The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers and Teasers: May 9 – 13, 2016

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    This week on The Bold and the Beautiful (May 9 – 13): Thomas kidnaps his son; Liam will fight for Steffy; Rick wants to be CEO;

    Ridge, Caroline and Thomas – Thomas Kidnaps Douglas

    Ridge tells Thomas that the only parents that Douglas will know is Caroline and Ridge.  But now in the know about Douglas’ paternity, Thomas stands up for his rights and Douglas’ father.  He reminds Ridge that Douglas is his son, not Ridge’s.

    The two men are at odds about who should fill the role of Douglas’ father.   Ridge is determined that nothing should change and if their scandal comes out that it would cost them everything and Rick would take over Forrester Creations.  On the other hand, if Thomas keeps quiet, as Ridge is certain he should, Ridge will give Thomas his 100% support and one day he will run Forrester Creations.  its Ridge’s name on the birth certificate and that never going to change Ridge forcefully tells Thomas.

    But Thomas isn’t buying his father’s version of their future.  he has had a connection to Douglas from the day he was born and likely now understands why.  Thomas is equally determined.  He is Douglas’ father and there are powerful emotions driving him.

    Thomas takes matters into his own hands.  While Pam is watching the baby, Thomas comes and gets Douglas.  Thomas takes Douglas without telling Caroline.  He  puts Douglas  in his car and drives off….

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    A distraught Caroline comes into Ridge’s office and asks him where Douglas is.  They realize that Thomas has taken him.  ridge wants to call the police but Caroline knows where that will end – as front page news on one of her uncles tabloids.  Caroline tells Ridge no police she will take care of it.  She will get their son.

    With Caroline off doing just that, ridge is left with little else to do but wait and play the blame game. He fills Katie in on the consequences of her actions – Katie insisted that Thomas be told the truth.  Katie goes on the defensive and tells Ridge  that none of this is her fault.  No one could have known that Thomas would take Douglas.  But Ridge is adamant that none of this would have happened if Katie hadn’t of interfered.

    Thomas has kidnapped his son, murkying the waters even more.  Caroline and Ridge may not have done the right thing by Thomas but kidnapping his son isn’t going to do Thomas an favors should they all end up in a court of law.

    Caroline made a mistake thinking that Katie knew the truth about Douglas’ paternity.  But ridge had told another lie, one he didn’t have time to catch Caroline up on.   Caroline chooses to confide her feelings in Katie.  Caroline is angry that Katie interfered in their secret.  It wasn’t her secret yet katie backed them all into a corner.  Katie has some advice for Caroline.  With the secret about Douglas’ paternity now exposed, Caroline faces an important and difficult choice.

    Caroline meets Thomas as the cabin where he has taken Douglas.  Thomas is still processing that he is actually Douglas’ biological father and now he has to think about ridge’s demand, that Douglas be raised as Ridge’s son.  An emotional Thomas tells Caroline that Ridge staked a claim to his first born son and he expects Thomas to just walk away.  Everything about Thomas’ demeanor says he can’t do that.

    When Douglas was missing, the stress of the situation had her reveal that she never like Ridge’s plan and that she knew it would backfire on them.  Caroline tells Thomas there is nothing she can do to give Thomas back the time that he has missed by not knowing Douglas was his son, but it looks like Caroline is more inclined to go with original instincts rather than Ridge’s plan…If she does, its likely to cause tension in her marriage…

    B&B Spoilers May 9 - 16, 2016

    Liam, Wyatt and Steffy – The Fight For Steffy

    Bill talks to Steffy about her marriage to Wyatt.  She is married to him, Bill reminds Steffy.  Wyatt comes first.  Wyatt too is defending his marriage too his brother.  Wyatt tells Liam that things are different now.  Steffy is Wyatt’s wife.

    But Steffy is going to have a hard time staying true to her wedding vows if Liam has his way.  He is going to do all he knows how to do to move on with his life.  He is going to fight for the woman he loves, regardless of who she is currently married to.  Liam disregards all the warnings form Wyatt and Bill and when he has Steffy alone he asks her to leave Wyatt and come home.  To him.

