May 6: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Episode Recaps and History

Friday, May 6, 2016 – Episode #7326


Ridge Tells Thomas He Knows About His Night with Caroline

May 6 2016 B&B SpoilersAfter a conversation with Caroline, Katie comes to the inevitable conclusion that Caroline had an affair while seeing Ridge.  It seems Caroline feels compelled to confide the truth in Katie, that she didn’t have an affair but through an unfortunate set of circumstances was taken advantage of, by Ridge’s son, Thomas.   Judging by Katie’s response of “Caroline, he’s got to be told,” Caroline may also admit that Thomas is Douglas’ father.  Or is does Katie simply not know yet, that Ridge is in the know about that evening?

Katie is fully clued in by the time she goes to Ridge.  She looks Ridge in the eye and tells him gently that he has to tell his son the truth. Ridge simply shakes his head.  “You have to tell Thomas the truth, Katie encourages her former fiancé.

Ridge takes Katie’s advice.  In a private moment in his office, Ridge stands with his hands in his trouser pockets while Thomas sits at his desk.  Ridge, standing over his son, tells Thomas that he knows about that night with Caroline.  Thomas is open mouthed as he leans back in his chair.  No doubt the past year of animosity and hostility his father has doled out to him just made sense.  Ridge tells his son that he knows what happened in that hotel room…

Quinn Has Never Felt More Alive

Bill must be losing his edge.  It took him months to work out that his son, Liam wasn’t just on a yoga retreat but missing,  and now its taking him an awful long time to track down Quinn, even though he’s managed to locate Deacon who is helping Quinn stay under Bill’s radar.

Bill’s inability to find Quinn will slap him in the face when Liam tells him at the Spencer Publications office that Quinn crawled out from whatever rock she is hiding under long enough to turn up at Liam’s front door.  Bill immediately wants to know what Quinn wants.  Liam looks his dad straight in the eye and tells him “Me.”

Deacon knowing it is just a matter of time before Bill’s “people” work out where Quinn is hiding tries to convince Quinn to run away to Mexico with him.  They need to get out of LA he repeatedly tells her.  To stays is to have a death wish, because once Bill Spencer gets her hands on Quinn, her life won’t be worth living if she is allowed to keep it.

Quinn , however, isn’t buying it.  She’s no longer scared of the consequences.  She doesn’t have a death wish she explains to Deacon.  A softer looking Quinn with bangs, a smile and wearing colors tells hi she doesn’t have a death wish.  On the contrary.  She has never felt more alive.   And its all because of Adam, or Liam…or both.

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Episode Summary:

Caroline Tries to Back Peddle

Caroline panics and tells Katie to forget what she just said.  Katie says Ridge told her they used a sperm donor.  Katie wants to know if Thomas knows.  When Caroline’s face tells her that she doesn’t Katie says that Thomas has to be told.

Later Thomas comes into the office and asks Caroline what is wrong.  She looks like she’s carrying a burden.  Thomas knows that Ridge can be a handful, but he adores her.  Caroline says its not Ridge.  Ridge arrives and asks Thomas to see him in his office alone.

Alone Caroline cries.

Katie returns. Caroline thinks that Ridge is telling Thomas right now.  Katie is sorry but it couldn’t really stay a secret.  Katie says that Thomas has to know he has a son.

Katie Knows Thomas is Douglas’ Father

Thomas encourages Ridge to take some time off – paternity leave. Rick arrives and agrees it’s a great idea. Thomas can run Design and he can be CEO.  When can they start Rick wants to know.  Thomas leaves and Rick and Ridge bicker.  What goes around, comes around Rick tells him.  Ridge gets angry. Rick promises that Karma is coming to get him.

Katie arrives and Rick leaves.  He’s all yours Rick says. Wait that was a long time ago.  Another one of your victims Rick says as a parting shot to Ridge.

Katie wants an apology.  She tells Ridge she knows the truth.  Thomas is Douglas’ father. Caroline assumed that Ridge had told the truth.

How could Ridge keep this from Thomas.  Ridge tells Katie what happened and that Thomas took advantage of Caroline.  Katie still thinks that Thomas needs to be told. Katie knows what secrets do to people.  She can see this secret destroying him.  He has to tell Thomas the truth.  Katie goes to leave. Ridge agrees.  He will tell Thomas.

