June 14: The Young and the Restless Spoilers and History

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


June 14, 2016 Y&R SpoilersVictoria confronts Travis about his past.  And she’s furious.  She calls out Travis on lying to her about who he really is. Victoria wonders if he’s been honest with her about anything…

Phyllis and Billy may have agreed that she will tell Jack about them, but will she?  Over at the pool club, Jack is worried to find out from Phyllis that she is upset about Billy.  Concerned Jack wants to know if Billy has done something to Phyllis. Will Jack work out the truth about Phyllis and Billy?

Chelsea and Adam have a conversation about Ian.  Chelsea has a theory about his kindness.

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 Episode Highlights

Chelsea worries about Adam’s Case

Michael tells Chelsea and Adam that Adam testifying on his own behalf is a big risk.  Christine will demonstrate a history of bad behavior and they will lose the jury.  Chelsea is panicked that Ian is their only defense.  He’s a psychopath, but he’s Adam’s only hope.

Chelsea knows how this ends.  Ian will be the last man standing,  Chelsea knows con artists she was one.  Michael thinks that Chelsea is right about Ian having a hidden agenda.  Michael says his goals don’t have to conflict with their though. Adam goes to see Ian to try flush out Ian’s agenda.

Michael tells Chelsea to trust Adam, but its Ian Chelsea doesn’t trust. What if Ian is lying Chelsea wonders.  His defense could not even exist.   Michael says all they need is Ian to do is create the smallest bit of doubt in Christine’s case.

Ian Manipulates

Dr Gates needs to deliver pills to Victor Newman personally.  She tries to get the warden to give her permission. She’s told to write out detailed instructions.  Ian listens.

She writes a note to victor telling him to feign illness so he is brought to her and they can talk about what she is hearing about his case. She gives the letter and meds to the guard.

Victor gets the note but it’s one from Ian taunting him, not Dr Gates.   Meanwhile Dr Gates waits.

Adam arrives to see Ian.  He thinks that Ian is going to be a no show at the trial, escape on the transfer and leave Adam in the lurch.

Phyllis Can’t Break Jack’s Heart

Jack is pleased to get a call from his wife to meet him, but wants to know what’s wrong.  Its Billy, Phyllis says.  She’s supposed to tells Jack she’s having affair but she changes her mind and says she’s worried about Bethany chasing Billy. Jack knows that she wants for Billy what he does.  A woman who really loves him.  Phyllis thinks she is the worst person she knows. She’s going to drop the “Billy” subject.  She needs to go.

Bethany Rails at Billy

Bethany thinks that Billy is a passenger in his own life.  He lets others make decision for him.  Billy throws her out. As she leaves Victoria arrives. She’s come by for a bear. No bear, no sleep. Billy looks for it while Victoria waits.   Billy and Victoria have a heart to heart.

Bethany Runs Into Jack

Jack runs into Bethany at the pool bar.  Bethany guesses he knows.  Jack says he should have seen it coming. Hers is not the first heart that Billy has broken. Bethany is shocked that Jack is concerned about her right now. Then realizes that Jack doesn’t know.  Bethany says that she’s upset about Billy but he’s into someone else and he won’t do anything about it.  Bethany tells him he’s a good guy. Jack agrees,  he has a good life.

Jack Arrives at Billy’s

Phyllis arrives back at Billy’s.  Phyllis tells Billy she didn’t tell Jack. He still doesn’t know. Phyllis says it will break his heart and end his relationship with his brother. Billy says that Jack has to know the truth because he can’t stay away from her.  But Phyllis doesn’t want him to stay away.  The make love. As they start to dress Jack arrives at the door.  They need to talk, Jack tells Billy through the door.

Travis and Victoria Argue then Agree to Go Steady

Travis gets a call and realizes someone paid out his loan.  He leaves a message for Victoria who he thinks made the payment for him.

Victoria comes to see Travis.  He’s angry but Victoria hasn’t checked her messages and doesn’t know why.  He accuses her of bailing him out, but she has no idea what he is talking about. Its wasn’t her. She didn’t need to. He has plenty of money from his days on Wall Street.  He made her feel horrible, meanwhile he was lying to her about who he really was.  Has he been honest about anything she wants to know.

His time on walls street was like a dream at first; the power, the money. He became someone he didn’t recognize or like very much so he left.  It was hard to learn that she was part of that world. He thought Tori would run if she learned that he was one of the people she was complaining about working with.

Travis asks Victoria to go steady with him. Victoria says yes to the former wolf of wall street and bar tender extraordinaire. She warns him about her family before they kiss.

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