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Thanks to Katie pressuring Ridge to tell Thomas the truth about Douglas’ paternity, Thomas Forrester now knows that the baby boy he has been so drawn to, isn’t his half brother, but his son.

Thomas Kidnaps Douglas

Pushed Into A Corner

Ridge called his oldest son into his office and gave him a lovely speech about forgiveness and family loyalty before dropping the bombshell that he know what happened between Caroline and Thomas in the hotel room the night that Ridge and Caroline broke up.

Thomas, aghast apologizes profusely and tries to explain himself.  But Ridge isn’t hearing any of it.  He still thinks Thomas is reckless and treats women badly, most of all the woman he loves.  Ridge still can’t understand how Thomas could have taken advantage of Caroline who’s mental state was compromised by both medication and the trauma of a break-up with Ridge.  Ridge believes that Thomas took advantage of the situation and harbors a lot of anger towards his son for it.

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Mistakes Have Consequences

Thomas admits to his father that night was a mistake; that it should never have happened.  Ridge agrees that it was a mistake, and that mistakes have consequences.

It is then that Thomas puts two and two together.  Douglas is his son.

Ridge confirms it but tells his son that as far as everyone is concerned Douglas is Ridge and Caroline’s son and that’s how things are going to stay.  It is Ridge’s name on Douglas’ birth certificate and if Thomas has changed so much from the irresponsible entitled man who took advantage of Caroline, that’s how it will stay.

And There is a Price to Pay

Thomas is stunned to realize that Ridge wants him to deny his own son.  Thomas reminds him that secrets like this come out, like Massimo Marone being his father did.  Thomas doesn’t want Douglas to think that his father rejected him.  But Ridge turns the tables on Thomas and says this way Douglas will also never have to know what his father did to his mother.

Thomas suddenly realizes why Ridge has been so angry with him.  It had little to do with Ivy and Charlotte the intern he slept with.  It was all about Caroline.  Thomas wonders what happened to all of Ridges kind words about forgiveness and family.  Ridge assures Thomas that if he weren’t also ridge’s son, he wouldn’t be standing her in front of him, and still working in the family business.

Ridge explains to Thomas why he and Caroline broke up; because Ridge thanks to a vasectomy couldn’t give Caroline the child she so desperately wanted.  Thomas made a mistake that night and there is a price to pay.  Thomas realizes that price is his son.

Do What’s Right for Douglas

Ridge tells Thomas that he should prove his is a changed man but doing what is right for Douglas.  But Thomas has trouble with that since he now understands why he has been so drawn to Douglas, even before he was born.  Thomas then realizes that Caroline too must have known the truth all along.  And she never said anything.  Ridge states that a mother has a natural instinct to do what is right for her child.

Thomas leaves Ridge’s office realizing that clearly Caroline wasn’t as okay with what had happened between them that night as she said.  She hadn’t believe that having Thomas as a father was in the best interests of her child.  Thomas leaves Ridge’s office with his head still spinning from what he has learned.

Thomas Feels Betrayed by Ridge and Caroline

The animosity his father has shown towards him is now explained.  Thomas has been working hard to change his father’s perception of him, to be a better person, but Thomas now understands that there is a tangible reminder in Ridge’s life of Thomas poor choices.  That Caroline and Ridge both believe that Douglas is better off raised as Ridge’s child, has to sting, especially since Thomas has been so enamored with the baby.

Thomas understands what his father wants of him but it doesn’t feel right to him. Denying his own son.  And when Thomas finds Douglas alone while Pam has momentarily stepped out to retrieve Douglas’ toy, Thomas can’t put the genie back in the bottle.  He looks at Douglas and says “my son.”  He knows at that moment that he can’t go along with Ridge and Caroline’s plan.

Thomas Takes Douglas and Drives off

He takes Douglas, telling Pam that he is taking Douglas to Ridge, but instead Thomas straps Douglas’ capsule into his car and drives off.

What’s Next on The Bold and the Beautiful for Thomas, Ridge and Caroline?

Meanwhile Caroline returns to find Douglas gone and that Thomas took him to Ridge.  When Douglas isn’t with Ridge either, they both realize what has happened.  Ridge’s first instinct is to call the police, but Caroline stops him.  No double reporting Douglas as kidnapped or missing will lead to the inevitable; another Forrester family scandal emblazoned across the front page of Uncle Bill’s tabloid magazines.

Instead, Caroline tells Ridge that she will deal with Thomas; she will get their son back.  Caroline believes she has some sway over Thomas, but does she still?  That Thomas was smitten with Caroline when he first returned to LA is well established.  His feelings for Caroline lead him to misread the signs that night in the hotel room.  But can he forgive her for not telling her the truth?

Ridge is left a the office with little else to do but wait and play the blame game.  And since Katie was the one who backed Ridge into a corner about telling Thomas in the first place, that is where he’s pointing the blame.

Katie defends herself denying that she could have known Thomas would take Douglas and run.  But Ridge isn’t having any of that.  If Katie hadn’t meddled, none of this would have happened…

But Ridge may find he has bigger problems to face.  Ridge tried to tell Thomas that revealing the truth about Douglas paternity would see them all lose their jobs and Rick take over as CEO. But by doing so, Ridge gave Thomas the ultimate weapon of revenge.

Rick is already suspicious about Ridge and believes that his is keeping  a secret.  And thanks to Brooke blabbing, Rick also knows that Ridge had a vasectomy.  For now Rick still believes that this was reversed.  But with the odd goings on with Ridge’s doctor and now with the rift between Thomas and his father wider than it’s ever been; Rick could find he has an ally in an angry Thomas to remove Ridge from his top dog position at Forrester Creations and reclaim the title for himself.

Though an alliance between Thomas and Rick would be an uneasy one as well, since Thomas has always wanted the top job as well, even fighting Rick for it in the past…

Which just makes for interesting times ahead…



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