June 10: The Bold and the Beautiful Spolers, Recaps and History

2016: Liam ID's Wyatt and Steffy's minister as his intruder; 2015: Ivy is deported; 2014 Wyatt proposed to Hope; 2013 Brooke lost Bill's baby

Friday, June 10, 2016 – Episode #7351


Katie Turns a Corner

June 10 2016 B&B SpoilersKatie sincerely tells her husband that this chapter in their lives is over.  She tells Bill and Brooke that she knows that they both love her and want her to succeed.  Katie wants more than anything to live up to that.

Wyatt Recognizes Liam’s Intruder

Liam calls Wyatt and Steffy and tells them he’s had a break in at his place.  Wyatt asks if it was his mother again.  Wyatt meets Liam at the police station recognizes the guy who broke into Liam’s house and the minister who married him and Steffy

Episode Summary:

Katie Turns A Corner

Katie agrees with Bill. Whatever the contact with Brooke, she goes to a dark place. She’s been staring at the bottle since they left.  She plays a game that she loses a lot with the bottle. Tonight was different though.  She didn’t take a drink. Tonight she wanted to feel his betrayal without anesthetic.

Ridge trusted her.  Maybe she thought  Maybe she is foolish to believe they could ever go back.  Because the two of them love each other and she has to accept that for her own sanity. She can accept that because she loves them both also.

This chapter of their lives is over Katie says and leaves the room with the alcohol and pours it down the kitchen sink.  Brooke and Bill follow. She’s been engaged in a betrayal of her own.  She was going to drink tonight and she was going to lie about it.  She would have thrown away anyting that mattered to her.  Their family, her son, and their marriage.  Katie admits she is punishing him for thinks he hasn’t done.

She knows they both love her and want to her to succeed.  She wants to live up to that.  She hasn’t been easy to live with but she is so grateful that he hasn’t given up on her.  Nothing means more to her than their family.

Katie is embarrassed about what she has said to Brooke.  She hopes she can forgive her because Katie loves Brooke so much.  Katie goes to check on Will who had a fever when she put him down.

Alone in the kitchen, Brooke tells Bill Katie meant it.  Bill simply says that she always means it.  Bill doesn’t believe it. There are no magic words anymore. The life he wants is with Brooke Bills says. Brooke tells him that everything has changed now.

Bill says things change every week.  He has whiplash.  He never knows what he is going to walk in on.  Brooke thinks tonight was different.  Bill doesn’t want to wake up to Katie’s moods anymore, he wants to wake up with Brooke.  He is telling Katie tonight, Bill says.

No you won’t, Brooke says. Not every dream can come true Brooke says.

Katie returns with more bottles to pour out.  Bill says he’s glad, but Katie needs to understand that not everything broken can be fixed.  Katie says Bill is right.  She’s not the wife and mother she wants to be but she will be. They can be better, Katie tells Bill.  She’s not going to make promises, she’s going to give him proof.  Because she loves them both.

Katie hugs Brooke who looks at Bill over her sister shoulder.

Wedding Day Memories

Steffy can’t believe that Wyatt didn’t hire a photographer for their wedding.  Caroline and Katie did a good job, but most of Caroline’s are selfies!

Steffy has a strange feeling like someone is trying to reach out to her.

Steffy asks where Wyatt found the reverend.  He mumbles into his wine glass that he found him on the internet with  3 1/2 star reviews and he was available on short notice.

Steffy and Liam get a call from Liam who tells them about the break in.  Wyatt asks if it was his mom, but Liam says it wasn’t. Wyatt says he will meet Liam at the police station.

Steffy waits at home and thinks of Liam.

Liam’s Intruder is Wyatt’s Minister

Lt Baker calls in the break in at Liam’s.  The guy was a stranger so Liam thinks that it could be because he’s a Spencer.  Liam thinks he has to warn Wyatt Lt Baker asks if Liam thinks Quinn is behind this. Liam says no, Quinn does her own dirty work.

Lt Baker gets a text.  They have a suspect in custody.  Liam says it’s fast.  Lt Baker jokes that Liam’s father should print that on one of his tabloids.

