July 1: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Katie and Liam’s Pact; Liam Sees Bill and Brooke Together!

2011 - Stephanie and Thomas struggled with their guilt; 2014 - Quinn threatened Liam who was hurt, 2015 - Aly defends Ivy

Friday, July 1, 2016 – Episode #7366


Katie and Liam’s Pact

July 1 2016 B&B SpoilersIn a continuation of their conversation from yesterday, Katie and Liam made a pact.  Katie’s instincts are telling her that Bill is behaving differently and every time he leaves the house she wonders where he is and who he is with.  That feeling that the people she loves are betraying her is what drives her to drink and her betrayal radar is detecting something.

Liam for his part has had his suspicious about his dad, especially after finding an earring in his napping room.  Allison covered for Bill, and Bill corroborated Allison’s story.  The room was for napping and he and Katie occasionally used the room for “private time” that was difficult to get at home with a young child.

With the earring explained away, Liam will likely agree to tell Katie if he learns of anything untoward going on between Bill and Brooke.  In return, Katie will support Liam.  Something Liam hasn’t seen from his father recently.  It’s almost as if Bill can’t understand how Liam let his relationship with Quinn happen.  Something has definitely changed in Bill and Liam’s relationship with Bill throwing all of his support behind Wyatt .  By being extremely vocal in supporting Wyatt and Steffy’s marriage, Bill has also set himself up for one heck of a fall, should the truth come out about him and Brooke.

Brooke’s Resolve Is Tested

With encouragement and support from Ridge, Brooke has told Bill goodbye, this ends today and no to his constant badgering about them resuming their sexual relationship on the sly.

Bill is a man who is used to getting his way one way or another.  And even though Brooke has made it clear that she doesn’t want to hurt her sister by starting an affair with her husband again, Bill is relentless.  Brooke’s resolve will be tested when Bill comes up with a proposition.

Brooke is proud of herself for not taking that final step with Bill this time round, but Bill can be persuasive….

Quinn Goes Looking For Eric

With the week nearly over and Quinn’s lingerie scene yet to air, its a safe bet that Friday will see Quinn go looking for Eric with seduction on her mind.  Earlier this week it was revealed that the duo have been indulging in some bedroom antics since Quinn asked Eric for some feedback on her designs.

Eric understands his weakness for bad girls and was determined not to hang around long enough to be the victim of one of Quinn’s blackmail schemes.  So when Quinn tried to give him the key to her apartment, Eric left it behind.

But spoilers indicate that Quinn goes looking for Eric at his home, in an outfit the self proclaimed lover of bad girls is going to find hard to resist…

Wyatt notices his mother’s new demeanor and glow, and wonders what she is up to.  He knows that look and it worries him.  What does Quinn have in mind for Eric? Quinn never does anything without a motive and that motive usually aids Wyatt in getting or keeping the woman of his dreams…

Episode Summary:

Steffy and Thomas Workout

Steffy is working out while thinking about her reunion with Liam on the beach and Liam’s realization that she is married to Wyatt.  Steffy takes her frustrations with Quinn out on a punching bag.  Thomas arrives and guesses her frustration has to do with Liam. Steffy tells him sometimes exercise is just exercise.

Thomas gets a call from Eric. He wants to have lunch with Thomas but he already has plans.

Steffy admits to Thomas her only problem is her mother in law from hell. Thomas agrees she’s terrible.  Steffy tells him about laying down the law.  But it doesn’t feel good, Steffy admits. Thomas says she has her reasons. Her life would be very different if it weren’t for Quinn.

Steffy tells Thomas that she and Liam are trying to move on with their lives.  Liam respects Bill and his views on marriage.  Thomas thinks that she and Liam will find their way back to each other.

Liam and Katie Have Each Other’s Backs

Liam arrives in Katie’s kitchen.  She thinks he’s checking up on her. Liam admits he is. Katie tells him not to worry.  She’s okay.  She doesn’t have any reason to think Bill and Brooke would  hurt her again. Liam assures Katie she has no reason to doubt his dad.  He bends the rules but not when it comes to Katie.

Liam heads to work.  He jokes about his dad giving away his parking spot (to Wyatt)  Liam admits he kind of resents what happened when he was gone.  Conversation turns to Steffy and Wyatt marriage.  Katie is proud of him for stepping back and let their marriage take its course.

