June 16: The Young and the Restless Spoilers and History

Thursday, June 16, 2016



June 16 2016 Y&R SpoilersMariah rushes into the Sharon’s ranch house and yells that there has been an accident.  Its awful Mariah tells Sharon who looks shocked.  Mariah tells Sharon she has to call 911 right now.  Sharon rushes to do just that, but its all part of another of Sharon’s dreams about Sage…

Adam Framed?

Dylan turns up at Adam and Chelsea’s apartment and tells the couple that he is following up on a lead that could prove that Adam was framed in Constance’s death.


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Episode Highlights:

Mariah bursts into the ranch house and tells Sharon there has been an accident and Sharon needs to call 911.  Sharon tries, but the landline is dead.  Mariah yells there is a woman and baby int he other car. A bloodied Sage enters angry.  Sharon was supposed to help her and her baby.  Dylan wakes to hear Sharon talking in her sleep.  She’s telling Sage she’s sorry.  When she wakes Dylan tells Sharon she has nothing to be sorry about.

When Sharon tells Mariah about the dream later, Mariah advises Sharon to see a shrink.  Sharon worries about losing Sully if she tells the truth.  Nick arrives  with a package for Sharon, and worries about Sharon’s emotional state.  After Nick leaves Mariah says Sharon needs to decide what she is going to do; hold her family together or tell the truth

When Chelsea won’t relent, Adam admits Ian will only testify on his behalf if Adam helps him the escape from prison. Chelsea says Adam is just like his father.

Summer and Luca learn why Victoria is always late for work.  Victoria introduces her new man.  Luca pulls her aside and wonders what she is doing with the guy who;s trying to bring down there company,  Vicki asks him who he thinks he is.  Meanwhile, over Iced tea, Summer questions Travis about how he and Victoria met

Dylan shows Paul as list or forgers who may have doctored Sage’s journal.  Paul recognizes a name tied to Victor on the list.  Dylan takes the info to Chelsea and Adam, but Adam declares it a dead end; the forger is dead.  Dylan suggests he take a plea bargain, but Adam doesn’t want his son to know him as a murderer.  Chelsea agrees they should fight.

Later Nick sees Dylan at Crimson Lights and tells him he’s worried about Sharon.  Dylan admits that Sharon is having nightmares about Sage.



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