Wyatt joins Liam at the station where Lt Baker begins questioning Liam. Liam has to pick the perp out of a line-up.  Liam picks the guy out of the line-up.  Its number 2, he tells Lt Baker.  Wyatt looks on. When he  is escorted into the room, Liam asks him why he broke into his house.

He didn’t think anyone was living in the house; no one was for so long.  Clearly a mistake he says   The guy says hello to Wyatt.  He married Steffy and me, Wyatt says, he was our minister.


Wednesday, June 10, 2015 – Episode #7096

Wyatt and Steffy

Steffy notes that Wyatt doesn’t want to play second string to Liam, yet he kissed Steffy.  Wyatt notes the two of them have spent so much time looking backwards that they are missing what is in front of them.  Liam is committed to Ivy and the girl from Down Under isn’t going anyway.

Liam’s Malibu Beach House

At Liam ‘s beach house Bill tells Liam he’s serious about this.  Bill says his romance with the Aussie is going nowhere now that Steffy is back.  Liam tells him he is committed to Ivy.

Bill reminds Liam that Steffy is still in love with him.  Liam needs to make a move before some other guy does.  See how he feels then Bill suggests,

Steffy walks in and asks what she is interrupting.  She’s here on business.  She pulls out some lingerie. Yes or no, Steffy asks.  Liam throws Bill out when he is pushy.  Bill tells Steffy her lingerie line is hot as hell as he leaves.   Steffy is thinking about rebooting her line.  Winner she asks?  Or does he need to see it modeled (by her).

Is it too risqué Steffy asks.  Liam for once agrees with Bill, its hot as hell.  They discuss what Bills said about someone snapping Steffy up.  Liam is stunned and wants to know who it is.  Not Wyatt Liam says when she says he has the same last name as Liam.  Liam isn’t happy to know that Steffy and Wyatt kissed.  Wyatt kissed her she defends.

Steffy notes Liam is jealous.  Why Wyatt, Liam asks. You said you were committed to Ivy Steffy tells Liam so she is moving on.  She is living her life.  And Liam told her he was committed to Ivy.  Even though Liam’s reaction to her moving on with Wyatt indicates otherwise (that Liam is jealous).  Steffy says she tried to get over Liam.  Wyatt understands what she is feeling.  Steffy thinks Liam isn’t being honest with himself.  If Liam wants her Steffy needs to know now.   Show me Liam, Steffy tells her ex husband.

Ivy is Being Deported

Immigration approaches Ivy about having dual citizenship.  He tells her she could have been if she’d filled the right paperwork.  Does she have a US passport the immigration official asks.  Ivy admits no, her father just always told her she was a citizen of the US.

There are procedures that need to be followed and forms that need to filled in.  She shouldn’t have gone to Paris, Ivy is told (or Amsterdam I guess!)  She shouldn’t be working in this country either.  She’s breaking the law.

She has to go back to Australia and she won’t be coming back any time soon.  She broke the law and given this violation she may never be allowed to come back to the US.  Ivy needs to find a lawyer.  He assures her that the deportation order he has is in order.  Ivy has to leave.

Ivy calls in Carter to look at the deportation papers.  Immigration law is not her expertise Carter says. Ivy doesn’t want to leave, no her job, LA or Liam. Carter isn’t sure he can do anything.

Quinn and Wyatt

Quinn is looking for Ivy who wanted some feedback on some of her designs.  Wyatt notes aht marriage must have changed her since she’s done some not so nice things to Ivy.

The discuss Wyatt’s love life.  Wyatt says he’s looking to a new direction (rather than Hope).  Quinn is interested in knowing who the new woman is.  Wyatt is determined to keep the details from his all too inquisitive mother.

Wyatt stupidly tells his mother the woman is Steffy.  Quinn is happy.  Wyatt says they have a lot in common and looking to move on.  He kissed Steffy Wyatt admits.  It felt right Wyatt tells his mother.  Quinn is over excited.  Wyatt tells his mother to hold it – its not like he’s fallen in love with her.

