June 20: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History

2016: Liam questions Bill about a woman's earring he found in his executive bedroom 2014: Ridge returned home from the Persian gulf a changed man 2013: Brooke's Big Bear escape for Liam and Hope didn't turn out 2012: Hope made it to the church, but not on time...

Monday, June 20, 2016 – Episode #7357


Liam Questions Bill About The Earring

20 June 2016 B&B SpoilersOver at Bill and Katie’s mansion Liam is having a chat with dear old dad in the kitchen.  Liam asks about Bill’s new executive bedroom.  Bill spins some story about being alone in there which Liam calls him out on.  Liam asks if Bill was alone in there why did he find a woman’s earring on the bed…

Zende Sacrifices a Big Professional Opportunity for Nicole

Nicole confides in her mother about asking Zende not to photograph Sasha in the new intimates line despite it being an opportunity that could make his career.  Vivienne, likely still smarting form her husband’s own betrayal with Sasha’s mom, tells her daughter  that Sasha prancing around in lingerie?  No way.  She tells Nicole she was very smart not to let that happen.  But Nicole doesn’t look convinced.  She has to know what she has asked Zende to walk away from.  Even though Zende told Nicole he would have other opportunities as a Forrester and was happy to step aside and let this be Sasha’s chance, if Nicole keeps asking this of him, he could to end up resenting her for it…

Meanwhile at Forrester Creations in the photo studio, Sasha, still decked out in lingerie tells Zende that he should be the photographer on this shoot, not Sax (the hip NYC photographer Ridge has hired in Zende’s place) or anyone else.  Sasha tells Zende that she made a stupid terrible mistake that she regrets everyday, and it sounds like she also regrets that her bad choice is costing Zende this opportunity in the name of keeping his girlfriend happy.

Also at Forrester Creations, Steffy is wondering what is going on between Thomas and Ridge.  She tells them that they are her father and her brother, and she deserves to know what is going on.  Fair call, they have no issue telling her what they think about her Liam and Wyatt dilemma…

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Episode Summary:

Liam Finds Bill’s Napping Room

Liam looks at the earring he found in Bill’s bedroom.  What the hell he says as he looks around. The room has a stallion picture on the wall

Allison finds Liam in the room.  Liam asks what this is – it used to be Bill’s private gym.  Allison says its his napping room.  Bill has been reading articles on the health benefits of napping.  Alison notices Liam found Mrs. Spencer’s earring. So this is Katie’s Liam asks.  Definitely Alison says and suggests that Bill and Katie use the napping room because there isn’t always time at home with a little one.

Liam Questions Bill About His “Naps”

Bill arrive him to find Katie and Will making chocolate chip cookies.  Katie notes Bill is in a good mood.  Bill says he feels lighter today,  like everything is in order and he has everything he needs.  Katie says everything he needs is right here.

Katie loves Bill’s commitment to his family and them.  Whatever has gotten into him she hopes he keeps it up.  He plans on it.  This is the man he is going to be from now on.

Katie apologizes. She knows she hasn’t been the easiest person to live with.  She hasn’t been the type of wife he wants to be lately,

Bill says that they all have their issues and its important to find individual fulfillment in live.

Allison calls and tells Bill that Liam found his napping room , his former workout room.  He found a woman’s earring. Alison told him it was Mrs Spencer’s.  He didn’t seem suspicious.

Liam enters just after Bill hangs up.  Good day at work, Liam asks his father.  Katie takes Will for his nap. Liam says that he stumbled upon Bill’s napping room. Bill says he doesn’t need to work out anymore, when Liam asks about his workout equipment.  A couple of pushups and he’s good to go.  Bill does however recommend 20 minute power naps to keep him sharp throughout the day.  If he was alone, then why did he find a woman’s earring on the bed Liam asks.  Didn’t do a lot of napping today did you dad, Liam says.

Of course the earring is Katie’s Bill says, but    Liam was weirded out by the whole set-up and it made him wonder for a second.  Bill says you have to spice things up in marriage every now and again.  Liam tells Bill he is not running to Steffy right now because of Bill’s integrity as a man.  Bill looks a little uncomfortable.

