June 2: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History

Thursday, June 2 2016 – Episode #7345


Bill Knows About Douglas’ Paternity

June 2 2016 Bold &Beautiful SpoilersAfter overhearing Katie and Thomas discussing a secret that she couldn’t let Thomas not know about (Douglas’ paternity) Bill confronts his wife.  Bill has suddenly become focused on maximizing the return on his paltry 12.5% interest in Forrester Creations and finding dirt on Ridge to oust him as CEO.  And it looks like his wife has exactly what he needs to do that.

Bill asks Katie what exactly she and Thomas were talking about.  Katie spills the beans to Bill, who is also Caroline’s uncle.  Ridge is not Douglas’ biological father Katie tells him.

Vivienne’s Heart Is Not Closed To Julius

Julius calls a family meeting and makes a heartfelt plea to his family.  One think he and Vivienne have always been proud of is their family.  They were united, (really is he forgetting that whole disowning “Myron” part of the family history?) and now they are separated.  He wants to put his family back together.   That starts with making amends with Vivienne.  They have been married over 30 years and he can’t imagine living without her.  He promises Vivienne that he will never disappoint her again.

Vivienne promises her husband that she will move forward with an open heart.  It may be a little bruised and battered but it is not closed to him.

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015 – Episode #7090

Caroline and Ridge

Ridge and Caroline awaken at his loft. She fell asleep after physical therapy. She asks how things went at Forrester. She’s grateful for how he’s taking care of her especially with everything he is going through.

Ridge fills Caroline in on events at Forrester.  Caroline notes that Ridge will be twice as busy – so will she – right by his side.

Ridge is glad Liam has his father’s shares otherwise this wouldn’t be happening.

Eric and Rick

Rick tells Eric that Bill didn’t transfer those shares to Liam.  Ridge doesn’t know that Bill still ahs control otherwise Ridge wouldn’t have gone into business with Bill.  Rick says convincing Bill to side with them is the only shot they have.

Eric says Bill is the last person on earth that he wants to do business with.  Letting Bill in the door is dangerous.  Rick says he won’t capitulate to Ridge.  Rick hates Bill for what he did to Maya and he will make him pay when the time is right.

Rick tells Eric that he’s talked to Maya.  He has his full support.  The last think that Ridge expects is to go to Spencer.  Rick leaves to go see Bill.

The Spencer’s

Bill is buying Liam a new suit.  Katie asks if they aren’t getting ahead of themselves.   Bill says the deal is as good as done.  Liam gets the credit for getting Rick out.  Ivy and Caroline are much better off. Katie says you better ask Ivy about that – since Steffy is back in town as a result.

Katie warns that Steffy is used to getting her way.  But Ivy is pretty gutsy as well.  How does Liam feel about working with Steffy and being involved with Ivy.  Katie tells him that Ivy overheard Steffy telling him she will always love him.

Bill is skeptical that Liam and Steffy can work together without all those old feelings resurfacing and that Ivy is going to buy that.  Good luck with that Bill tells his son.

Liam better be committed to making sure Spencer reaps the benefits of Bill handing over his shares to Liam.  Bills says he needs to keep an eye on Ridge.  Just because he can make a dress doesn’t mean  he can be CEO.

Steffy and Ivy

At Forrester Ivy confirms with Steffy that she is staying in LA. Steffy notes that Rick won’t go down without a fight.  But Rick doesn’t stay have any options.  They discuss the new management team.  Ivy doesn’t have a problem with them working together, but she does have a problem with Steffy making a play for her boyfriend.

Ivy tells Steffy she overhear Steffy telling Liam that she is in love with him and always will be.  Steffy says he will always love her too given all they have been through.  Ivy says Liam has moved on.  Has he, Steffy asks.

Ivy is frustrated with Steffy.  Steffy tells her that Ivy will never understand that she and Liam will always love each other.  They will always have a connection Steffy says.  Liam walks in and Ivy asks if Steffy is right – is Liam still in love with Steffy>

Rick and Bill

Rick storms into Bill’s office.  Bill offers him a binky if he’s going to have a temper tantrum.  He tells Bill that Maya’s story was hers to tell, not Bill’s. He’s cruel and ruthless.  Bill tells him to get over himself. Publishing is his business.  Rick has seen the backlash.  Bill says he’ll worry about his company.

Rick tells Bill he has a proposal that Bill won’t want to turn down.  They need to team up Rick says.  Rick has a once in a lifetime opportunity for Bill.  Rick hates him but he can be ruthless too.  Bill understands that Rick needs his share to swing the balance of voting power.

Join forces with my dad here – and you get to chose Forrester’s next president Rick says sweetening the deal.  And then Ridge would have to answer to him if he chose himself for the role.  Rick asks who he would rather work with;  Him and his dad, or Ridge.


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