Liam asks Katie to slap some sense into him if he’s still mooning over Steffy ten years from now.  Katie expects him to do the same for her in regards to her husband and her sister.  Liam tells her that she can count on it.

Liam Sees Bill and Brooke Together

Brooke meets Bill in his office.  Bill tells him about the previous evening with Katie.

Bill asks Brooke for one more night together – that is all he asks.  Brooke says no.  Its too risky. Bill says they can go in there (the love nest) where they can talk freely.  Bill buzzes Allison.  He doesn’t want to be disturbed.  No interruptions.  At all.  He tells he to wait a bit for his lunch order.

Liam arrives at Allison’s desk.  Allison stops him going in. He’s occupied.  With what Liam asks.  Or should he say with who, Liam wonders.

When Allison leaves her desk, Liam goes into Bill’s office and finds it empty.  Liam goes to the napping room thinking Bill is napping but he hears Bill in there with Brooke and listens.   Liam opens the door and sees Bill and Brooke kissing.

Brooke learns about Katie’s threat to Bill and she says she’s leaving.  She unlocks the door to the love nest. She can’t keep making the same mistake and acting on her feelings.  Bill tells Brooke that Katie never has to know.

Brooke says she’s not only betraying Katie but her brother too. His heart beats in Katie’s chest. Storm didn’t give Katie his heart for Brooke to break it.

Bill tells Brooke he needs her. He finally agrees with Brooke, but he wants  one last time with Brooke.  One more time holding her, one more time kissing her, Bill asks.  Brooke lets him kiss her.

Wyatt Tells Quinn To Do As Steffy Asks

Wyatt meets with Quinn at her place.  He notes that something is different about her.  Not again, Wyatt says.

Wyatt tells Steffy needs Quinn to stay away.  From her the company and the family. Quinn argues she can’t make things right if she can’t talk to Steffy.  Wyatt reminds her that isn’t her forte.  Steffy will see her changes in her own time.  Wyatt begs her again to do as Steffy asks.

Lonely Eric Gets A Visit From Quinn

At home Eric can’t get his mind off Quinn as he has a cup of coffee. He smiles remembering their rendezvous’.

Eric tries to distract himself, but Thomas has other plans for lunch, so does Ridge. Eric texts his brother.  He should have joined him on the trip a lonely Eric texts.

Quinn arrives at Eric’s door in a bathrobe.  She knows he said it was the last time, but she was lonely and she was wondering if he was lonely too.  She takes off the robe to expose black lacey lingerie.  Eric kisses her.


Friday July 1, 2011

Hope and Liam spent the night snuggling and woke up together the next morning.  Bill arrived for a visit and Hope changed and went home.  Liam filled in Bill that he and Hope were waiting to have sex.  Liam said he was taking things slow with Hope because there was something going on with her mother’s marriage.  Hope hadn’t told him what was going on with Ridge and Brooke but Bill suspected that the Taboo line and Thomas had something to do with it.

Hope found Brooke at home still dwelling on what had happened on the island and how it had sent Ridge back to Taylor who was having a shower that day.  Hope thought it all a little unreal and told her mom she wouldn’t believe Brooke slept with Thomas until Brooke herself remembered it.

Taylors wedding shower

Meanwhile Taylor’s shower got underway.  They were just missing one guest – Dayzee.  Dayzee was with Thomas at Forrester working out.  She had convinced Thomas that he needed to confess his lie. Thomas didn’t feel good about telling Taylor on the day of her shower, but knew it had to be done.

Thomas and Dayzee arrived at the shower and spoke to Stephanie about Thomas’ plan to confess his lie.  Thomas was certain that Taylor wouldn’t want her happiness to be based on a lie that was making everyone that wasn’t clueless to it miserable.  Thomas declared he was done with the lie about sleeping with Brooke on the island…


  1. Liam tries to be a friend to Kaite and tell her not to be worried about Bill and Brook. But she is still have her gut feeling that Bill is up to some thing. Liam promised Kaite to tell her if he hears or see’s some thing about Bill and Brook. After he sees his father with Brook he understand were is Kaite is coming from and that her fears were where right .

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