June 21: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers, Recaps and History

2016: Liam holds Bill up as an example of a good marriage 2013: Hope met Wyatt (naked at Big Bear) 2012: Liam planned to run off with Steffy when Hope stood him up at the church

 Tuesday, June 21, 2016 – Episode #7358


Steffy Accuses Bill of Playing Favorites with His Sons

June 21 2016 B&B SpoilersWhen Bill Spencer chooses to go see Steffy at her place of business, unannounced, she tells him to call and make an appointment.  It doesn’t stop Bill from closing the door and entering anyway.  Steffy continues that he should be advised that she won’t let Pam give him an appointment.  He’s already made his point.

Clearly Bill Spencer doesn’t leave.  Their conversation covers old ground about Liam needing to back off and respect Wyatt and Steffy’s wedding vows.  Steffy stands and looks Bill in the eye and takes a leaf out of Quinn’s book.  Steffy tells Bill that he should stop playing favorites with his sons.

Meanwhile at home, Liam is discussing the same situation with someone else.  Liam seems to have taken his fathers and Katie’s talk of loyalty, commitment and respecting marriage to heart.  He told his father that he will try to get on with his life without Steffy, not because of Wyatt but because of the example he has set in his own marriage.  Liam noted that Katie certainly gave him plenty of reason to walk away, but Bill honored his commitment and supported his wife through her problems (drinking, insecurities and temper tantrums about Brooke wanting Bill).

Liam is holding Bill up as exemplary in the field of marriage (while he’s continuing a relationship with Brooke in secret).  Liam says that maybe marriage is that big and that worthy of respect…

Sasha Wants to Do Some Good for Zende

Meanwhile, Nicole and her mother continue to discuss Nicole’s predicament regarding Sasha nd Zende working together.  Nicole may not like that Zende is photographing Sasha as she models the intmate line, but she worries about the message she is sending.  Nicole is okay with everyone knowing that she doesn’t rust Sasha, but shouldn’t she trust her boyfriend, Zende?

Nicole will have to work out what is more important, since all that is really happening is that Zende is being punished for Sasha’s history of bad choices.

And Sasha knows this.  She tells Zende that she appreciates all the chances he gave her and all the good he did for her.  Now Sasha wants to reciprocate and do some good for him…

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Episode Summary:

Liam Has A New Vision of Marriage

Thomas and Liam have been surfing. They return to Liam’s house

Thomas says that he thought Liam was the type to kick down a drawbridge to get to his sister. Why doesn’t he, Thomas wants to know.

Liam says its because of his father. He describes Bill commitment to his marriage despite Katie not necessarily making life easy for him (with her big heart she wasn’t born with that keeps her health on a roller coaster). When Liam sees that he thinks maybe marriage is that important.  Even a stolen one that wasn’t meant to be, Liam states with some regret.

Thomas heads out. Thomas impressed that he respects his brother’s marriage. His dad has shown him there is something sacred about the promises made in marriage. Even if you make them to the wrong person for the wrong reasons.

Bill Tells Steffy to Respect Her Marriage

Bill arrives at Steffy’s office. She tells him to make an appointment but she’s going to tell Pam not to give him on.

Bill doesn’t make appointments with family.

Before Bill starts giving her unsolicited advice, she has some for him. Stop playing favorites with your sons.  Wyatt was the black sheet, but now its Liam; because he “smells” of Quinn.

Steffy tells Bill to leave them all alone. Bill says not until she stops doing what she is thinking of doing. You’re not leaving Wyatt Bill tells her. She’s the only one who has the power to upend his son’s lives.

Steffy says Quinn manipulated all of them. Bill says that may be true, but she fell for Wyatt and married him all on her own.  Bill says she needs to respect her commitment, and not let Liam come to her.

Alone, Steffy remembers Liam running down the beach to her when he returned. Liam arrives. Steffy says Bill was just here and tells Liam that he doesn’t belong here. Liam reminds her that she can have her tattoo removed.  Those vows were said under false pretenses.

Liam says he is trying to do what his father said, and respect her marriage, yet he still had to come here and see her. She’s all he thinks about.  He’s always going to want her.  That is what he is married to now.  Steffy wipes away a tear.

