May 27: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History

Friday, May 27, 2016 – Episode #7341


Ridges Plans For Thomas’ Future

may 27 2016 Bold and the Beautiful SpoilersRidge is sitting in his office, pencil in one hand sketching and his son Douglas in the other.  He explains to Caroline his plan for keeping Douglas’ future safe and secure from the scandal of Thomas being his father.  With Thomas aware that Douglas is his biological son and wanting to spend time with his child Ridge has put the wheels in motion to prevent Thomas from doing so.

He’s given his oldest son, Thomas a career opportunity overseas.  Ridge told his son that it was so he could get the experience he needs to one day be CEO.  He’s being groomed Ridge tells his son.  But Thomas is more than wise to Ridge’s true motive.  Thomas made the mistake of calling Douglas his son, Ridge telling him gruffly no to.  Ridge is protecting his perfect little life from the threate Thomas poses.

How will Caroline see Ridge’s decision when Ridge tells Caroline that Thomas has been transferred by him to Shanghai.  Indefinitely.  Caroline, who has always been more sympathetic to Thomas situation, asks her husband if they really have to send Thomas half way across the world.

Focus on the Good In Your Life

Rick Forrester has a lot to be thankful for, but the birth of his daughter seems to have provided only a small reprieve in his obsession with Ridge.  With his daughter now named, Elizabeth Nicole (Elizabeth for Beth Logan and Nicole for Aunty Nicole who make her existence possible and who’s DNA she carries), Rick’s attention seems to wander back to Ridge and all Rick perceives him to have taken from him.

Eric has some advice for his son.  Stop obsessing about Ridge Eric tells Rick as they sstand in the living room of the Forrester Mansion where Rick was recently lord of the manner – until Ridge decided he was moving back in.  Stephanie’s portrait back on the living room wall a constant reminder that as soon as Rick lost the CEO position he lost the keys to the mansion as well.

Eric tells his son to concentrate on what is good in his life.  He has a new baby daughter, Eric reminds him.  He should put his energy and focus into her.

Sasha Takes a Pregnancy Test?

Maya is certain that Zende and  Nicole’s troubles with Sasha will soon be over.  As soon as Sasha takes the pregnancy test they can put this all behind them and get on with their life.  But what if the test is positive?

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015 – Episode #7086

The Spencer’s

Ivy and Liam are smooching in his office.  Katie and Bill enter.  Ivy tells them about the possibility of Ridge becoming CEO. Bill is smug as Katie looks at him stunned.  Ivy tells Bill he needs to voice his disapproval with Bill. But Bill thinks Ridge replacing Rick is exactly what he wanted done and its happening.  But the others are worried about Spencer’s image.

Bill wants to know why Ivy thinks Ridge will be CEO.  Liam tells them about the morality addendum in Rick’s contract.  The difficulty is Eric has to believe Rick violated it.

Even if Ridge gets the title of CEO, he needs Spencer shares to have control over Eric and Rick, Liam notes when Bill questions whey Forrester would want them involved.

Liam gets a call from Ridge.  He heads to Forrester.  Bill asks Ivy if she’s ready for Liam to do a deal with Ridge.  Ivy says Steffy’s condition didn’t work last time and it won’t this time either.

Bill wants to see Rick’s little pinhead explode.  They note Steffy put the braked on the takeover last time.  Ivy is glad that Steffy isn’t in LA.  As secure as Ivy is in her relationship with  she’s glad Steffy isn’t in LA

Rick Goes Back to Work

Rick is headed back to the office despite Brooke being concerned for her son. Rick admits to Brooke that Ridge asked Eric to fire him so Ridge could be CEO.  Rick blames Bill for all of it.

Maya still isn’t returning his calls.  Brooke is sorry that Ridge is using this is an opportunity.  Rick says its typical Ridge but Eric is supporting Rick he tells his mom.

Ridge is devious and manipulative Rick says.  He moved in on his father’s wife, then on his.  He has never felt any remorse because Ridge got what he wanted.  Brooke reminds him that Eric has made it clear that he wants Rick in charge.  Rick gloats that Ridge will have to answer to him for the rest of his career.

Rick heads to the office.

Ridge and Steffy Plot

Steffy and Ridge discuss that Rick doesn’t deserve half the things he has.  Its time Rick says.  If dad won’t do anything about it he will.  It’s time to get rid of Rick.  Ridge and Caroline will design and Steffy will run the company.  They need to take the company back, Ridge tells his daughter.

Steffy asks if the issues about going behind granddads back.  Ridge says he has to.  He can’t report to Rick for the rest of his career.  They discuss Rick never getting over Ridge taking Brooke away form Eric and breaking up his family.  (Much like Steffy has never gotten over Ridge leaving her mother for Brooke!) Ridge wants Steffy to be there.  He understands its difficult because she still has a thing for Liam, but ridge needs her here.

You need my shares Steffy notes, but Ridge says he needs her help and guidance.  He wants her on his team.  She won’t let Liam being with Ivy stop her from coming back.  She has him, she’s missed LA.

Ridge makes a call – to Liam.  He heads to Forrester Creations to see Ridge. Steffy tells Ridge that Liam doesn’t know he’s in town.  Ridge asks if his daughter can handle it.  Stefyfy is good they will just keep their eye on the endgame.

Rick enters not realizing that Steffy was in town.  Rick tells him this is his CEO office and its always going to stay that way.  Rick calls Ridge a Maroni not a Forrester. Ridge says he doesn’t shoot up the office or crash his car.  Rick’s vindictive and tyrannical attitude continues.  He tells Ridge and Steffy to accept reality and get out of his office.

Ridge tells him he’s not talking to dad about this anymore.  It’s a lost cause.  He’ll just do what he can to move this company forward.  Enjoy that desk Ridge says.

A Takeover Offer

Steffy tells Ridge that Rick is so arrogant as Liam enters and learns that Eric won’t use the morality clause.  Ridge says this is the time to pool their resources.  Liam says he’s been gunning for that for months. Your shares and ours, Ridge agrees as Liam looks at Steffy.  Steffy says she’s in, no conditions this time.

Ridge likes Liam but he doesn’t’ want Bill anywhere near this thing. Ridge  about to jeopardize his relationship with his father.  Is Liam in?  Are they taking over Forrester?


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