May 5: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Episode Recaps and History

Thursday, May 5, 2016 – Episode #7325


Like Father, Like Daughter

may 5 2016 B&B spoilersVivienne is stunned to learn the truth, that 20 years ago her husband had an affair and fathered a child with the woman.  That girl grew up almost part of their family as Nicole’s best friend.

An angry, disappointed, yet oddly calm Vivienne tells a teary Sasha that she could have told her.  Sasha knows that.  Vivienne tells the young woman she’s just like her father, both of them have lied to her face.  Nicole stands up for a visibly upset Sasha.  Nicole tells her mother that Sasha was afraid to say anything.

Later, the two of them alone, Julius wants his wife to tell him that they can get through this…but Vivienne’s face is set in a hard line.

Ridge is Distracted

Meanwhile, Thomas notes that his father seems distracted.  Thomas assumes it is because of his new son, Douglas and settling into family life.  Thomas tells him that if it were him he would be distracted also.  Thomas has admitted already to Caroline that when he looks at Douglas he wants what Caroline and Ridge have.

Little does Thomas know it should be him settling into new fatherhood.  But Ridge is determined to keep that secret, even though Katie’s news that he appears in a photo of the scene of Dr Wolin’s death could make him a suspect in that death…

Tuesday, May 5, 2015 – Episode #7070

Rick isn’t buying Ridge’s concern

Rick thinks Ridge is pathetic for going after Maya because he can’t get anything on him.  Ridge says he’s trying to help him.  The way he treats people he deserves to get burned, but not like this.

Rick tells him to compare notes with Carter.  He already tried this game.

Maya enters.  Rick tells her that it’s just the usual nonsense in there.  Ridge is just trying to tell him that she isn’t the woman he thinks she is.

Rick doesn’t have to ask Maya what she wants or who side she is on.  Maya is the best partner he can ask for.  Maya asks if its about her jail time. Everyone knows about hat. Rick says her past is what makes her unique.  Ridge agrees.

Ridge warns Rick that no one is entirely who they think they are.  Ridge is thrown out and Maya thanks Rick for defending her.  Ridge doesn’t like her Maya says.   Rick wants to focus on them and their trip to Big Bear.  Things might be different when we get from Big Bear Rick says.  They shouldn’t let Ridge get to them.  With all the scandals in Ridge’s past she shouldn’t feel bad about herself being so honest.

Maya notes that its time for them to know each other even better – amongst the mountain air.

Brooke and Eric

Maya knows her relationship with Rick doesn’t help his relationship with Ridge. Maya wants this to work out but with her sister in town she appreciates how difficult family relationships can be.

Eric notes there seems to be a problem between Maya and her sister. They discuss him jumping into marriage.  Eric says she’s right by Rick’s side.  Maybe Maya married to Rick can bring peace between Rick and Ridge.

Ridge goes to see Eric and Brooke.  They try to talk to him about quitting but Ridge says its Eric’s other son they should be worried about. Ridge takes them to a private office.  Brooke and Eirc defend Rick and Maya.

Ricks girlfriend is exactly who he wants to talk about.  Where are they in their relationship Ridge wants to know.  Are they going to get married he wants to know.  Probably sooner than later, Brooke admits.  Ridge thinks Rick should go back to International – that may be what he wants to do – and it will be better for the company

Eric says he is CEO.  Ridge says Rick and Maya may not be what they think it is.  Ridge doesn’t begrudge Rick happiness, he just thinks for the company he should go to Paris for a while.

Rick is in a situation.  One he can’t handle with his temper.  Anything could happen.  Brooke thinks he isn’t like that anymore because of Maya.

Ridge says Rick has built their brand around Maya.  Every line and every promotion features her.  Maya is the face of Forrester held up as a paragon of honesty and integrity but there is something she hasn’t told Rick, Ridge tells Eric and Brooke.  Maya wasn’t born Maya,.  The girl that rick trusts and adores is transgender, Ridge says stunning Eric and Brooke.

Carter Tells Nicole Ridge Quit

Carter reflects on telling Ridge about Maya as Nicole enters.  Carter tells her Ridge is going to quit.

Carter asks if that was Wyatt.  He made it hard to top himself.  Ncioel says she won’t let Maya ruin this.  She could set off a storm that rains on all of them.  No one can know Nicole says.  Its too latee for that Carter mutters to himself.

