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Nicole Gives Brith May 2016 Bold and the Beautiful

Nicole Avant has come a long way from the selfish young girl who bounced into LA with blackmail on her mind.  Nicole did try to get a piece of Maya’s glamorous lifestyle by blackmailing her sister with the knowledge that Maya was actually born Myron.  Somewhere between those early days and agreeing to be Rick and Maya’s surrogate Nicole did a lot of growing up.  But not before being responsible for Maya’s story coming out via Bill Spencer’s Publishing network.

The Ultimate Gift

Perhaps because Nicole felt she owed Maya, when Maya asked Nicole if she would consider being a surrogate for her and her new husband Rick Forrester, Nicole jumped at the chance to give her sister this ultimate gift.

Zende Didn’t Approve

There was only one catch.  Nicole had just started seeing Zende Forrrester and when she told Zende what she wanted to do for her sister, he wasn’t on board.  He was honest about his feelings.  They were so new (and young) he just wanted Nicole  to himself. Of course Zende had some pretty vocal advice in the form of Carter Walton also suggesting that he was too young to be dealing with baby drama on this scale.

Nicole Is Pregnant!

Nicole became pregnant on the first insemination attempt and before she knew it she was suffering from morning sickness, which as Zende had feared tended to put a crimp in their plans.

Nicole’s Bestie Sasha Comes to Town

By now, Nicole’s bestie, Sasha, from Illinois had also rocked into town, with very much the same attitude that Nicole herself had arrived with.  She wanted a piece of the LA action for herself.  And her claim to it was stronger than anyone realized, since she was also Julius Avant’s secret love child.

Rick hired Sasha as a Forrester Creations model after seeing the work she did posing for Zende (when Nicole had morning sickness).  Nicole immediately became jealous of Sasha and didn’t want her working with Zende since Sasha had a  long history of stealing Nicole’s boyfriends.  Sasha found out and though Nicole rectified the situation it put a rift in the girls’ friendship.

Zende Dumps Nicole

The inevitable happened.  As Nicole’s baby bump became too large to ignore, Zende couldn’t cope with the idea of his girlfriend having his Uncle’s baby and he broke up with Nicole.  Nicole was broken hearted and Sasha put the moves on a now single Zende.  Zende made it clear to Sasha hat he couldn’t give her what she wanted; his love; but Zende jumped into bed with Sasha likely in an effort to forget Nicole.

But that didn’t happen.  It was clear there were still very strong feelings between Zende and Nicole and as she approached her due date, Nicole told Zende that once she gave birth she would be making a comeback.

Zende is Full of Regrets

Finally, Nicole went into labor and headed to the hospital with Rick and Maya.  She wanted to asks Zende to come, but she given he was seeing her sister, she couldn’t bring herself to ask.  Zende wished her luck and tried to enjoy the distraction that Sasha had planned for them; an afternoon by the Forrester pool.

Nicole Gives Birth

Zende couldn’t do it.  He told Sasha he had to go back to work.  Instead he went to the hospital and snuck into the room where Nicole was giving birth to Rick and Maya’s baby.  He watched from the corner as Nicole surrounded by Vivienne, Rick and Maya gave a final push and delivered a baby girl. He left without being seen, but returned later and told Nicole how sorry he was for being so selfish and not recognizing her surrogacy for what it was; a selfless and loving act.  He was so wrong and he asked for Nicole’s forgiveness.

Nicole Forgives Zende

Nicole told him what was important was that he was there.  The couple hugged and kissed, well on the way to a reunion.  But there’s once catch.  Zende is still seeing Sasha, and Sasha knows that now Nicole has given birth that she will have competition on her hands and she’s determined not to give Zende up…


  1. Now after Nicole gives birth she is free to do what ever she wants Zanda will be HOT for Nicole Sasha is not going to be a nice sister. I hope her Mother comes to town and she could sat straight her ” nice daughter”and Viv will have allot to tallk to her about her unfaithful husband that was talling lies and cheating. I can’t wait to see Julius face when he sees Sasha’s mother I hope he gets humiliate in front of the family.

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