May 3: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Episode Recaps and History

Tuesday, May 3, 2016 – Episode #7323


Julius Calls Sasha a Liar

May 3 2016 B&B SpoilersAfter an emotional Sasha coming off an argument with her father blurted out to Nicole that they are sister, she tried to take it back.  But Nicole wouldn’t have it.  When Sasha admitted it was true, they were sisters, she wanted Nicole to keep the secret.  Sasha didn’t have much of a relationship with her father but wanted to keep what she had.  Nicole couldn’t do it.  She promised her newly discovered sister that she would respect their sisterhood, but she couldn’t let this secret stand for another day.  Her mother deserved to know as much as Sasha deserved better.

Nicole confronted her father telling him she knew that he didn’t have only two daughters but three.  Sasha is her sister.  Julius, fully aware of what this secret means to the family he has protected for 20 years from this secret takes the cowards way out and tries to deny it. Julius tells Nicole that Sasha is a liar. He plugs into Nicole’s insecurities surrounding Sasha.  She stole your boyfriend Julius tells his daughter.  He wants to know if Nicole is going to stand by and let her rob her of her father also.

Nicole is stunned that Julius would call Sasha a liar.  If she is the apple doesn’t fall far from the family tree.  But Nicole’s concern is for her mother, not her father.  She yells at Julius that he has stabbed her mother in the heart with her cold and heartless ways over and over.  But this?  This will be the end of her.

Sasha Confides in Zende

Meanwhile, Sasha is also all too aware of what blurting out the secret of her paternity will cost everyone including her.  All she has wanted was her father’s love and acceptance, something he really isn’t capable of even giving Maya.

When Zende finds her in the studio upset she admits she is scared of Mr Avant.  Zende is surprised.  Sasha confides in Zende.  She told Nicole that Nicole’s father is also her father.  Sasha goes on to tell Julius about how she grew up, part of the Avant family because of her friendship with Nicole, yet always on the outside.

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