.  But Liam isn’t going o get over it.  Bill put his reputation as President of the company on the line.

Its his company and he makes the final decisions.  Bill has achieved what Liam has been working so hard for.  One way or the other Rick is out.  Liam still believes that Bill shouldn’t be printing with anything without his say so.  Bill says he values his opinion but doesn’t have to adhere to it.

Liam shows Bill the backlash for printing this story. Liam reminds him about a transgender actress killing herself after her story ran a few years ago.  Liam says this is a private personal story and it shouldhanve have run.  Bill tells “Bambi” to open his eyes and look around.  Printing stories is what they do.

Liam tells Bill to go to lunch on his own and he’s going to try undo the damage he has done.  Bill storms out to have lunch because he’s hungry.

Ivy and Liam at Spencer

Ivy stops by to see Forrester.  Liam explains what Bill did going behind his back.  Liam is disappointed in his dad.  It reflects on him Liam says. All this happened because Liam wanted something better for Ivy and Caroline.  Ivy tells him not to feel guilty.

Eric and Ridge at Forrester

Eric walks into the office to see Ridge trying out the CEO chair.  Eric tells Ridge that Rick had a lot to say.  Ridge is surprised that Eric is still thinking about it.  He leads by intimidation Ridge says.  If he had the opportunity, Ridge would do things differently.   Eric is tired of making this decision between his two sons.

Ridge thinks Rick’s leadership is what it is.  It isn’t going to change.  Fashion is the engine that runs Forrester, Ridge says. Just like Eric ran Forrester.  There are consequences to bad behavior Ridge says.  He wants the creative energy that Eric ran the company back. Let me run this company Ridge asks of his dad.


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