Nicole Appreciates Zende’s Sacrifice But Worries

Nicole kisses Zende as he works.  She thanks him for putting their relationship before everything else.  Nicole thinks he’s very talented and will get another assignment soon.  He already has – photographing shoes for the catalogue.  Nicole says shoes make the outfit.  He admits he was hoping for something more exciting

Nicole admits she was impressed Sasha offered to step down.  Zende said it was too big an opportunity .  he couldn’t let her give it up.

Nicole is grateful that Zende has done this for them.  They hug, but Zende looks disappointed.

Vivienne understands why Nicole feels bad for Zende but Nicole made the right decision.  Sasha prancing around in lingerie infront of Sasha?  Vivienne thinks Nicole was smart not to let that happen.

Nicole hopes it doesn’t push him the wrong way.  Which way is that Vivienne asks, back to Sasha.

Sasha Still Wants Zende

Pam wonders if anyone wears this lingerie.  Thomas jokes with her that it would look good on her.  Ridge arrives with Sax a photographer from New York.  Steffy appreciates Sax stepping in.  They weren’t expecting Zende to drop out.  Sasha says he didn’t really have much of a choice.

While Sax shoots the models Sasha reflects on working with Zende. Sax and Sasha finish their shoot.  He tells her she did a great job.  He’ll get some proofs to Ridge.  Sax leaves and Zende enters.  It wasn’t the shame without him Sasha says.  He should have been the photographer.  Not Sax or anyone else.

Pam brings in the shoes for Zende’s next assignment.  Zende doesn’t blame Nicole for not letting him photograph her in lingerie.

Sasha says that Nicole is asking him not to live up to his full potential. How many more opportunities will she have him turn down in the future.  And you want to be married to that Sasha asks.  She doesn’t think so.  He wants some spice and flavor.  She is still crazy about him.  She’s sorry she lied about the pregnancy it was a stupid terrible mistake and she wishes she could take it back every day.

He was the first and only guy to make her feel she was even kind of loved.  She didn’t want to lose him, and if she’s honest she still doesn’t

Steffy is Suspicious When Ridge Calls a Truce With Rick

In Ridges office Ridge Thomas and Steffy discuss Zende stepping down from photographing the Lingerie line for Nicole.  She wasn’t comfortable with him working with Sasha.  Rick arrives and asks about a new photographer.

Ridge says he’s glad Rick is here.  He calls a truce.  Rick asks what the catch is.  Ridge says his mom is heartbroken at the idea of him leaving town.  And the truth is Forrester wouldn’t be the same without him.  Steffy is as suspicious as Rick.

Rick enters and asks about the new photographer.  Ridge says he is glad Rick is there.  He wants to call a truce. Rick thinks he’s joking.  What’s the catch Rick asks.  Ridge says there is none.  His mother is heartbroken at the idea of him leaving town. And the fact is they need him here that Forrester.  It just won’t be the same without him.

Steffy is surprised as Ridge says Rick is important to the company and the company is important to Rick.  Rick agrees to stay, and he goes to tell Maya the good news.

With Rick gone, Steffy wants to know what that was all about.  Thomas and Rick looks at each other knowingly.

Steffy isn’t buying the change of heart.  Thomas supports his father’s decision. Steffy wants to know what is going on. But Ridge changes the topic to Steffy’s love life and her feelings for both Wyatt and Liam.


Friday June 20, 2014

He’s Alive

Quinn was ecstatic over the news that Ridge was still alive, not because Ridge was live but she believed that it meant Wyatt’s chances with Hope too were still alive.  Quinn stopped by Wyatt’s house to find him still angry with his mother.  She shared the news about Ridge and told Wyatt to get back in Hope’s life.  Call her, Quinn demanded, but Wyatt decided to go in person to see Hope’s smile.

