June 17: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History

2016: Bill is a hypocrite 2015 - Liam told Steffy he married Ivy. 2014 - Ridge was found; 2013 - Rick put Bill behind bars;

Friday, June 17, 2016 – Episode #7356


Bill Is Ready to Disrespect His Marriage

June 17, 2017 B&B SpoilersBill and Brooke remain secluded in the cozy little love nest when Liam wants to see his father.  Allison, Bill’s gatekeeper personal assistant repeats to Liam what Bill told her:  No interruptions .  Liam persists but Alison holds her ground and explains that Bill left her strict orders not to disturb him.

Behind two sets of closed doors in what was once Bill’s personal gym and is now his personal boudoir Bill and Brooke are upright and off the bed.  Brooke calmly tells Bill that if they allow their attraction to override their behavior he will be pretending with Katie, they both will; and that will make a mockery of what Bill expects of the rest of the members of his family;  love; loyalty and respect for marriage.

Later at home, Katie remains determined that she won’t fall back into a vicious cycle of booze, temper tantrums and insecurities. In the kitchen, a clear and level headed Katie tells Bill or Brooke (?) that she will be as loyal and supportive of him/her as he/she is of her.

Bill Expects Liam to Respect Wyatt and Steffy’s Marriage

Back at Spencer Publications, Bill has a drink in his hand and clearly Allison has finally let Liam into Bill’s office. Bill has just come out of his love nest with Brooke where Bill was very ready to disrespect his wedding vows.  He has the nerve to tell Liam that he must respect his brother’s marriage to Steffy.  Clearly Bill gets to make the rules, but is exempt from following them.  Bill tells Liam that the battle Liam needs to fight means changing his attitude and respecting the fact that Wyatt and Steffy are married. And Bill keeps a straight face the whole time..


Wednesday, June 17, 2015 – Episode #7101

Liam – the Married Man

Liam and Ivy have breakfast.  She goes on about being a married woman and falling asleep early.  It was the most boring wedding night ever.  She wants to bring over some stuff on the weekend to make the wedding look as real as possible.

Liam makes sure on the same page. They are still just dating nothing has changed.  Ivy tries to reassure him.  She wants to drive into the office together.  But he’s coming in later.  He’s got stuff to take care of.

Ivy wants to cook for her husband tonight.  She kisses him goodbye and leaves.  Liam is clearly having some regrets. H calls Steffy. He really needs to talk to her.  Steffy will be over in a bit.

Steffy Ready to Reclaim Her Life With Liam

Ridge tries to get Steffy’s input on a design but she’s working on photos of her and Liam’s wedding. She’s stopping by Liam’s later in the day with a surprise for him.  Steffy tells her dad that last night was a game changer .  She’s getting Liam back.  She’s going to remind him how good they are together.

Liam calls, Steffy arranges to meet him at the beach house.  She hangs up and tells her dad that it is happening.  She and Liam are getting their life back.  Ridge tells her that too much history is a bad thing.  Ridge isn’t sure it will work out.  He compares Steffy and Liam  to him and Brooke.

Steffy just wants another chance. She wants to relive their life over and over again.  Her and Liam’s future starts today she tells her dad.

Quinn and Wyatt

Wyatt and Quinn are talking jewelry but Quinn is clearly distracted. Quinn is dying to find out about Ivy and Liam.  Doesn’t he want to know if they got married Quinn asks her son.  Steffy will have to move on if that has happened.  Wyatt says Liam isn’t ready to be married again and if he did it was because Liam felt pressured and obligated.

Wyatt doesn’t want anyone who is still hung up on Liam.  He did that with Hope and he isn’t doing it again.  Steffy would welcome Steffy with open arms if he is what she wants – but not just because Liam is off the market

Wyatt leaves and Ivy arrives. Quinn asks if she did it – Did she and Liam marry? Ivy tells Quinn the details of her marriage.  Quinn says that Liam will want to stay married to her.  Ivy thanks Quinn for the dress.  Its not like she and Liam are married on a spiritual level Ivy says.  They have a very clear understanding Ivy says.

Steffy and Liam

Steffy arrives at the beach house with a surprise for Liam.  He’s had some big decisions to make and she knows that he spoke to Ivy last night.  That must have been intense.

