June 21: The Young and the Restless Spoilers and History

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


June 21 2016 Y&R SpoilersAt the club, Lily asks Devon what is going on. A serious Devon replies that they may all be going to jail.

Victoria announced that she is here. Travis agrees that is true.  Now he just has to figure out why she’s here.

Jack tells Ashley that this is a calculated plan that has ended up in a string of felonies. He wonders if his sister really expects him to look the other way?

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Episode Highlights:

Billy tells Phyllis he loves her.  She wants to make the most of their last night together.

Faith comforts Nick and tells him he’s not alone.

Jack confronts Neil about kidnapping Hilary and keeping her in his boathouse while she was in a coma.  Neil admits it’s true.  Neil sends Devon away while he and Jack talk.

When Lily finds Devon she asks what is wrong.  He tells his sister they may all be going to jail.

Hilary confronts Ashley about telling Jack what she did. If Jack goes to the police the drug trial is over Hilary reminds Ashley.  Jacks anger with Hilary was diffused when she told him about Neil kidnapping her.  Hilary says she was protecting her family and Ashley has compromised that by shooting off her mouth to Jack. Hilary and Ashley disagree on whether Jack will turn Neil in for his crime.

At the bar, Neil wants to turn himself in. Ashley tells Neil to wait until Jack makes a decision. Devon wonders if he ever really knew Hilary at all leaving Lily relieved.

Jack tells Hilary he won’t be reporting Neil to the police.  The drug trial has to continue. Hilary needs the treatment and she needs her husband to get through it.  But Hilary doesn’t think Devon will be there for her. She betrayed Neil and Devon won’t forgive her for betraying his father.  Jack tells Hilary he will be there for her.  Hilary pushes Jack out of the apartment.  She doesn’t need him.  Jack, through he closed door begs her not to shut him out.  What Jack can’t see is Hilary smiling smugly…

Summer wonders about Victoria’s bad mood. Luca thinks it’s her new boyfriend. Summer apologized to Travis and tells him where he can find Victoria.  But Travis isn’t impressed with how Victoria does business. Its too much like her father.  Lies and spin.

Victoria wonders if she handled the oil spill correctly, but suggesting the rig was sabotaged. Nick wonders if Travis is the reason Victoria is second guessing herself. Victoria explains Travis history as a Wall Street tycoon.  He walked away from that and now he is questioning who Victoria is. Nick thinks if Travis is making Victoria consider the ethics of a situation then Travis is just what the doctor ordered.

Victoria returns to Hanks Bar.  She can’t stop being a Newman but she can change how she does business she tells Travis.  She likes him holding her to a higher standard. They kiss.


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