    Wyatt draws a line in the sand when he learns about Liam asking Steffy to leave him.  Wyatt tells his brother that if he wants to be part of Steffy and Wyatt’s life he has to respect Wyatt and Steffy’s marriage and their commitment to each other.  Liam will try to move on.

    But Wyatt feels he needs to have another conversation with his brother on the topic.  This time without Steffy present.  Wyatt, who is perhaps showing some of his mother’s delusional tendencies, tells Liam that he believes things would have turned out exactly how they have even if his mother hadn’t intervened and kept Liam away.

    Steffy is  horrified when Quinn turns up at her home.  Quinn tries to tell Steffy that all that happened is that Steffy finally worked out the Liam isn’t right for her.  Steffy, however, sees things differently.  Steffy telsl Quinn that she meant the vows she took on the beach with Wyatt, but they never would have happened if it weren’t for Quinn’s scheming.  Steffy pretty much refutes her husband’s belief that they would be together anyway….

    Rick and Maya – Rick Wants to be CEO

    Seems like Rick doesn’t have his hands full enough with running international and preparing for the birth of his baby, he becomes more determined (or is that obsessed in Rick’s case) with reclaiming the CEO position from Ridge.

    Last week he encouraged Ridge to take paternity leave to spend time with his new son.  Shouldn’t Rick be thinking the same instead of on having another go at the Forrester Creations top position?

    Maya tell her husband that she understands he is frustrated and feels betrayed that Ridge moved into the Forrester Mansion (Ridge’s family home!) and replaced Rick as CEO (after Rick was a tyrannical dictator in the role!) but she doesn’t want to see this consume him.

    But Rick just can’t let go  and he finds a new ear to bend in the form of his mother.  Rick thinks its a disgrace that a Marone is running all things Forrester.  Brooke is clearly exasperated with her son’s continuous rants about Ridge.  She asks him why he worries so much about Ridge.  Rick’s answer?  Because Ridge is stealing his birthright.   (Surely , Rick would fall behind the other older Forrester children in his claim to the Forrester throne….)

    The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers May Sweeps

    TVInsider reports that Nicole gives birth on May 17, 2016.  When Nicole delivers, Rick and Maya as the baby’s parents are there, as is Vivienne, to support her daughter.  Julius also makes an appearance and so does Zende.  He sneaks into the delivery room wearing scrubs.o.

    Now that her pregnancy is over, Zende seems to see the mistake he made in letting Nicole go.  Zende wants to start over.  He wants to be with Nicole.  Nicole is delighted because she wants to be with Zende too.

    But things are never as simple as they appear.  Zende has been seeing Sasha and they have been sleeping together.  Rumor has it that Zende and Nicole’s reunion will be tainted by the news that Sasha is pregnant!  Vivienne accused Sasha or being just like her father, lying to her face about Julius being Sasha’s father.  But it seems there could be a bit of her mother in Sasha as well.  Has Sasha deliberately become pregnant with Zende’s child even though he’s in love with her sister, Nicole?  Is that what Sasha’s mother did also?


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    Monday, May 9, 2016 – Thomas is Douglas’ father
    Tuesday, May 10, 2016 – Thomas and Ridge argue over who will be Douglas’ father
    Wednesday, May 11, 2016 – Thomas has kidnapped Douglas
    Thursday, May 12, 2016 – Thomas can’t walk away
    Friday, May 13, 2016 – Steffy and Wyatt see things differently…

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    1. What a massy drama we have the Avents family washing there laundry. Julius terned out to be a lier and a cheater and he has a nerve difending himself that he did it to protect the family that was very amusing and how he treated Sasha all these years that she was a girl. And on the other side we have Ridge talling Thomas that he knows about the night he spend with Caroline and who he thinks the baby’s father is that is with out having the test of the D and A. Thomas has a nerve to defend him self to his father. What did Thomas think his father is stupid? Thomas has to learn to respect women and not apologies all the time.

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