She wants to put a smile on his face.  Remind him of the incredible times they shared and the many more to come.  She reminds him of their wedding in Aspen with photos a snow globe and truffle fries and music.  Bob Hope.  Later they’ll go paragliding she says joking. Instead they play a game with toy parachutes; a game that ends in a kiss.

Liam pulls back.   He has something to say.  Steffy pulls out the mood rings they used to get married in Aspen; the surprise ceremony that caught them off guard (now what happened to Hope has happened to Steffy!)

Steffy apologizes for leaving him and not going through he pain of losing their child with him.  She loves him Steffy tells Liam.  They can start again she says.  But Liam has to tell her something – about Ivy.  Something happened last night.  Its not what it seems but he and Ivy got married Liam says stumbling.

No way. That’s ridiculous Steffy says before she gets mad.  You and Ivy?  Married she states angrily.

Wyatt and Ridge

Wyatt is looking for Steffy but finds Ridge instead.  She’s with Liam he says.  Don’t get your hopes up Ridge tells Wyatt.  Steffy is trying to work things with his brother.  Wyatt wants to know how many chances Steffy is going to give that guy.

Ridge asks about Nicole.  Wyatt admits it didn’t go anywhere.  Ridge offers to have Caroline set him up with one of her friends.  Wyatt doesn’t think that will be necessary.


Tuesday June 17, 2014

Katie loses hope

Katie and Throne were having a coffee in a nearby cafe.  Katie was beginning to lose Hope that Ridge would be found alive.  She lamented about Her and Ridge’s plans to marry and never look back beginning a new life together.  Thorne couldn’t think about Ridge being gone after having already lost Darla and Stephanie from his life.  Losing another person so close to him was too difficult to contemplate.  Thorne tried to keep Katie’s spirits up and told Katie that the first thing Ridge should do when they get back to LA is replace her engagement string with an engagement ring.  Katie left to get her cell phone that she left charging in the hotel room.

Ridge was found!

While walking on the beach in Abu Dhabi Brooke thought she saw Ridge wading in the water on the shoreline.  And she did!  Brooke surprised Eric when she brought Ridge with her back to the hotel room.    Brooke told Ridge that she knew he was alive.  She could still feel him. No matter who they were with, they would always be connected Brooke told Ridge.  Brooke was delighted he was alive and that their son had his father back.  Katie arrived at the hotel room to see Brooke and Ridge embracing.  Katie flew into Rides arms, hugged him, caressed his cheek and kissed him.  Ridge seemed unmoved and distant to the reunions he was a party to.

Brooke found Ridge wandering the shoreline of the beach in Abu Dhabi. Ridge was reunited with his loved ones but seemed strangely unmoved by the reunions he was a party too.

Deacon wanted to be Hopes Daddy

Hope filled Deacon in on events in Abu Dhabi once she got over the shock of finding her biological father at the door. Hope told Deacon her focus was on Ridge right now.  Deacon understood telling Hope that he was in LA for good and she would be seeing more of him.  Hope assured Deacon that Liam was good for her.  While they talked Brooke called with the news that Ridge had been found! Deacon left so Hope could spread the news.

Monday June 17, 2013

Rick put Bill in Jail

Rick told Maya that Dollar Bill Spencer wasn’t going to get away with threatening to send her back to jail.  Maya tried to come to a live and let live arrangement with Caroline, but it was to no avail.  Caroline didn’t know her uncle was blackmailing Maya, but if she had, she would have been okay with it.  Caroline told Maya she would put her in jail herself if Maya didn’t leave Rick.

Meanwhile, Rick met Bill Spencer on a HFTF set – a jail cell – Caroline’s idea of sticking it to Maya.  Rick told Bill he could make threats too.  Caroline could lose her job at Forrester if he continued to blackmail Maya.  Bill didn’t back down about putting Maya back in jail, so Rick locked him in the prop jail cell!  Until he promised to leave Maya alone, Rick wasn’t opening the cell.

Liam stunned, Hope looking to the future

While Hope was spouting on about Steffy leaving was her gift to them and things now being how they always should have been she was a little less than sensitive about Liam’s confusion over his wife’s sudden departure for Paris.  One minute Steffy had been talking about having another baby and the next she was gone – to Paris. Hope told Liam that she would wait until he was ready to reconnect and get to know each other again…