June 15: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History

2016: Sasha gets promoted; Bill calls a family meeting 2015: Ivy asks Liam to marry her to prevent her deportation

Wednesday, June 15, 2016 – Episode #7354


Is Nicole and Zende’s Relationship Tested Again?  So Soon?

June 15 2016 B&B SpoilersSasha gets called into the CEO’s office to discuss her future at Forrester Creations. And its all good – for her.  Ridge wants to promote her to lead print model.  It means more photo shoots, more campaigns and more hours, Ridge explains to Sasha.

Meanwhile, down in the photo studio, Zende and Sasha are discussing their relationship.  He tells Nicole that not a lot of couples get a second chance, like they have, and he is really grateful that they do.  But Nicole may sabotage that second chance when she learns about Sasha spending more time with Zende on  a professional basis.

Nicole, may misstep again in her relationship with Zende when her jealousy and mistrust of her half sister has her asking Zende to give up another of his passions; photography, so that he won’t be working with Sasha day in and day out.  Will Zende understand?  Or will he see it as Nicole not trusting him?

Bill Demands Liam Respect His Brother’s marriage to Steffy

Over at Spencer Publishing, Bill has called a family meeting in his office.  By his side is Katie and before him are his two sons Liam and Wyatt and beside Wyatt stands his wife, Steffy.  And yes, despite their minister’s moral compass being called into question when he was arrested for breaking into Liam’s house, Wyatt and Steffy are legally married.

Bill tells Liam that he is sorry for what happened to him, but Wyatt and Steffy are married, and nothing is going to change that Bill reiterates to his son.

The question of the legality of her marriage has taken a toll on Steffy.  With the exception of Bill and Wyatt, she is surrounded by people who keep reminding her that she loves Liam more than Wyatt and that she only married Wyatt because Liam was gone – something Wyatt’s mother is responsible for.

Steffy has remained quiet on her feelings saying only that she loves Wyatt and she meant her vows on the beach on the day of their wedding.  A teary Steffy stands before Liam and tells him that she can’t keep doing this…

Katie also takes the family meeting about respecting marriage vows to cement her own marriage.  She tells Bill that she loves him, and that she knows he loves her.  But what Katie doesn’t know is that Bill had a pretty major shift in attitude last week deciding he’d had enough of Katie’s mood swings and anger.  He decided he wanted to be with Brooke.  And Dollar Bill is a man who knows his mind.  He  isn’t a man who stops until he gets what he wants.

Bill has just told Liam to respect Wyatt and Steffy wedding vows.  Will Bill take his own advice and respect his own?

Episode Summary:

Bill Calls A Family Meeting About Love Loyalty and Respecting Marriage

Bill is fantasizing about Brooke as Katie enters for the family meeting Bill has called.  Steffy and Liam arrive.  Liam is last to arrive.

Bill wants to discuss the business with the reverend.  Wyatt and Liam bicker.  Bill tells them there is an ethic Spencer’s adhere to. Love and respect for each other. He has told Liam this in private already but wants to reiterate it before the entire family.  Bill tells Liam that he will respect Wyatt and Steffy’s marriage.  Is that clear.

He is sorry for what Quinn did to Liam but Wyatt and Steffy are married and nothing is going to change that Bill tells Liam.  Wyatt brought him back to them, Bill reminds Liam.  No one is trying to diminish what Liam went through Katie says.  Katie makes a speech about love and loyalty and commitment is the foundation for their marriage and she wants it to be the foundation of their family.

Bill gives Liam back his Spencer sword.  Liam lets him put it on him.

Brooke enters to tell Katie that Will is now back in daycare.  Katie says she is just in time.  They are talking about love, loyalty, commitment and marriage.

Wyatt will do everything he can to make sure they get along.  Wyatt gets a text he has to go.  Liam has work waiting also, and Katie leaves also.  Bill tells Liam he’s counting on him.  And asks him not to let him down.

Katie tells Bill they can be an example.  They’ve had their ups and downs, but she knows that he loves her and she loves him.  Katie leaves arranging to have lunch with Brooke on the way out.

Bill tells Alison to hold all his calls.  He takes Brooke into a locked room set for seduction.  It was once his private gym, but he’s done a little remodeling.  Clearly he is changing up his fitness routine.  It’s now a bedroom. No one can find them here he tells Brooke.

Katie has recommitted herself to him, Brooke tells Bill.  Again, Bill notes.  He needs this, He needs her.  Bill pulls her into a passionate kiss. Brooke says they can’t.  Bill says they love each other and they aren’t going to deny themselves this.  Brooke says she isn’t going to do this to her sister again.  She watns to know how this is about respecting marriage.  Its wrong.  But Bill wants to know why it feels so right.  He kisses Brooke again.

Steffy Can’t Do This Anymore

Alone, Liam tells Steffy that he can’t just shut off his feelings for his old man.  Steffy says maybe he needs to.  For all their sakes.

Liam was so certain the minister was a fraud and that they would be able to be together. He knows she’s trying to honor her marriage, but she could have been free.  But she’s not.  She made vows to love and honor Wyatt.  They got close while he was gone.  She doesn’t love Liam any less, but she can’t keep doing this anymore; seeing him grasping for hope.  It’s not going to change.  She’s sorry for what Quinn did to them, but he heard his father.

Liam says he will try to do with Bill says; respect her marriage.  He will try, but it doesn’t change how he feels about her.  Not for a second will he ever stop loving her.