Thomas Learns He is Douglas’ Father

Ridge arrives in the office where Caroline and Thomas are speaking, and asks Thomas to see him in his office alone.  In Ridge’s office Ridge wants to clear some things up.  One day Ridge thinks Thomas will run this whole company.  He wants to mentor him and see him succeed.  Thomas is surprised because of the rift between them.  Family forgives Ridge tells his son; don’t ever forget that.  Thomas has his love and support Ridge says and he assumes he has Thomas.

There is on thing Thomas did that Ridge finds reprehensible.  He knows about the night with Caroline; what happened in the hotel room.  Thomas says it was the biggest mistake of his life. Ridge says that Douglas is his son and nothing will ever change that.  Thomas says that night was a mistake.  But mistakes have consequences Ridge counters.  What kind of consequences Thomas asks then he puts it all together.  “Douglas, he’s my son,” Thomas states aghast as Ridge looks at him steely eyed.

Did Quinn Abuse Liam?

Bill wants Liam back at work to get his mind off what happened with Quinn.  Bill says he’ll never have to see Quinn again, except to testify in court.  Bill asks Liam what’s wrong.  Bll wonders is Quinn hurt and abused him.  Liam says she told him they were married and she believed him.  Did shw abuse him in the bedroom Billwants to know.  Liam says no, she treated him like a husband and she looked after him.  Liam admits he loved her like a wife, and she still loves him.  Bill assures him that he will see Quinn go to prison for a very long time.

Liam admits Quinn paid him a visit.  He had to let Quinn go because in that moment he could have killed her.  Bill asks what happened.  Liam admits it  a blur now.  What did she want Bill wants to know.  Me Liam states.  She says she still has feelings.  Bill wants to report this.  Liam doubts he’ll be back, and he doesn’t care because his focus is on Steffy.  He wants him life back.


Quinn Still Loves Adam

If Quinn went to see Liam, and she’s not in jail: What did she do to Liam Deacon wants to know; push him off a cliff?  Quinn says that Liam was hoping for a reunion with Steffy.  Deacon says like she was with Adam.  They both missed out.  But Deacon realizes Quinn feels bad for how crushed Liam was.

He can give you what he wants Deacon says.  Liam doesn’t want to touch her, but he could.  All night long, like he used to. Deacon reminds him that Liam is her son’s half brother; he’s vanilla and a wus.  Quinn wants a gentleman now.  A man like Liam who treats her with restpect.

Deacon thinks she has a death wish but Quinn has never felt more alive.  Liam didn’t call the police, and that speaks volumes Quinn states.


Wednesday, May 6, 2015 – Episode #7071

Ridge discusses telling Rick about Maya with Brooke and Eric

Brooke accuses Ridge of saying anything against rick.  Eric says he can’t be spreading stories about Maya.  That is not what he’s doing.  He’s telling Rick’s parents in confidence that the woman Rick adores and trusts had a boy’s name at birth.

Ridge tells him Carter told him.  Eric says they were engaged.  Ridge says Carter didn’t know when they were engaged either.  They are sure Rick doesn’t know.  Ridge wants to know who is going to tell Rick.

Brooke wants to know how Maya could keep something like this a secret.  Ridge says there must be legal traces – its not a secret.  Eric thinks this is personal and private and Maya doesn’t think she believes it isn’t a secret.

Eric says she is the most successful lead model since Brooke.  Doctors and psychologists have signed off on this.  Ridge says the point is how Rick will take the news.  He thinks they should ease him out of Forrester so he can deal with it.

Don’t tell me this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for Brooke says.  Ridge asks if they believe Ricky is entitled to the information they have about Maya.  Who is going to tell Rick.

Maya, Eric says.  Brooke is thankful Ridge isn’t a petty person otherwise he would have already told Rick.  Whoever tells Rick has to love him and know how much it will hurt him.  Brooke will do it, right after she talks to Maya.

Maya Helps Nicole Model

Oliver tries to help Nicole model.  Maya watches then shows Nicole how its done.  Nicole asks Olly if she can try again. Olly and Aly, Nicole states, how cute.

Nicole’s modeling improves.  They review the proofs. Oliver steps out of the room and Maya tells Nicole that Rick is going to propose.  Its what you’ve been hoping for, Nicole states.  Maya agrees.  She used to dream of this perfect future she never though she could have.  Yet here it is.  Maya is terrified she’s already screwed it up.  When you don’t know what is going to become of you, you stop thinking about the future. But now life is full of promise; the future she never thought she could have.

