May 26: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History

Thursday, May 26, 2016 – Episode #7340


You Say You’re Pregnant; Prove It

May 26 2016 Bold and Beautiful SpoilersSasha is busy preparing for a photo shoot, putting on make-up as Julius gives his daughter his opinion on her circumstances.  Getting pregnant with her sister’s boyfriends baby isn’t exactly going to get her the type of love that she says she wants.  But Sasha doesn’t seem too concerned by her Dad’s opinion.

She looks her father in the eye and tells Julius that she and Zende are about to become parents and Nicole is just going to have to deal with it (like Zende had to deal with Nicole’s pregnancy…)

Meanwhile, Maya, Zende and Maya are in Brooke’s kitchen discussing the situation also.  Maya notes that Zende was about to leave Sasha to go back to Nicole and then Sasha drops this bomb on him?  Maya seems a bit suspicious about the timing…

So they do something about it.  Maya and Nicole head over to Forrester Creations.  Maya pulls a pregnancy test out of her handbag and tells Nicole to take it;  prove that she really is pregnant.  Will Sasha?

Thomas Wants To Spend Time with His Son

Over at Forrester Creations there are more babies on the mind.  Thomas goes to Ridge and tells him that he would like to spend the evening with Douglas.  Thomas would like a few uninterrupted hours with his son.  Ridge’s response? He tells Thomas not to call Douglas “his son”.


  1. Ridge is afraid to loos his family with Caroline he found a woman that he loves and he want’s that his son will leave him alone but It’s not going to be that easy for Thomas he is not enjoying what his father is offering to go and work in anther country that he won’t be able to see the baby. I think they should do the test all ready and not fight over who is the father poor baby he don’t know how grown ups are fighting over him but every body loves him he is so sweet.

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