May 4: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Episdode Recaps and History

Wednesday, May 4, 2016 – Episode #7324


Julius Wants Sasha to Leave

4 May 2016 B&b SpoilersJulius tries to get hold of the situation he finds himself in by getting rid of who he perceives to be the problem,;  Sasha. He tells the daughter who was the result of an affair over 20 years ago that she should pack her bags and go back to Illinois – today.  Given that Sasha has a pretty good life in LA that really is unlikely to happen.  She has a job modeling for a leading fashion house and she’s got the man of her dreams.  For now.

Sasha shouldn’t be surprised at Julius’ reaction to Nicole knowing his secret. Even when the two of them are alone together, Julius doesn’t have and love for his daughter.  Sure he may have put a roof over her head, but Sasha never got from Julius what she needed; the love and support of a father.  Sasha tells him that she should be ashamed that he is her father, but despite his shortcomings in the role, she isn’t.

Lucky for Sasha, Julius is no longer in the driver’s seat and Nicole is.  Nicole tells her mother, with Sasha standing beside her, that Julius has something to tell her.

Katie Asks Ridge if He Killed Dr Wolin

Meanwhile, Katie is putting together all the pieces of what Dr Wolin told.  The medico said that Ridge wasn’t Douglas’ father.  She offers Ridge her help but he has to trust her with the truth.  Did you kill him, Katie wants to know.

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 Episode Summary

Nicole and Vivienne

Nicole is with her mother.  Her mother wants to know what is wrong.  She doesn’t know who she can trust.  Vivienne tells her about the day he knew she would marry Julius.  He stood her up . When he did turn up he said he was buying a girl some drinks downtown.  He realizes she might be the one and was trying to escape.  She realized that that if this man would tell her that, he would tell her anything.

Nicole realizes that isn’t true and is even more uncomfortable.

Nicole Stops Sasha Leaving LA.

You told Nicole everything Julius says.  Julius reminds her that he supported her and her mother.  He saved her from a horrible life.  Julius says she wouldn’t have anything she has now

Julius thinks that Nicole will realize her mother needed protecting.  Sasha she says begged Nicole to say nothing.  Julius thinks she’s enjoying the attention, but it ends here.  Sasha is to pack her bags and go back to Illinois – today.

Sasha agrees, and Julius wants to drive her because he’s liked before.  Sasha tells him that if his fine upstanding character depended on a little girl lying for him he didn’t have that much character to start with.

Sasha asks if there is any part of him that likes having him around.  She would do whatever he wanted if she could hear him say just once that he loves her, is proud of her and all that she has done for her.  He has what he has because she has kept his secret and been a non-person;  She should be ashamed to admit he is her father but she’s not.  Because its real, and nothing in her life ever was.

Julius still thinks she should be grateful.  But there is no point to this conversation.  He tries to steer Sasha out of the house and to the airport.  Nicole and Vivienne arrive and Julius explains he is taking Sasha to the airport.

Vivienne thinks she is homesick.  Nicole says that Sasha’s home is here now.  Julius tells Nicole to say her goodbyes. Nicole hugs Sasha and asks her to trust her.  Sasha nods.  Nicole says Sasha is not going anywhere.  No one is going anywhere Nicole says forcefully.  She tells her mother that dad has something to tell her.  Tell her Nicole says to her father in a no nonsense voice, surprising her mother.

Nicole and Vivienne

Nicole is with her mother.  Her mother wants to know what is wrong.  She doesn’t know who she can trust.  Vivienne tells her about the day he knew she would marry Julius.  He stood her up . When he did turn up he said he was buying a girl some drinks downtown.  He realizes she might be the one and was trying to escape.  She realized that that if this man would tell her that, he would tell her anything.

Nicole realizes that isn’t true and is even more uncomfortable.

Katie Asks Ridge if He’s A Killer

Katie reads online that the driver who hit Wolin isn’t to be charged in the troubled MD’s death.  Katie looks closely at the picture of the scene of the accident and sees Ridge standing in the back ground.

She remember Wolin telling her that it is medically impossible to father a child.  She also remembers  Ridge asking her to let his horrible accusations die with him.  Katie asks


Caroline finishes feeding Douglas in his office. Thomas knocks and reminds Caroline that he reminds her that she was going to help him with some designs.  They let Thomas in, he thinks that they should take the baby with them since he has important CEO work to do.  Katie arrives and coos over Douglas.

Caroline and Thomas leave to work on designs.  Katie shows him   The doctor has gambling debts and pharmaceutical fraud and they both know he was into blackmail also.  They aren’t charging the driver .  Katie tells Ridge he didn’t have a vasectomy reversal.  Ridge reminds her that all that private stuff is no longer between them and none of her business.