Ridge Promotes Sasha

Ridge tells Sasha he wants to not only keep her at Forrester, but promote her; more campaigns, more photo shots and more hours.  Yes, Sasha says.  Ridge tells her she will be working more closely with Zende. Is that a problem Ridge asks?

Sasha says it’s not a problem.  He gives her the wardrobe.  It’s for the lingerie line.

Nicole Doesn’t Trust Sasha

Nicole and Zende are enjoying their second chance at their relationship.  Zende notes not a lot of couples get a second chance.  He’s grateful that they do.

They discuss Maya and Rick leaving LA with Lizzie. Nicole just wants her family to heal.  Conversation turns to Sasha.  Nicole has forgiven her for keeping their father’s secret, but she‘s not sure she can ever trust Sasha again after everything that has happened.

They discuss what Nicole did for Rick and Maya.  She doesn’t regret doing it just that it came between them.  But they found their way back to each other.

Rick comes in with Ridge and announces that Sasha will now be modeling the intimate line for

Ridge asks if Zende is on board. He and Sasha have always worked well together.  Zende thanks Uncle Ridge for the opportunity and Nicole asks Zende to speak along.

Nicoel doesn’t trust Sasha modeling lingerie alone with Zende.  He doesn’t want Zende taking pictures of Sasha in Lingerie.  She needs him to tell Ridge no.


Monday, June 15, 2015 – Episode #7099

Carter is Suspicious of Quinn’s Motives

Quinn tells Carter that Ivy doesn’t want to go back to Australia and Quinn and Ivy are working so well together.  Quinn tells him to get his officiators cap on and marry Liam and Ivy.  Carter isn’t buying Quinn’s concern.  What is her stake in this marriage Carter wants to know.

Quinn says she has a really good working relationship with Ivy.  She was out of work for a long time and doesn’t want to go back to that.  Carter still wants to know what she’s up to.

Quinn reminds him that the new CEO, Ridge isn’t too fond of her. Carter notes that having a Forrester in her corner would help her Carter notes. Quinn tells Carter she’s just trying to help.

Quinn gives him a dress bag – this is Ivy’s wedding dress.  She sends Carter off to marry Ivy and Liam.

Ivy Asks Liam to Marry Her

Ivy tells Liam she knows this is out of the blue.  She swears she thought she had dual citizenship.  She built her life here and doesn’t want it ripped away.  Liam gets it.  Deportation isn’t an option.  Ivy says there is a way to stop this.  Say you’ll marry me Liam says, Ivy.  Ivy says she loses everything if she goes back to Australia – including him.

If he marries her it buys her the time to get her citizenship in order.  Please marry me, Ivy asks.  Please help me.  Ivy is mortified she has to ask, she has to leave within the week voluntarily.  Its not real, she wouldn’t even have to move in – just make it look that way.  You’d be saving my life Ivy says.  Can yo marry me Ivy asks understanding the size of the favor she is asking.

He cares so much about her but marriage is just a leap at this stage.  Ivy says it was the last thing on her mind too. Liam makes is clear this marriage is a limited partnership for a specific purpose.  They are still dating.  Ivy says she can handle that.

There is a knock at the door. Carter says that either he is the magical solution or he has no idea why he is here.  The latter Liam says.  Carter tells them that Quinn sent him to officiate a wedding. Are they getting hitched Carter asks.

Ivy is sorry to put him on the spot, but he’s her only hope.  Its only a piece of paper Liam says but a valuable one if it keeps her in the country.  He thinks they need it .  Liam says he’s no hero, he doesn’t want her to go.

Ivy goes to get dressed.  Carter asks if he really wants to do this.  Liam admits it’s not where they are in their relationship and its an agreement. Ivy arrives dressed.  Carter says the reality and spontaneity of this ceremony will help them.  He assures then that immigration will look into the timing of the wedding.

Liam tells Ivy that Ivy before they go ahead he has to make something clear…Ivy understands – his feelings for Steffy.  She understands this is only for immigration purposes and will end when her citizenship is safe.  When Ivy says she is good with all of it Liam says: Let’s get married.

Wyatt and Steffy

Meanwhile Wyatt is telling Steffy that Ivy isn’t going anywhere, and Steffy needs to move on.  With you Steffy asks.  Wyatt jokes.  I didn’t say that Wyatt says, but now that you mention it.  Steffy deserves better than competing for Liam’s attention.

Quinn Tells Wyatt Ivy and Liam are Getting Married

Wyatt comes in to find his mom humming. Wyatt tells Quinn that Steffy is still hung up on Liam.  Quinn says that may resolve itself soon.  Liam is committed to Ivy and he is making that official. Wyatt wants to know what Quinn did.  She hums the wedding march.  Ivy and Liam are getting married tonight Quinn tells Wyatt.  Quinn fills him in on Ivy’s deportation.  Quinn says this is so up Liam’s hero ally.

Wyatt doesn’t hate it.  Quinn is happy for Wyatt.  It clears the way for Wyatt and Steffy who she thinks is the perfect woman for Wyatt.  Wyatt warns his mother not to do this again…

Ridge and Caroline Receive an Apology

Ridge comes home to find Caroline sketching herself – dancing.  Ridge and Caroline go through her x-rays, showing her injuries.  She is sick of the doctors and rehab and wants to feel like herself again.  So she imagines it.

Ridge tells her that Steffy is coming over to drop off paperwork.  Steffy arrives with cupcakes.  She apologizes to them for making judgments on stereotypes.  Caroline tells her that is gracious of her.  Steffy admits she’s still  trying to get used to them as a couple. Steffy stays for Chinese.



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