June 20: The Young and the Restless Spoilers and History

Monday, June 20, 2016


June 20 2016 Y&R SpoilersDevon decides that all press is good press.  He tells Dr Neville that press now will mean sales later.  But Dr Neville sees things a little differently.  Not if it’s the kind of press that says patients are dying Neville counters…that would put an end to any sales at all…

Jack questions Hilary and realizes that she knows who abducted her.  Tell me who it is, Jack insists.

Once again, Billy and Phyllis are in a state of undress on his sofa when someone comes banging on the door.  This time its Ashley who knows he is home and needs to talk to him and wants him to let her in.

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Episode Highlights:

Mariah is about to tell Kevin the truth about Sully, when Sharon arrive shim and stops her.  Dylan is with her and wonders what is going on. Mariah goes to have coffee with Kevin. Dylan asks what is going on and Sharon covers saying she thinks Mariah is giving Kevin mixed signals.  Sharon and Dylan discuss Sully’s future.

Later. Sharon comes downstairs to see Sage taking her baby back to his father (Nick).  Sharon yells “No”.  She sits bolt upright in bed having had another nightmare. Dylan remains asleep next to her.  Sharon decides to stop taking her meds since clearly they are not working…

Billy and Phyllis dirty weekend gets off to a bad start with cell phones and landlines interrupting their make out session on his sofa.  Bilyl takes care of the phones so they will not be disturbed.  They make love on the sofa but are interrupted when Ashley comes knocking at the door.

Ashley drinks wine with Billy while Phyllis hides. She tells him about returning to Jabot. Billy thinks it’s great.  Ashley works out that Billy has a date and leaves.  Phyllis thinks working with Ashley is the quickest way to let everyone know about them.

Jack wants the truth from Ashley.  Ashley admits that Hilary cut the corners not Ashley and that Hilary is blackmailing Neville like she did Ashley.  Ashley warns Jack off Hilary again.

After making love, Devon wonders what is up when Hilary hides her trembling hand again.  She says she’s cold, but Devon thinks it’s more and offers to talk to Jack about reducing her hours.  Hilary snaps at  him. They argue.  Devon leaves, Jack arrives. He tells Hilary that Ashley told him everything. Hilary cut the corners and she let Ashley take the wrap for it.  Hilary says she was trying to protect someone in her family.  Jack works out they are talking about her kidnapping.  Who was it Jack demands to know.

Meanwhile downstairs, Devon thinks Neville should be at the lab working to take the pressure off Hilary.  Neville has a plan to do just that.  Hilary should leave the drug trial to him. They don’t need to do PR until the drug is approved.

Neil is surprised to learn that Neville told Ashley about Hilary blackmailing him.  He assures Neil that Ashley can be trusted.  Neil thinks they will all end up in orange jumpsuits.  Jack arrives and confronts Neil about kidnapping Hilary.

Ashley learns from Neville that Hilary’s symptoms are getting worse.  He worries about the truth about the drug trial getting out. Hilary arrives and says it already has thanks to Ashley.


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