June 14: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History

2016: Liam tells Steffy they have a chance if her marriage isn't legal...

Tuesday, June 14, 2016 – Episode #7353


Liam Sees An Opportunity To Get Steffy Back

June 14 2016 B&B SpoilersSteffy who is stunned to learn the ramifications of Reverend Rydell’s arrest for breaking into Liam’s house, stares into the fire at the Malibu Cliff house as an excited Liam spells it out for her.  IF Steffy’s marriage to Wyatt isn’t valid, that means she’s free.

Later, when his Dad visits, Liam learns that not everyone is as excited as he is over the legality of Wyatt and Steffy’s nuptials.  Liam gets a taste of what Wyatt’s life has been like, when Bill supports Wyatt and Steffy’s marriage over Liam’s determination to use the questionable legal status of Steffy and Wyatt’s wedding to wind Steffy back.

Bill yells at his son that he can’t change the past, but he can change his behavior moving forward.  But Liam isn’t going to let his father deter him. Showing some of Bill’s Spencer determination, Liam yells at his father that Steffy loves him more then she will ever ever love Wyatt.  You know it, Liam yells at Bill poking him in the chest, and he knows it, Liam finishes.  Clearly, Liam isn’t going to just roll over on this one…He’s lost too much playing Mr Nice Guy so he’s channeling himself some Dollar Bill…

Thomas Finds His Role in Douglas’ Life Hard

Thomas and Caroline have a conversation about the role he wants to play in Douglas’ life.  He may not be able to be his father, but he wants to be a very involved older brother.  Caroline and Thomas seem to be developing a real friendship and bond over Thomas’ sacrifice in regards to claiming Douglas as his son.  Caroline tells Thomas sincerely that she and Ridge really appreciate him putting Douglas’ needs first.

An emotional Thomas admits to Caroline that it is hard; really hard…

Episode Summary:

Thomas and Caroline Bond

Thomas comes inside from a swim.  Caroline tells Thomas Ridge is already asleep.  Parenthood wipes him out.  Caroline apologizes for raising the topic of parenthood.  Thomas says he shouldn’t have to edit herself.  He’s just in a mood.  He’s worried about Steffy.

Thomas thinks Liam is going to try convince Steffy to come back to him, and leave Wyatt.

Caroline asks if Thomas is okay with their secret about Douglas.  He has to be, Thomas says, they agreed what was best.  Caroline says she and Ridge are grateful he has put Douglas needs first.  That’s what a parent does Thomas says.

Thomas looks at a photo of Caroline Ridge and Douglas.  The happy family.  Caroline says they are but its in large part to him.  Thomas says he can see the logic in what they are doing but this is hard; really hard.  They created him, not her and Dad. Caroline feels for Thomas.

They created Douglas and part of Thomas thinks that if they could create Douglas they could do anything.

Bill Threatens to Disown Liam

If you have no reason to stay, you’ll leave Wyatt?  Right?  Steffy is confused.  If the marriage is not valid, you are free, Liam tells Steffy.  Steffy is stunned.  What if I’m actually not married?  Karma Liam says.  Liam can’t wait to see the look on Quinn’s face if everything she’s done is for nothing.  He needs to hear Steffy say that if the marriage isn’t legal she’d come back to him.

Steffy tells Liam that they don’t even know what he is saying is true.  If it is there is a lot ofr her to think about.  Steffy says that she made vows.  The piece of paper doesn’t confirm their marriage, their vows and tattoo’s do.  The tattoo is a permanent reminds she has a man to go home to.

Liam tells Steffy that tattoo’s can be removed or covered up.  Liam gives her a shell to carry with her.  Every time she thinks a tattoo reminds her she’s married she should take out the shell.  The shell is a reminder of how far he will always go to get back to her.  Steffy and Liam hug.  Bill walks in.  He was just with Wyatt ant the city clerk’s office.  Steffy and Wyatt’s marriage is valid.

He’s a better reverend than he is a burglar. Bill tells Steffy its time to go home to her husband.  Steffy leaves  but let’s Liam see that she has taken the shell.

Bill knows this is crap, that it is Quinn’s fault and it never should have happened.  But from here on out Liam is to respect that marriage.

Liam doesn’t understand how Bill isn’t on his side.  He has been his and Steffy’s biggest supported.

Bill says she is now married to Wyatt.  Bill  hates what happened , what Quinn did, but  Quinn didn’t hold a gun to Steffy’s head and make her marry Wyatt.  Steffy and Wyatt fell for each other while he was gone.

Liam rants about all the things he and Steffy have gone through and that they belong together.

Bill yells at Liam that even after all of that he and Steffy never worked out.  Liam can’t change the past but he can change his behavior going forward.  Suck it up he tells his son.  He never wants to walk in and find him in an embrace with his brother’s wife again.  No more hang dog expressions and Bill will not tolerate Liam sulking like a teenager.

Bill says he can’t ground Liam like a teenager but he can disenfranchise him from the family and throw him out of the company.  Respect your brothers marriage or go your own way, Bill threatens his son.

Liam is stunned .  You would really do that?  Liam calls him a cold sob like his father.  Bill says that he has been there for Liam, his father was never there for him, because he was a bastard son or his sister, because of her sexual orientation.  Liam has a choice, Bill says.  But Liam yells that he can’t respect Steffy’s marriage to Wyatt.  She will never love Wyatt as much as she loves him.  Bill knows it and Liam knows it too.

Steffy and Wyatt’s Marriage is Legal

Emmy examines the documents and goes to her computer. According to the state of California Wyatt is a married man.  She tells Wyatt and Bill that Wyatt and Steffy’s marriage is nice and legal. Bills ays he can always count on his girl Emmy.  Wyatt is relieved.

Wyatt arrives home to an empty house.  He texts Steffy.  Steffy comes home.  Wyatt admits that Liam went through a lot.  He thought their marriage was in trouble for a while, but Bill pulled some strings and they checked it out at the city clerk’s office that night.  Rydell is a better minister than he is a criminal.  Their marriage is legal.



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