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2016: Wyatt worries his marriage to Steffy isn't legal 2014: Deacon Sharpe returned...

Monday, June 13, 2016 – Episode #7352


Is Wyatt and Steffy’s Marriage Legal?

June 13 2016 Bold and Beautiful SpoilersSo, it looks like Steffy is about to be handed a get out of jail free card; if she wants to take it.  With the Minister who officiated at Wyatt and Steffy’s wedding arrested for breaking into Liam’s house, Wyatt begins to have some concerns.  He is stunned when he turns up at the police station that the man Liam picked out of the line-up in the reverend that married him and Steffy.

Liam is done playing Mr Nice Guy and promised the police that if they picked up the guy who broke into his house, that this time, he would indeed press charges.  As Lt. Baker is about to take away the reverent and do just that, a concerned Wyatt has only one real concern.  He wants to know whether Rydell filed the papers from his wedding…in his legal capacity as a minister.

Later, at home, Liam clearly understands Wyatt’s concerns.  And Liam see’s it as the break he has been looking for.  Steffy has been determined to stand by her vows to her husband, but what if Wyatt isn’t legally her husband?  Liam hopes that Steffy’s marriage to Wyatt isn’t legal.

Thomas Advices His Sister

Meanwhile, the Forrester siblings, Steffy and Thomas spend some time together at Steffy’s home with Wyatt in Malibu.  She is setting a fire.  She and Thomas have been discussing her situation married to Wyatt but still having strong feelings for his brother, Liam.  Thomas is worried about his sister.  He tells her that she can’t keep denying the way she feels about these things like she is.  It’s not good for her.

If Quinn had never kidnapped Liam, if he hadn’t been away for so long, Thomas tells his sister, you would be Liam’s wife.

Episode Summary:

Bill and Wyatt Investigate Wyatt’s Marriage

At the Police station, Wyatt is stunned that Liam’s intruder is the minister who married him and Steffy.  As is Liam. The reverend comments that in LA you seem to just run into the same 200 people.

Liam steps aside and calls Bill.  Liam says he just iD’d some guy who broke into his house.  Bill is on the way.

The reverend hit hard time and was just trying to get by. He tells Wyatt his wedding was beautiful.

Bill arrives. Liam explains what happened to Bill. Bill recognizes the guy. Wyatt tells him to say hello reverend rRdell, the minister who married him and Steffy.

The reverend is processed.  He’s sorry. He didn’t think Liam would miss a few bucks.  Wyatt tells him he needs some reassurance here. He needs to know if Rydell filed his marriage papers in his capacity as a minister.  He tells Wyatt he got him bro.

Liam is off to the side texting.

Bill says Liam will press charges this time.  And if Liam doesn’t he will, because its his house.  Liam agrees to press charges and leaves.  He has something to take care of.  Wyatt looks suspicious.

Bill and Wyatt discuss whether Wyatt should be worried about his marriage being legal.  Bill makes a call to his girl Emmy a city clerk.  They will get the answer he needs tonight.


Thomas Thinks Steffy Should Be With Liam

Thomas arrives in Malibu to visit Steffy to get some sister time. She asks about the big house.  Thomas simply says interesting. Thomas changes the subject. Steffy asks what is going on with dad now.  Thomas says nothing she can help with.  Anyway he came to see how things were for Steffy in her marriage.

The drink beer and discuss Steffy’s happiness. He doesn’t dispute she loves Wyatt or her commitment to her marriage.  She and Wyatt are good together, but Liam is back now and they have something special. Steffy can’t deny that, Thomas notes.

Steffy fills Thomas in on the break in.  Thomas doesn’t think Liam can catch a break. He knows how deeply Steffy loves. He knows she wants to honor her commitment to Wyatt, but what she thought happened didn’t. Liam didn’t dump her, he was taken, and Liam wants her back, and he thinks Steffy wants that too.

Steffy thinks she should have been smarter about Quinn.  She heard the stories. Thomas says she’s a highly functioning psychopath. She gave Quinn a chance and she changed Steffy’s entire life.  If Quinn hadn’t kidnapped Liam, Thomas says, she would be Liam’s wife, not Wyatt.

Steffy admits she will always love Liam, but she takes her vows and her marriage seriously.  Steffy gets a text from Liam.  He wants to see her.

Steffy leaves. They quickly discuss Douglas before Steffy heads to meet Liam.  Thomas tells Steffy that he knows that Wyatt stepped in and she is grateful, but does that translate to love?  Steffy assures her brother she wouldn’t have married Wyatt  if she didn’t love him.

Liam Tells Steffy About The Intruder

Steffy meets Liam at his house.  He tells her to sit down.  Nothing is wrong, but what happened to night means that she could be free to be with him.  They could move on with their lives the way they always planned.

The guy who broke into his house is the same guy that married Steffy to Wyatt, Liam tells Steffy. Steffy admits Wyatt found him online.  Liam things are going to change in their favor.  Steffy wonders if her marriage isn’t legal.  Liam doesn’t think so.  Steffy sits down and seems distracted.

Liam goes on about their bad luck and all the obstacles.  They keep finding their way back to each other because they are supposed to be together. Maybe this guy isn’t even a minister at all.  You have an out.  Liam knows that she loves Wyatt but he also knows it doesn’t compare to what she feels for him. They didn’t come all this way for her to end up married to his brother.  Her marriage to Wyatt can’t be legal.

Is Wyatt’s Marriage Legal?

Emmy wouldn’t have driven in for anyone but him. Bill fills Emmy in that the reverend was supposed to file some paperwork.  They want to check the paperwork and make sure everything is nice and legal.  Emmy heads to the file room.

Before they leave Wyatt will know where his marriage stands.  Wyatt worries that he could lose Steffy.  Not necessarily Bill suggests.   Wyatt knows that Liam will take advantage of the situation. Wyatt states that he would.  But he believes that he is a better match for Steffy and Steffy would chose to marry him again.  They are family now.

Emmy returns with the file.  Wyatt wants to know, is his marriage valid or not.


Friday June 13, 2014

Deacon Sharpe Returned

Quinn Fuller headed to the Bikini Bar after losing both her job and her son due to her own reckless actions.  (Quinn sent Ridge a sex selfie Quinn took of her and Bill Spencer.  Ridge then used it to stop Bill and Brooke’s wedding. While trying to get away from Abu Dhabi Ridge fell out of a helicopter into the Persian Gulf and went missing)

Everyone blamed Quinn – including Wyatt, Quinn’s son, who was dumped by his girlfriend Hope, as an indirect result of Quinn’s actions.

At the Bikini Bar a handsome stranger sat down next to Quinn who had ordered the finest bottle of scotch the establishment served.  As Quinn told him her tale of woe she mentioned who the wonderful young woman was that her son had lost – Hope Logan.  Do you know her, Quinn asked the man.  “Know her?”  he stated,  “I’m her Daddy”  The man was Deacon Sharpe.

First Airdate

This was Sean Kanan’s first airdate in his return to The Bold and the Beautiful under contract.




  1. That is what happend when you don’t merry with a reall minister now Wyatt is in a mess
    Liam is going to be happy very happy if Steffy is not legely merrid he will tallk to her to
    come bake to him. Wyatt will not want to loos his wife to Liam he is going to do every thing
    to make Steffy stay with him. I read some where that my be she will find her self pregnant
    with Wyatt’s baby we kind of heard that story befor with Hope that wanted Liam and stayd
    with Wyatt because she was pregnant and did not want to leave him. I understand that Bill
    is going to help Wyatt with the legal stuff lets see how Wyatt is going to get out of this mess.

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