Katie asks if Ridge killed the doctor.  Katie says he was with him when he died.  He denies it is him in the photo. Until she zooms in.  Ridge admits that Wolin asked him to meet him there.  Katie says that the police will work this out.

They will link Ridge to the doctor and go through his files and find whatever notes the Dr left on him.  Where is Ridge going to tell the police he had this procedure that Wolin refused to perform.   Ridge says he didn’t kill anyone, but he can’t prove it. Ridge says he didn’t push anyone in front of the truck.  Ridge admits to Katie he was probably going to pay him.  Ridge admits he didn’t have the procedure and admits to Katie he isn’t Douglas biological father.  Katie asks who is.

Thomas Obsessed With Douglas

Caroline tries to work with Thomas but he is distracted by Thomas.  Caroline feels guilty when Thomas comments about Douglas inheriting artists hands from his father.  Everytime Douglas is around, Thomas wants what Caroline and his father have.


Monday, May 4, 2015 – Episode #7069

Rick, Maya and Big Bear

Rick massages Maya’s shoulders as he describes Big Bear. The will celebrate.  What Maya asks.  He’ll think of something.  That cabin has been the setting for a lot of big events in h is family.  They will make one of their own together.

Rick calls Maya the quintessential woman.  Maya asks is he’s comfortable leaving Ridge at Forrester alone.  Rick assures Maya that Ridge has been neutralized.  Rick says he’s pretty good at picking up on secrets.  Until Maya came along.  She is honest and has integrity.  Maya says that Ridge has been taking form him his whole life.  No more Maya assures Rick. Rick agrees his entire life has been building up to this.  Ridge can’t take Forrester away from him anymore.

Maya has never been to Big Bear but worries about him being able to get away.  Maya wants to be everything he needs in a woman.

Brooke and Eric Disagree

Eric thinks Rick proposing is a good thing.  Maya is totally committed to Rick.  Brooke says Rick is quite a catch for any woman.  And his divorce isn’t even final yet.  Brooke thinks its kind of fast and wonders if there is more to know about Maya.

Brooke wishes that Rick wasn’t in such a rush.  Eric says Maya brings stability to his life. They are a formidable couple.  Eric approves now, though he didn’t at first.  Rick gives Maya a lot of credit for his success and Eric agrees.  She has been by his side where Ridge and the others haven’t.  A Forrester man needs a strong woman by his side.

Brooke says they need to convince RIDGE not to quit.  Eric says Ridge is not leaving.  Brooke says Rick needs to be getting his priority straight.  A wedding now is not on the cards but there is no reason to talk him out of a proposal.

Getting Rick and Ridge to see eye to eye would be difficult.  Eric asks if she could imagine what would happen if the two of them pulled together.  Eric says he’s trying to be supportive of both of them.

Maya walks in.  Eric says it would be a great service to the company if May could help Rick see eye to eye with Rick.  Maya says if she has the opportunity to do so she will.  Eric says Rick trusts her implicitly she has influence over them.  Brooke says the brothers should be looking out for each other.  Maya agrees.

Ridge Reacts to Carter’s News

Carter knows it sounds crazy.  Ridge says Maya being transgender doesn’t make sense.  He thinks Carter misinterpreted.  Carter tells him May admitted it. He is not making this up.

Ridge says he knows several transgender models. That is not the point.  Ridge asks if Carter didn’t notice.  They were engaged.  Carter admits to still wrapping his head around it.  Carter agrees Maya is female in every way.  It just happens she arrive in the world in a woman’s body.

Ridge says Ricky boy is in for the shock of his life.  He’s going to lose his mind over this.  Carter agrees he’s not that stable to begin with.  He relies on her and she didn’t tell him. Carter says that Rick will only find out about Maya after he proposes.  Rick will lose it and won’t be able to function as CEO.  The company could break if Rick finds out.  Carter says Ridge can’t leave. Carter says losing their top designer and Maya’s story coming out will end the company.  It will be a media feeding frenzy.

Ridge says he’ll do what needs to be done.

Rick walks in to find Ridge looking at a photo of him and Maya. Ridge was talking to Carter.  It wasn’t about business.  Rick says he’s a happy man and he won’t hide it.  Ridge says he can see that.  Rick had to fight for it he says.  And he’s succeeding.  But it’s a team effort.  He and Caroline have done an amazing job, so has everyone else, Rick says.

Rick says what Maya has given him loyalty and honesty.  She’s been upfront with him.  That means more to him than anything.  Ridge stumbles over the words.  Maya hasn’t been honest and open with you.  She hasn’t been truthful about herself, Ridge tells Rick.  Maya is not who you think she is.


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