What about Liam Quinn asks.  Wyatt says that Liam is committed to Ivy and she’s not going anywhere.

Quinn and Ivy

Quinn finds a deep in thought Ivy when Quinn finds her to review her jewelry sketches.  Is everything alright Quinn asks.  Its not a good time Ivy tells Quinn.  Ivy tells her not now.  Quinn thinks its residual resentment but Ivy says its not about her.  Is it about these papers she says grabbing them.  Quinn reads that Ivy is being deported.



Tuesday June 10, 2014

Wyatt Proposed to Hope

At Big Bear Wyatt was dumped by Hope who had recently decided that Liam was the one for her.  (Wyatt’s mother’s behavior and the diamond heist had a lot to do with that).  Wyatt wasn’t going to lose Hope without a fight however.  He gave it his all – even getting down on one knee and proposing!

Carter suggests Maya Mind Her Own Business

Alone Maya asks Carter is he saw how Oliver was with Aly.  Carter warns her to stay out of their relationship.  Maya was once young and naive and she was taken advantage of more than once.  Maya doesn’t want that to happen to Aly, she explains to Carter.

Oliver Reassures Aly

Ridge will come home and Wyatt will go away and all will be right for the lovely Ms F.  Aly thanks Oliver for making her feel safe.  He’s been right by her side.  Maya spies Oliver kissing Aly

Rick agrees that Quinn must be held accountable.  She is evil Pam says.  She needs to be out of here,

Quinn and Liam

You couldn’t just go away and move to Paris and be with Steffy.  Hope was happy, she had moved on, Quinn yells at Liam.  Stop getting in the way a lunatic Quinn tells Liam.

You don’t understand who Hope is.  Quinn says she’s seen the billboards.  Morality is important to Hope, Liam tells Quinn.  He and Hope are going to be together, Liam tells Quinn, and he will do everything to stop Quinn from interfering.

Wyatt and Hope at Big Bear

Wyatt begs Hope not to give up on them because of something his mother has done.  They are two separate people.  But Hope tells Wyatt that his mother is crazy.  She tells Wyatt that she’s been looking the other way and she never should have.  Hope tells Wyatt it’s not just his mother.  It’s the diamond heist too.  She forgave him and she meant it but she can’t do this anymore.

Wyatt tried to defend his mother who made an insanely stupid mistake.  Don’t lump everything that I have done with what my mother has done in the past, Wyatt begs.  Don’t sacrifice everything we have built because of a punch and of because of my mother, Wyatt continues. Hope tells Wyatt she can trust Liam. Wyatt starts defending himself and gets angry.  Yes, my mother and I made things happen is that so bad Wyatt asks?  I’m glad I’m with a man who thinks about something other than himself.  That’s what I want, that’s my future, Hope tells Wyatt.  I know exactly what I’m going to get.

Spend the night here Wyatt says.  Tomorrow it will all make sense and we can start over.  A teary Hope tells him she can’t do that.  Maybe he made a mistake playing it cool with her Wyatt decides.  He is offering her complete devotion.  He has made mistakes and he has a crazy mom.  But, Wyatt counters, Hope has never wondered if she is his top priority.  Wyatt loves Hope with everything he is, and he always will, Wyatt states.

Wyatt tells Hope there is a reason he brought her here today.  Say yes, be my wife Wyatt asks of Hope showing her a sparking diamond ring…

Monday June 10, 2013

Brooke Lost Bill’s Baby

Brooke turned up at Bill and Katie’s house to tell them the truth about her pregnancy.  Before she could get the words out, however, Brooke began to hyperventilate and passed out.  Bill and Katie rushed Brooke to the hospital.

Brooke regained consciousness in the hospital still determined to tell Bill and Katie about the baby.  Dr Caspary who was doing an ultrasound told Brooke that may no longer be necessary.  She was no longer pregnant.  She had suffered a missed miscarriage.

Later Bill visited with Brooke fully aware what Brooke had been about to do before passing out.  He wanted to know if there was any good reason for telling Katie the truth at this juncture.  Brooke can no longer think of one.  Our secret is safe Brooke told Bill.

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