June 17: The Young and the Restless Spoilers and History

Friday, June 17, 2016


17 June 2016 Y&R SpoilersLily tells Devon that the only thing wrong with Hilary is Hilary.  Lily fills her brother in on the fainting spell that Hilary faked to get Jack’s attention

But Hilary isn’t faking.  There is a problem with the drug an the stress is getting to Hilary.  She yells at Ashley and Dr. Neville.  Her life is on the line and all you two of them are doing is fighting her. She supposes that the probably want her to die .

Kevin goes to see  Mariah at home to confront her.  He knows there is something going on with her.  Kevin tells Mariah that he is not leaving until she tells him  what’s going on.

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Episode Highlights:

Kevin questions Mariah about what is up with her when he arrives to find her and Sharon in a strange mood. Kevin tells Mariah that she can tell him anything.

Dylan tells Nick that Sharon feels guilty for moving on.  She’s replacing Sage at work. Sharon isn’t happy that Dylan is in a sharing mood.

Billy adjusts his schedule so he can spend the weekend with Phyllis.

When Jack tells Phyllis he will miss her while she is in Montreal, she tells him its only for a few days.

Billy and Phyllis have a picnic on the floor of his apartment since they can”t be seen together.  Phyllis has second thoughts.  She wants to cancel.

Hilary demands that Ashley and Neville fix the protocol.  She also notes that Ashly isn’t relapsing.  Ashley is surprised how Hilary is treating the man who hold her life in his hands.  Hilary notes they probably want her to die. Neville is doing all he can however.

Lily tells Devon that Hilary is after Jack and faked a faint to get his attention.  Devon doesn’t believe it. Lily thinks its useless trying to convince Devon.  Cane suggests she will have to show him who Hilary really is.

When Devon asks Hilary about it she says she forgot to eat.  When Jack arrives he supports Hilary’s story.  While jack and Hilary work, Devon notices Jack put his hand over Hilary’s (when her hand trembles). He thinks there is more between Jack and Hilary than business.  Hilary is tired of having to prove herself and tells him not to let Lily do this to them.  Hilary seduces Devon.

Ashley warns Jack about Hilary, but he’s not hearing it.  Ashley tells Jack she wants to come back to Jabot.  Jack takes the opportunity to ask Ashley about paying off a lab tech.  What doesn’t he know?

Nick agrees to let Dylan exhume Constance’s body again.



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