The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: May 16 – 20, 2016

This week on The Bold and the Beautiful (May 16 – 20): Nicole goes into labor; Sasha comes up with a plan to keep Zende; Quinn begs for Liam’s forgiveness when her freedom is on the line; Brooke cops and eyeful…

Liam, Wyatt and Steffy – Quinn Loses Her Freedom

Steffy is shocked when Quinn comes to her.  Steffy knows what a lose canon Quinn is after all she has done to Liam in the past.  Steffy calls for help.  The cavalry arrives bringing with it the police and Quinn is arrested.

Quinn uses her last moments of freedom to beg Liam, who she still claims to love, for his forgiveness.  There are so many things she should have done Quinn says but she honestly didn’t think it was right to put him back in Steffy’s orbit.

With Quinn taken away by the police Steffy still in shock over the whole experience tells her husband that she has never seen his mother that way.

Later, Liam tells Wyatt and Steffy he understands how difficult this is for them; Quinn is Wyatt’s mother and Steffy’s mother in law.  he tells them they can forgive her if they want.  Could Liam actually have a tiny little soft spot for Quinn?  He has made comments about Quinn caring for him well while he was with her and even told Bill that they’d loved each other like a married couple…

Bold and beautiful Spoilers May 16 - 20 2016

Rick and Maya – Baby is Born

Rick and Maya get a long awaited gift this week when Sasha goes into labor.  Maybe a new baby will keep Rick’s mind off the injustices of his position in the line of succession to the Forrester Creations throne.  He may also realize that he wants Maya thought of as his child’s mother despite her not being the biological mother.  Will Rick see the parallel with Eric accepting Ridge as his son despite Ridges bloodlines?  Doubtful.

Eric and Brooke wait together in her kitchen for news from the hospital.  Once they get the news that Rick and Maya had a little girl conversation turns to where Rick and Maya will raise their baby.  Brooke tells Eric that Rick had wanted to raise his daughter on the Forrester Estate and thought he was going to be bringing his baby home to Eric’s place, until Ridge pulled what he did…

Is there a huge family rift in the making?  Over a house???

Sasha, Nicole and Zende – Sasha Plots to Keep Zende

Nicole goes into labor and gives birth with Maya, Rick and Vivienne in the room.  Julius makes an appearance and Zende sneaks in wearing scrubs.  He realizes that he wants to be with Nicole and Nicole, well she never wanted to be dumped in the first place.

MORE:  Nicole Gives Birth

While the family waits for the birth of the newest Forrester, grandparents Eric and Brooke discuss the great gift Nicole has given her sister and all it has cost Nicole.  Brooke believes that Zende and Nicole could have gotten through the surrogate pregnancy despite Zende’s objections to it, if it hasn’t been for Sasha.  Eric agrees that Zende hasn’t been the same since he broke up with Nicole.  he just mopes around the house and stares out the window.

After Nicole gives birth, Zende is full of regrets.  He missed the most precious moment in her life when she gave her sister a baby of her own.  Zende tells Nicole she has the biggest heart of anyone he knows and that he’d give anything to have her back.  The couple share a kiss.

What does this mean for Nicole’s newly revealed sister, Sasha, though?

Sasha and Caroline are enjoying an afternoon by the pool at the Forrester Mansion when Caroline receives a text message from ridge saying that Nicole has gone into labor.  Sasha sits bold upright on her sun lounge and yells “What?”

Sasha must realize the thing that caused Zende to end his relationship with Nicole – her surrogate pregnancy – is no longer an issue.  Her mind will be focused on keeping her man.  Thanks to Caroline Sasha comes  up with a plan to do just that.  It involves her getting cozy in the Forrester Mansion, specifically Zende’s room.

By week’s end Nicole gets everything she has been wishing for.  Presumably that means her body just snaps back into place after giving birth  and she’s got Zende and a reunion on her mind.

But things aren’t going to be that easy.  When Zende goes home he finds Sasha dressed with seduction on her mind.  Presumably Sasha fully gets wind of the fact that he’s about to dump her and go back to Nicole, because Sasha tells Zende in no uncertain terms that he has to listen to what she has to say.

Sasha tells Zende she is pregnant but isn’t thrilled with his response.  Zende tells her that they were just enjoying each other, that there was no commitment between them.  She understood from the start that was the case Zende tells her.  Zende also wonders how this could have happened since they used protection every time.

Sasha is stunned by Zende’s response.  She’s been fantasizing about the possibility of one day her and Zende getting married with Caroline to find out that he never even considered them a committed couple.  A lifetime of rejection from her father already under her belt, Sasha looks hurt when she tells Zende “You said you loved me.”

is this where Sasha announces she’s pregnant?  If she does, is it the truth?  Or is Sasha planning to fake a pregnancy until she really is?  There’s so many babies already!

Bill Katie and Brooke

It sounds like Katie is caught with her panties down – literally – when Brooke arrives at her sisters home finding Bill in a towel (Brooke thinks no one is home and is leaving a gift for Katie in her bedroom when Bill exits the shower in a towel).  When Katie arrives, Bill and Brooke realize how this will look to a pretty emotionally fragile Katie, so Brooke hides under the bed.  But the situation becomes uncomfortable ( and potentially hilarious for viewers) when Katie gets sexy with her husband in the same room.

Katie sidles up to her husband half undressed herself and tells him that one of the many things she loves about him is that he likes to walk around undressed.  Bill squirms as Katie kisses him with clearly more on her mind…

Brooke freaks out, but it is Katie who leaves the room.  Does she think that Bill has just come out of the shower because he and Brooke were at it again?  Has she gone to find the nearest bottle of booze?  Brooke hiding under the bed must look pretty damning and Katie has gone off over less in the past…

By week’s end the misunderstanding further damages  Brooke and Katie’s relationship.

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Monday, May 16, 2016 – Quinn begs for Liam’s forgiveness
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Thursday, May 19, 2016 – You said you loved me
Friday, May 20, 2016

The Bold and the Beautiful Coming and Goings Summary:

If rumors are correct, the Bold and the Beautiful is in the process of casting Sasha’s mom. Since Sasha blurting out the secret of her paternity and pregnant with Zende’s child, she isn’t exactly going to be embraced by the Avant family.  She needs some support and frankly someone needs to make Julius squirm…


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  1. I think Sasha is playing with fire Zanda wants Nicole she should find some body eles may be Carter they are going to be a lovely couple. Zanda should tell Sasha that he wants Nicole traping a guy with pragnantcy is not fair he is going to hate her for that he can say that he doesn’t want a baby from her what is she going to do? She has to understand that It’s over.

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