Welcome Home Party

Preparations for Ridges “welcome now let’s jog your memory party” are complete with Pam baking all of Ridge’s favorites.  Aly is belatedly concerned that the party may be too much for Uncle Ridge but Hope assures her they will adapt if Ridge is overwhelmed.  Brooke and Eric arrived first, then Katie with the guest of honor.  Reunions were emotional when Ridge’s family and friends couldn’t remember their last conversations with him but are glad of the opportunity to tell him how they feel about him.

Details of Ridge’s concussion and memory issues were discussed.  Ridge admits he could have handled things better in Abu Dhabi when he got there but he is quickly reminded that he was manipulated by Quinn.

Felicia, Kristen, Thomas and Steffy were mentioned.

Eric agrees

Hope filled Brooke in on making her decision to leave Wyatt and reunite with Liam.  She ended things personally with Wyatt and professionally she has also cut ties with Quinn and Wyatt.  Eric was quick to confirm Rick’s decision to fire Quinn.  Quinn is no longer welcome at Forrester Creations

Hope hugged Wyatt

Since Wyatt turned up, Hope goes to deal with him.  They discuss the news.  Hope hugs Wyatt and from inside where he was talking with Rick, Liam witnessed the embrace…


Thursday June 20, 2013

Hope’s trip to Big Bear backfired

At Big Bear Liam admitted to Hope that he had feelings for her but he also had strong feelings for his wife, Steffy.  Hope realized that it was too soon for her and Liam to be reconnecting on a romantic basis.  Brooke’s plan had backfired.

Carter becomes an Actor

Caroline learned that Carter had a plan for a new career path – as an actor.  Caroline went to an audition with Carter posing as his agent.  When they arrived Caroline found the director was a long time friend of hers from New York – Raphael.  When the actresses Raphael is auditioning don’t fit the bill Caroline tells him she just may have the actress for him.  And she’d be perfect opposite Carter Caroline says reaizing the opportunity she’s been handed.

Brooke convinced Katie to keep Steffy’s Secret

Brooke was adamant that Katie shouldn’t betray Steffy’s trust by telling Taylor about her daughter’s inability to have any more children.  Yes, Steffy’s mother is a therapist but she shouldn’t treat her own daughter any way.  Katie is torn between loyalty to Hope and the sympathy she feels for Steffy.


Wednesday June 20, 2012

Hope made it to the church…but not on time

When the limo sped away without her because Bill paid him off, Hope hitched a ride to the church in the back of a gardener’s truck.  In the village, the truck was stopped by a roadblock (also orchestrated by Bill).  Hope jumped out of the truck and set off at a run towards the church.

At the church a worried Liam decided he couldn’t wait any longer.  With Hope’s cell phone going straight to voicemail Liam was concerned something had happened to her.  Ridge and Brooke tried to reassure Liam, but he left anyway.  Outside Liam ran into Bill and told him he was headed back to the hotel to look for Hope.  Bill called Steffy and told her to get to the hotel – Liam needed her  Hope hadn’t turned up for her wedding.

When Hope finally made it to the church and filled in Brooke and Ridge on what had happened to delay her all Hope wanted to do was get married.  Liam had gone to the hotel looking for her, Hope was told.

Deacon felt remorse

Allison found Deacon in Hope’s hotel room looking guilty.  Allison told Deacon to get over it and wait for her at the farmhouse. She checked in with Bill who told Allison to keep Hope from getting to the church.  After making a few calls she left a note on the dresser…

Liam arrived back at the hotel and so did Steffy

At the hotel Liam found the note that Allison had written and assumed it was from Hope.  “I love you, but I can’t do this.  I’m sorry.”  A devastated and angry Liam threw the note and then started to leave Hope an angry message on the tablet.  Anger overcame him as he remembered the last time Hope had dumped him, and he threw it into the corner of the room.

Steffy arrived and Liam told her immediately that Hope had left him – again.  Liam acknowledged that his father had been right about Hope all along.  Steffy couldn’t quite believe that Hope would miss her wedding.  Steffy and Liam hugged.

Katie called Bill

Upon learning about Marcus overhearing a conversation between Bill and Justin about sabotaging Hope and Liam’s wedding, Katie called Bill and reminded him he had promised not to interfere.  Bill stated that he was at the church waiting for the wedding to begin…