May 31: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History

Tuesday, May 31, 2016 – Episode #7343


Sasha Begs For Forgiveness

May 31, 2016 B&b SpoilersDespite having a positive pregnancy test to show Zende, Sasha got a case of the guilts and confessed to Zende that she lied, she wasn’t really pregnant.  Now all Sasha can do is throw herself on the mercy of Nicole and Zende.  She made a mistake and she’s sorry.  Now she is asking for them to forgive her.

Sasha cries at Nicole that her entire existence has been one big fat lie.  Nicole might understand where her half sister is coming from but Nicole tells Sasha, that after everything that has happened she would be an idiot to trust Sasha again.

Meanwhile, Maya tells Rick, while she waits for news on the pregnancy test, that Sasha has to be lying about being pregnant.

Thomas in Control

Thomas is back from the airport and no longer willing to let Ridge dictate the terms of his life.   Thomas tells Ridge that he understands there was no concrete personal or professional goal that spending 5 years in Shanghai was going to accomplish.  Shipping Thomas off ot Shanghai was just an opportunity for Ridge, Thomas states with new clarity.

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Episode Summary:

Rick Wonders about Ridge Sending Thomas to Shanghai

Rick and Maya spend time with Lizzie while they wait for the pregnancy test results.  May says Sasha has to be lying about being pregnant, Maya says. She does have a history of lying Maya notes.

Maya can’t ignore the timing.

Rick gets another call for Ridge that he takes care of.  Maya says its proof that he should be running the company.  Rick says he tried to pitch that to his dad, but he shut him down.

They discuss Ridge sending Thomas to Shanghai.  They wonder why.  They think it’s strange.  Since Rick is in charge of International why didn’t he talk to Rick about it.  Rick is determined to find out why Ridge is shipping Thomas off to Shanghai.


Nicole Can’t Forgive Sasha

Sasha asks Zende and Nicole to forgive her.  She knows it’s a lot to ask.  She’s her sister.  Sasha doesn’t want to lose Nicole.  She begs Nicole not to cut her out of her life.

You let Zende think you were pregnant. Nicole is angry.  She defended her to their father and accepted her as her sister and know she does this.  Sasha sincerely wants to make this right. She begs for her sister’s forgiveness.  But Nicole can’t forgive her for everything she’s done; used her to get into Forrester; stole her boyfriend; then lied when he wanted to come back to Nicole.

Sasha knows what she did what was wrong.  Zende says it didn’t let it break them up. Nicole says that she only confessed because Maya made her take a pregnancy test.  Nicole knows how long she can keep a charade up, how long would she have kept this one up?

Sasha says her entire existence has been one big fat lie.  Sasha hopes she understands why.  She didn’t want to hurt Nicole, just didn’t want to be rejected again.  She just didn’t want it to be over yet.  But she could not live another lie.  She is not like dad that is why she told Nicole the truth.

Nicole wants time along with Sasha, and Zende leaves.  Nicole is sorry for the way Dad treated her but Nicole doesn’t owe her anything.   Sasha agrees. If anything Sasha owes her.  Nicole didn’t turn her back on her when her secret came out and she hopes Nicole won’t turn her back on her now.

She made a selfish terrible mistake.  But that doesn’t excuse what she did Nicole says. Nicole can forgive a lot.  But not this. It’s time for you to go back to Illinois Nicole tells Sasha.

Sasha went to far.  She won’t be here to interfere with her and Zende again. When things got difficult between her and Zende, Sasha didn’t support her she stole her boyfriend and that tore her heart out.  After everything that has happened, Nicole would be an idiot to trust her again.

Zende returns. Nicole says they were just saying their goodbyes.  Sasha says she loved her life her but she can’t compete with what he feels for Nicole. She lost sight of what was important.  So  Sasha guesses this is goodbye.  She’s going to go get her priorities straight and let the two of them get on with their lives.  Sasha tells Nicole she loves her as she leaves.

Zende tells Nicole its time for them to move forward with their lives.  For him that is a life with her.  Zende tells her that she loves him.  Nicole loves him too.  She doesn’t want to think about Sasha anymore.  Just their future. They kiss.

Thomas Stands His Ground – He Isn’t Going Anywhere

Caroline tells Thomas that this is between him and Ridge. Caroline can’t go upstairs and pretend she hasn’t seen him.  He’s supposed to be on the way to Shanghai.  Thomas tells Caroline that he couldn’t leave Douglas.  He hopes she understands.  He would miss out on so much.  He needs to see his boy grow up.  Caroline has a hard time leaving Douglas to go have lunch so she understands.

Ridge comes into the kitchen.  Thomas tells Ridge he’s not going to Shanghai.  He’s not leaving LA. Ridge thinks he can still make his flight.  There is a great opportunity in China for him.  Thomas knows he has a lot to learn but shipping him off to Shanghai was really an opportunity for Ridge, Thomas states.

He’s staying here and he will have a relationship with Douglas. Caroline says the business opportunities Ridge is talking about is real.  Thomas says that Ridge isn’t retiring any time soon, but that time is long time away, and he has ample time to learn. Thomas isn’t letting him put an ocean between him and Douglas.  There is another way, Thomas says.

Caroline tries to mediate. Caroline says she promised Thomas access to Douglas and she understands why he can’t leave.  He needs to be included. For Douglas sake they need to work something out.  Ridge says they had a plan.  But that doesn’t work for Thomas. Ridge is still determined that Thomas is going to get on that plane.  It’s best for Douglas, the family and the company.

Fashion is important, but family is more important to him. All of Ridge’s proclamations about being Douglas’ father aren’t true.  If Ridge wants to raise his son; fine; but he’s calling the shots otherwise this isn’t going to work.  He’s in control and Ridge will respect what he has to say.  Is that understood Thomas asks his father in the same high handed manner that Ridge has been treating Thomas.



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