May 9: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Episode Recaps and History

Monday, May 9, 2016 – Episode #7327


Katie gets in the Middle of Caroline and Ridge’s Secret

May 9 2016 Bold and the Beautiful SpoilersRidge is determined that he isn’t going to let anyone destroy his family with Caroline.   Katie tells an already guilt-ridden Caroline that telling the truth is the best for everyone;  for Caroline, for Ridge, for Thomas and his son.

Liam Fights for His Brother’s Wife

With Steffy at Wyatt’s Malibu beach house Bill Spencer feels like he needs to remind Steffy that her husband, Wyatt, always comes first.

In another part of Malibu however, at Liam’s cliff house, he is telling someone that he is doing all he knows how to do; fighting for the woman he loves.

Episode Summary:

 Douglas Is Thomas’ Child

“No” Thomas says in shock. “That can’t be. Douglas.  He’s my son?  Douglas is my child.”

“No” ridge says.  “Douglas is my child.  That night with Caroline should never have happened.”

The night that never should have happened, the night you betrayed me never should have happened, Ridge tells his son.  Douglas is my son, Rdge states determined. Thomas tells ridge that Douglas is his grandson, not his son.  He is mind, Thomas tells Ridge.

Ridge tells Thomas to take a look around at the opportunity he has.  Ridge  will support Thomas 100% but just not as a father to his son. Thomas becomes angry.  Ridge says he should but Douglas needs above his own. He won’t let him or anyone else destroy his family with Caroline.  And if Eric finds out, they are all fired and Rick takes over.  Do we understand each other now Ridge asks.

Thomas wants to know why he’s only now learning about this.  Ridge says its because that night was the biggest mistake of Thomas’ life.  The whole world Knows Douglas as Ridge and Caroline’s son, Ridge states.  If you truly have changed you will understand this is the only way, Ridge tells Thomas.  Douglas is my son ridge says. He and Caroline are the only parents that Douglas will know.  That is how it will be.  Do we understand each other, Ridge demands of Thomas.

Caroline Is Angry With Caroline

Katie waits with Caroline.  She can see what this secret is doing to her.  Caroline tells Katie that the secret was hers and Ridge, and Katie just interfered.  Katie says you can’t think its right to let Thomas go through his life not knowing he has a son. Caroline is still angry with Katie for backing them into a corner like this.

Katie reminds Caroline that Thomas is in love with that boy.  In the long run this is best for everyone Katie tells her.   Caroline is still upset about Katie meddling in what should have been her and Ridge’s decision.

Katie had no idea a conversation with Dr Wolin in a restaurant would lead to this. You now have a connection to Thomas because of Douglas Katie says and she understands there is a natural draw to the father of your child.

Caroline asks if she really has to do this right now.  Ridge and Thomas have had a strained relationship for years.  Katie is confident Ridge will handle it.  At least there won’t be any more secrets about that night.  Caroline says that night never should have happened.  Katie asked how it happened.  Caroline thinks her whole life is about to fall apart because of what Katie did.

Alone, Caroline remembers her wedding vows and what happened that night with Thomas, and Ridge promising to love the baby she is carrying.

Bill Tells Steffy To Remember Who She is Married To

Bill comes to see Steffy.  He hopes when she looks at her tattoo that it reminds her who she is married to and that Wyatt always has to come first.  Steffy tells him he’s not subtle.  The way he sees it Steffy has been confronted by something she never expected.  Steffy realizes he does understand.  Bill reiterates her priority is Wyatt.

Bill was at her wedding, he saw how happy and committed they are to each other.  Give your marriage your all Bill advices Steffy gently.  He can’t have his sons battling his two sons for her.

Liam Asks Steffy to Leave Wyatt

Wyatt brings Liam’s favorite beer and asks his brother how he’s doing.  Liam tells him Quinn paid him a visit and he let her go.  Liam says he was so angry he didn’t know what he would do.  But Liam’s focus isn’t on Quinn.  It’s on Steffy Liam tells his brother.

Wyatt says Steffy is his wife and he’s repeatedly asked him to respect aht.  Steffy has moved on, Wyatt reminds Liam.  He hates how much damage his mother caused him but in time he will find someone else.  But only if he stops hanging on to Steffy.

Liam says they were robbed.  Wyatt reminds Liam that Steffy is happy with him, she doesn’t feel that way.  You can’t turn back the clock, Wyatt says.  Liam says it will take more than a tattoo to get him to back off. Quinn gave Wyatt an advantage.  All he is doing is fighting for the woman he loves.

Wyatt leaves and Steffy arrives.  She asks if he’s okay. He tells her about Quinn’s visit, but he’d rather talk about him and her. Part of him washoping he would have the tattoo removed.  He understands she is committed to Wyatt but it was under false pretenses.  Even when he could remember her, he could still feel the gravity of her pulling her in.  He can’t accept her being married to his brother.  He can feel she still loves him as much as she ever has.  Leave Wyatt, Liam asks.  Get the tattoo removed and come home to me, Liam asks.


  1. Kaite did a big mistake with the holl story you can’t push people around to tell things that you are not ready to tell I really hope that Thomas don’t hurt the baby Caroline is not going to forgive him if some thing happand to the baby we know that he is very angry that he was not talled. Ridge new that It’s going to be a very emotional time for every body involve. I hope they do the D and A test. I am still hoping that there is a twist to the story and the baby is Ridge’s so Kaite can go hide some where and leave Ridge and Caroline and the baby in peace.

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