May 30: This Day in The Bold and the Beautiful History

Monday, May 30, 2016 – Episode #7342


Sasha Shows Zende a Positive Pregnancy Test

imageAs Maya and Nicole wait for Sasha to take the pregnancy test that they hop will prove Sasha is lying about being pregnant with Zende’s baby, Maya asks he sister what she and Zende will do if the test does turn out to be positive. Nicole looks grim.

Later, Sash presents a shocked Zende with the pregnancy test result. It’s positive he utters…

Caroline Guilty

Having watched Thomas make a tearful farewell to Douglas, Caroline questions whether she and Ridge are doing the right thing. She promised Thomas he could be involved with his son even if not as his father. Sending him to Shanghai seems to contradict that.

Ridge tries to reassure her using the example of him own paternity.  Massing Marone may have been the man to give him life, but the man who gave him his life was another man entirely.

Caroline hopes the guilt will abate once Thomas isn’t around, since he has agreed to go to Shanghai.


Friday, May 30, 2014 – Episode #6836

Ridge arrives in Abu Dhabi

Ridge lands in Abu Dhabi and tells the pilot to refuel and get ready for a return flight to Los Angeles ASAP.  And make sure Brooke is on the manifest, Ridge instructs. He’s not leaving without her.  Ridges car isn’t at the airport. He grabs a taxi.

Ridge arrives at a helipad to find the helicopter missing.  He calls the pilot and arranges for him to meet Ridge at the hotel.  Ridge jumps in a boat and pulls up on the beach to take a camel ride.

Ridge runs into he hotel as Bill and Brooke share their vows… Ridge runs to the beach…

Wyatt Worries

Wyatt tells his mother that they’ll lose their jobs and Hope will hate him because of his actions. And for what, Wyatt wants to know.  Bill and Brooke may already be married.  Wyatt tries to get Quinn to admit she loves Bill.  Quinn says Bill is self-centered and fascinating.  She loves and hates him at the same time.

Wyatt tells Quinn she panicked.  Things weren’t going her way and she did something with consequences that she didn’t think though.  If anyone can stop this wedding, its ridge Quinn states.

Later, Wyatt finds Hope and tells her that Ridge is going to the Middle East to stop Bill and Brooke’s wedding.  My dad is the reason this is happening.  Hope wants to warn Brooke but Wyatt says it’s probably too late.  Ridge just doesn’t want Brooke with my dad, but Hope doesn’t understand.  Ridge has felt that way all along.  What happened to spur Ridge’s actions; what changed? Hope wants to know.

Bill and Brooke’s Beachside Wedding

Brooke walks down the aisle onto a beach to meet her blue suited groom…
Bill and Brooke’s wedding ceremony begins: “You cans see the future rising up all around us.  Here the future is embraced  while respecting tradition.  You marriage, like a swords blade. will cleave your old life from the one you begin today”

Bill to Brooke:  “Sand and water – two timeless forces in nature.  That’s how I see us.  As we join we will rise to glorious heights never imagined.  Like Abu Dhabi and Dubai.  The only woman who appreciates me and accepts me the way I am.  Until you all I could really trust is my possessions.  I feel today like I could lose everything and still be the wealthiest man in the world, because I have you.  I will love and protect you for today tomorrow for an eternity.
Brooke to Bill: “This is the first day of the start of our lives together, here in this desert paradise where there is something unexpected around every corner; the perfect start to the perfect adventure that will last for the rest of our lives.  I can see in your heart that you are completely devoted to me.  I have trust and faith in you. We can rely on each other and there is complete honesty in our relationship…”

Ridge runs.

“With the exchange of rings your wedding will be sealed.  You will be husband and wife as long as you both shall live.”

Brooke is about to place a ring on Bill’s finger.  When Ridge calls out “Logan”  She looks up, Bill looks round, stunned….

Katie and Quinn

Katie arrives at Forrester Creations to find Quinn.  Katie tells her that she knows what Quinn did.  Were you setting him up all along?  I want Bill to be happy but that won’t happen with Brooke, Quinn states.  Quinn is confident that Ridge will stop the wedding.  My fiancé is half way around the world tonight because of you, Katie tells her displeased.



  1. Caroline is having a very hurd time with son and father and baby she do not know what to do she promised Thomas that he could spend some time with Dougles but Ridge do not trus his son with the baby after Thomas took him with out telling any body. Ridge is afraid that the news will go around the office and that Thomas will say the worng thing.I think that is why he wants him to leave the country. Ridge has had enough of Kaite that started the holl talling Thomas she thought she is doing Thomas a faver but she did a mass of things. And Ridge has to deal with cry baby Rick that can stop complain about how Ridge took things from him and if he has secrets to hide. Now Bill is on his list to he wants his little battle with Ridge.I read in the spoilers that Kaite is goin to tell Bill about Thomas and the baby Bill is going to have a party with this news how stupid can Kaite be? That was not her story to tell now she is making a very big mess why she hats Ridge so much? OR SHE WAS DRUNK?

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