June 16: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History

Thursday, June 16, 2016 – Episode #7355


Bill Seduces Brooke?

June 16 2016 B&B SpoilersAfter lecturing his sons, on family, love and respecting marriage, Bill pulled Brooke into a private room laid out for deduction.  No one will find them there.  Brooke finds Bill’s actions a little contrary to what he just told his sons and tells him this is wrong.  But she doesn’t resist as he pulls her into his arms.

Later, clearly laying on the bed in Bill’s arms, Brooke admits to Bill as he caresses her cheek that she has never felt better.  Yet at the same time she has never felt worse…

Steffy vs Quinn: Again

Quinn just can’t follow simple instructions.  Steffy has told Quinn to stay away from her, but once again Quinn is in the home that Steffy shares with her husband, and Quinn’s son, Wyatt.  She’s looking for forgiveness and to be a part of Wyatt and Steffy’s life.  The same spiel Quinn went through with Hope that culminated in Hope falling down a set or stairs and losing her baby…

But Steffy isn’t pregnant and she’s stronger than Hope. Steffy admitted to Thomas that she hate’s Quinn for changing the direction of her life so she tells her mother in law that she and Wyatt decide who gets a place in their lives.  Steffy emphatically tells Quinn that right now, she doesn’t have one.

Sasha Takes The High Road

It looks like Sasha will put her relationships with her half sister Nicole before her own professional needs.  Sasha was thrilled to receive a promotion that would mean more modeling hours and more campaigns for her. But no everyone was so thrilled.  When Ridge told Zende ,with Nicole present, that he and Sasha would be spending more time together while Sasha modeled lingerie, Nicole asked Zende to turn down the gig as Sasha’s photographer.

Nicole, doesn’t trust Sasha, for good reason, but is it fair to penalize Zende for her jealousies?  Sasha clearly doesn’t think so, because she tells Ridge that he won’t be finding a new photographer, he’ll have to find a new model.

Episode Summary:

Bill and Brooke in Secret Love Nest

Brooke tells Bill what they are doing, this place, isn’t right.  He was just with Katie talking about family loyalty and commitment to marriage.  Bill tells Broke he can’t live without her.  They kiss.

Denying their feelings is hurting them, Bill says.  This is about Brooke, not Katie.  Bill loves her and he knows that Brooke loves him too.  Brooke says this isn’t like last time Katie hasn’t given up on her marriage.

Bill says one way or another they will be together.  He needs this.  They are either together like this or he leaves Katie.  It’s the only way.  They reflect on their love story that ended too soon.  But they can have it back again.  He dreams about her, she’s all he thinks about.

Brooke thinks they made a mistake. He thinks they both need this.  They don’t know what tomorrow will bring all they have is right here. Brooke kisses him.  He unzips her dress and lays her on the bed.  They start to make love in their secret love nest but Brooke pulls back.  Brooke asks him just to hold her for a second.  He’s right.  She does want this but it has to stop. He’s not living without her.  He has tried.  He has been supportive and loyal through he drinking, temper tantrums and insecurities.  He will be a devoted father and stay with Katie but he needs her. He needs her like he needs to breathe. And she needs him too.

Brooke has never felt better and at the same time she has never felt worse.

Wyatt Throws Quinn Out

Steffy comes home to find Quinn cooking in her home. . Steffy tells her she’s not welcome here and tells her to get out of her house.

Steffy doesn’t want to hear Quinn’s logic about what happened and how one days Steffy will see that Quinn actually helped.  She and Wyatt decide who has a place in her life and right now Quinn doesn’t have one.

Quinn thinks they can find a way to get along.  Wyatt arrives. Quinn wants Wyatt to tell his wife that he wants his mother in his life. Wyatt tells Quinn that breaking in isn’t helping Steffy come around.  Steffy wants her key back.  Steffy and Quinn go at it with Wyatt in the middle. Steffy hates putting Wyatt in this position.  She doesn’t want his mother in their lives.  Not now, not ever.  Wyatt tells Quinn that Steffy is his wife and this is her house.  IF she doesn’t want Quinn here then Quinn needs to go.  Wyatt throws Quinn out.

Steffy knows that was hard on Wyatt.  She thanks him.  Quinn watches from outside the window.

The Lingerie Campaign

Sasha thanks Ridge.  Ridge suggests she and Zende take some test shots right away. Sasha leaves but Zende arrives.  He tells Ridge he has to turn down working on the lingerie line. Ridge tells him this campaign could make his career.  Zende explains about Nicole.  Ridge respects Zende’s decision.  He will hire someone else, if that is what he really wants.

Zende and Sasha Make Sacrifices For Others

Nicole can’t forgive Sasha.  Zende says this is business.  But Nicole thinks Sasha will take advantage and she needs him to pass on the lingerie line.

Nicole knows that Zende can be professional, but it also feels like tempting fate.  Zende agrees.  If Nicole doesn’t want him working on the lingerie line with Sasha he won’t.  They hug, but Zende is clearly disappointed.

Zende leaves and Sasha arrives.  Nicole tells Sasha that Zende is turning down working on the lingerie line with Sasha.  Sasha is surprised that Nicole still doesn’t trust her.  Its only been a few days Nicole says.  Sasha t ells Nicole that this is the big break Zende has been waiting for. Don’t take it away from Zende because of me Sasha begs.

Sasha says the lingerie is beautiful and she feels beautiful in it.  Don’t deny Zende this opportunity,  Ridge and Zende arrive.  Zende says he has decided not to take the gig.  Ridge will have another photographer come in.  Sasha says she won’t need another photographer, he will need another model.

He’s an artist, its his legacy.  Sasha loves being a print model more than anything.  Zende thinks he will get other opportunities to prove himself. But this is hers, she needs to take it.


Monday June 16, 2014

The search for Ridge is called off

The local search team leader tells the Forrester’s that the search form Ridge has been officially called off.  Eric is angry and wants the helicopter pilot to face charges.  Since the pilot was Justin acting on Bill’s orders Bill is rightly worried.  Thorne wonders if there is anything else they can do here. Katie is upset and won’t leave Abu Dhabi without Ridge.  Brooke left to go on a walk.  Katie told Bill that it didn’t’ matter who Brooke says she loves, Ridge will always come first.  Upset Katie left with Thorne following.  Alone on the beach Brooke thinks she sees Ridge up the shoreline…

Quinn brings Deacon up to speed

Initially skeptical about Deacon’s claim to be Hope’s father, a quick web search convinces Quinn that Deacon is on the level.  Quinn fills Deacon in on the Hope, Wyatt and Liam and Wyatt being Bill’s son.  She thinks she and Deacon could be good together, but Deacon doesn’t share women with Bill Spencer.

Quinn then fills Deacon in on stopping Bill and Brooke’s wedding.  It seems Quinn believes Deacon is back for Brooke.  Deacon also learns that Ridge is shark bait.

Liam and Wyatt

Liam and Wyatt discuss the state of their relationships with Hope over ice cream.  Wyatt isn’t giving up on Hope.  An attitude that Liam fully understands since he’s been there.  Wyatt is also convinced that Hope won’t be able to stay away from the passion they share for long. Liam tells Wyatt he needs to accept that he and Hope are together no and that nothing will change that.