Spencer Publications

At Spencer Publications, Bill wants his sons and Katie to bring him up to speed. He wants to know how they are going to figure out what Maya is hiding.  Bill tells Wyatt to spend the time with Nicole. Ask for her help in getting a feel for Maya as a person for the jewelry line.  Wyatt says he kind of likes Nicole.  Liam says that she might feel different since he went radio silent.  Wyatt calls Nicole.  Its about time she says when she answers.

Wyatt reflects on his relationship with Nicole while the Spencer’s talk business.

Everyone gives Wyatt advice on his next date. Bill says, no flowers, no burgers, expensive restaurant and order for her.  Wyatt thanks them for their advice but he has this.



Monday May 5, 2014

Hope, Liam, Wyatt and the Cat

Wyatt remained confident about Hope ending up with him, regardless of who or how many men she dates. Quinn thinks Wyatt shouldn’t get lax. Equal time means he sees Hope tonight.

Hope has her new kitty at the office.

Hope and Liam have arrived at Forrester Creations where Pam is admiring the cat Hope and Liam adopted while researching animal welfare at the animal shelter. When Wyatt and Quinn arrive, Pam takes the cat away since Quinn is allergic (that cat will be one sure way to keep Quinn away from Hope and Liam!) Pam however is concerned the cat may catch something nasty from Quinn – hilarious!

Liam and Wyatt begin their ritual sparing until Liam gets a message than he’s needed back at Spencer Publications. When Wyatt and Hope are alone he seems to realize he has lost ground to make up and reminds Hope that which man to choose really isn’t such a big dilemma. Liam is a great guy but has only hurt and disappointed her. He would never do that – he’s going to be there for her.

Quinn follows Liam to Spencer and tells him he’s monopolizing Hope’s time and buying Hope with kitten is shallow. Liam reminds Quinn that he has a deal with Hope not her and that rescuing an animal that doesn’t have much time is compassionate and responsible. It also proves that he and Hope share the same values, unlike Wyatt.

Bill, Brooke, Ridge and Katie

Katie will miss her job as CEO but is more concerned about losing sole custody of her son. She no longer has control over her son’s life.

Brooke tells Bill how she got him his company and equal custody of his son. Brooke tells Bill that she did try to reason with Katie before playing her trump card but Katie didn’t want to listen believing she was in the position of power.

At Spencer Publications Katie explained that she is no longer is CEO of Spencer Publications and Bill now has joint custody of Will. She’s lost sole custody of her son and control over his life Katie tells Ridge. Ridge thinks its Bill’s doing but Katie seems adamant that Brooke acted on her own. Once again Katie is stunned that her sister has betrayed her for the love of a man.

Katie vows to Bill she will fight him giving him a legal battle like he’s never seen, but Bill is confident she doesn’t have any grounds to do so. He suggests they come up with a new schedule for Will. Much to everyone’s surprise Bill then offers Katie a job at Spencer Publications – and not in the mail room; an executive level position like she held before all this started.

An emotional Katie takes Bill through his son’s bedtime routine and leaves with Ridge. Liam arrives to learn that dear old dad is CEO again, thanks to Brooke.

Bill is back where he wants to be. CEO of Spencer Publications and in his son’s life

Bill seems magnanimous when he arrives at the office. When Justin and a brunette Allison arrive to celebrate Bill tells Allison that he won’t tolerate anyone making this situation worse on Katie when she is clearly glad to see Dollar Bill back in the CEO saddle.

At home Katie thinks over Bill’s job offer. Can she continue to work there essentially taking a demotion? Ridge’s reaction is to offer her a job at Forrester Creations, but Katie is unsure of her next move.

Katie feels like she has lost much in losing her job and time with her son. She feels like she had been fighting for so long. She doesn’t know if she can fight Bill on this. Katie feels like she’s starting over again. Ridge tries to tell her that starting over isn’t such a bad thing. Ridge then proposes to Katie!


Oh my, Liam and Hope now have a sure fire way to keep Quinn away from them – just take the cat everywhere they go!

Ridge does what men do – he tries to fix things for Katie – first by offering her a job at Forrester, then asking her to marry him! Oh boy! If Katie marries Ridge now can anyone say rebound?


  1. Please,make Liam realize that he can’t live without Hope …and please,bring her back!!!!!!!!It ‘s so unfair ……they ‘ve been through a lot because of the others!We hope writers to consider our thoughts!Till then…..better to look at previous episodes where Liam and Hope are together!Thank you !

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