Nicole says her dream can come true.  All she has to do is not say anything.  Maya wished they lived in a world where it didn’t matter.  We’ll both be alright Maya says not quite believing it.

Nicole knows shes the one who came along and ruined everything.  But she won’t say anything.  Maya says she thought family was closed to her, but here she is. She makes her life so much richer.  She can’t talk to anyone the way she can to her.  Nicole loves her too.  Be happy Nicole says.  Maya says she will.  Things will change, she may lose Rick, but she won’t lose her self respect as long as Rick hears her story from her and no one else.

Rick asks Carter about Maya

Carter stops by to see Rick to review the model release forms. Rick wants to talk to Carter about something else.  He knows they aren’t buddies but they have lots of things in common.  Most importantly – Maya.

You proposed to Maya once.  How did she react?  She was happy Carter says.  Did it push her to start a conversation she should have? No. Rick is confused. Carter asks if Maya has ever pushed him into marriage.  Rick says no. Carter asks if he’s going to propose.

Rick asks Carter if he has any advice for him. Would it be a mistake to ask Maya to marry him?  Not if Rick loves her, Carter says. Carter says he could never get Maya to talk about their wedding.  That should have been the first clue that she didn’t really want to marry him.

Brooke talks to Maya

Brooke brings photos from Oliver to Nicole. They talk about Maya “as a girl” Brooke knows some models like her – her type.  Most models are exhibitionists.  But some are introverts like you, hold themselves apart from the rest.  You never know the person you’re looking at, Brooke explains.

I know, Brooke tells Maya.

Ridge talks to Ridge

Rick wants to talk to Ridge.  Rick is about to be the happiest guy on the planet.  He wants to work out a civilized working arrangement.  Ridge thinks that ship has sailed.  Start by apologizing to maya, Rick suggests.  Ridge isn’t optimistic about that happening. Rick wants to know what Ridge is accusing Maya of.  Ridge would love to tell him.


Tuesday, May 6, 2014 – Episode #6818

Ridge doesn’t have a ring or a pretty speech prepared but he does have a piece of string.  He ties it around Katie’s finger in lieu of a ring and asks Katie to take a leap of faith with him.  Katie is surprised by the proposal and needs to make sure that Ridge isn’t just doing this to make her feel better after all she lost today.  But she asks him to ask her again and when he does, Katie accepts.

Quinn continues needling Liam telling him that he doesn’t have much time to spend with Hope because she will end up with Wyatt.  Liam tells Quinn like it is and suggests that she get herself a life and stop interfering in her sons.  Liam tells her not to imagine for a moment that life will include his father  – Liam knows about their tryst – because Brooke has just given him everything Bill ever wanted.  Liam doesn’t realize that this news just gives Quinn an idea.

Brooke watches Bill rock his son to sleep and Alison take Will from Bill so that he can work and his son can nap.  Brooke can’t help but remember that she’s seen this scene play out before – between Katie and her assistant Adele.

Brooke belatedly wonders what her actions will do to her relationship with her sister since once again she had betrayed Katie and chosen Bill over her sister.  Brooke justifies her actions be recounting that she did give Katie the option to do the right thing and only used the papers when Katie refused.  Brooke heads over to Katie’s house to try justifying her actions to Katie also.

After Brooke’s departure, Quinn arrives at Bill’s office ready to negotiate with Bill.  Quinn wonders how Brooke would feel if she knew Bill betrayed her – especially after just having given him so much.  Bill uses his Dollar Bill logic to take the wind out of Quinn’s sails.  Its not like he cheated – Brooke had been about to marry Ridge. Its hard to cheat on someone when the are engaged to someone else. But Quinn wants to trade keeping quiet about their night of sex in exchange for Bill officially giving Wyatt he Spencer name….oh and the woman he loves….

Brooke ties to explain that she didn’t use the papers against Katie to put Bill back in the CEO’s chair and back in his son’s life out of malice.  Katie isn’t having any of it thought.  She did Bill’s dirty work in the same way Bill did.  Katie then drops her own bombshell on Brooke.  She’s let go of all her anger because she is starting a new life – she’s marrying Ridge!


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