Bill Will Only Stay Married If He Has Brooke On The Side

Brooke arrives home. She is in her bedroom.  She remembers being with Bill in the past. Brooke has had a shower and is dressed in her robe. She remembers being in Bill’s arms in the secret room.

Brooke brushes her hair. She sees Bill’s reflection in her mirror.  She’s shocked he’s just walked into her house and her bedroom. Are you insane she asks.  His driver dropped him off.  Brooke says Rick and Maya will be back with the baby soon.

Brooke tells Bill she is not an option, Bill says it’s a necessity. He will stay married to her sister, but only if he has her, and she has him. Brooke says they can’t have it both ways, but Bill says that is exactly what they are going to do.  They kiss passionately.

Bill tells Brooke he loves her. Brooke can’t go through what they did before. Bill says everything is better since they stopped fighting it. Katie is happier, he is happier. Brooke tries to tell him she’s not happy.  But he asks if a visit from her stallion really doesn’t make her day.

They kiss again.

Vivienne Supports Nicole’s Decision

Vivienne tells Nicole she didn’t overreact. You never give a woman any chance to do again what Sasha did to her.

Nicole thinks that Sasha is sorry for lying. Vivienne is for giving Sasha the benefit of the doubt but there is no doubt that Sasha wants her young man.

But Nicole thinks she cannot trust Sasha, but shouldn’t she trust Zende.

Vivienne leaves to go home to Julius. They are working on things.

Zende Would Give Up Much More For Nicole; Sasha Thinks He Shouldn’t Have To

Zende tells Sasha that photographing shoes isn’t so bad. Sasha says he was supposed to have the lingerie line and now he is stuck doing this.  Sasha feels terrible, but she manages to make him laugh about shoes being beneath him except for the ones he’s wearing.

They end up having fun together as Zende photographs the shoes. Zende continues his work alone.  Nicole enters.  She feels awful and petty for not wanting him to work with Sasha.  She wishes she could trust Sasha, but she doesn’t.

They discuss the sacrifice that Zende made. Zende can talk about sacrifices and goes over all the wonderful things Nicole has done; giving her sister a baby and leading the crusade to get Sasha accepted as part of the family.

Zende says he would give up much more than a fashion shoot for her. They kiss and hug, but Zende looks at the shoes unimpressed.


Friday June 21, 2013

Caroline found a new ally

Caroline convinced her friend Raphael that Maya would be the ideal actress to star along Carter in his new web series.  Caroline noted that Carter was interested in May so their would be instant onscreen chemistry for the love scenes between the duo.

He would also be helping Caroline out she told him. Caroline was sure that Rick was “the one” and if Maya was involved with Carter, Caroline was sure she would win Rick back…

Hope spied a naked guy at Big Bear

It became clear very quickly that it was too soon after losing his baby and Steffy leaving him, for Liam to reconnect with Hope.  Hope went for a walk in the wilderness to give Liam some time alone.  As she walked Hope came upon a naked young man taking a solar shower in the woods.  Hope finally found some girlish fun and snapped a photo of the young man with her cell phone.

The man heard the click of the phone in the silence of nature and saw Hope.  Hope realizing she’d been spotted turned and ran.  The handsome young man went after her realizing she’d taken a photo of him in the buff.  Running through the woods Hope tripped and fell.  She hit her head rendering herself unconscious…

Darin Brooks first appeared as Wyatt Fuller (eventually, Spencer)


Thursday June 21, 2012

Liam and Steffy run off to Turkey?

Liam showed Steffy the note Hope had left him.  Steffy hugged an upset Liam. Bill called Liam and Liam told Bill that Hope had walked out on him and that Bill had been right about Hope all along. Looking at Steffy Liam decided at that moment that Bill had likely been right about everything.  When Bill asked if Liam was alone Liam admitted that Steffy was with him.

Bill told Liam to grab Steffy and meet him at the jet – they were getting out of Italy. Liam asked Steffy to go with him.  Steffy thought that Liam should at least talk to Hope and find out what happened but Liam told Steffy he’d had enough of the pills, the lying, the moving in and the moving out.  Liam told Steffy  he was sorry for what he’d done to Steffy and took her hands and heard wedding bells!

Steffy admitted it was her phone.  She’d programmed it to chime when he and Hope were to be married.  It signified the end of their relationship.  Liam told Steffy they weren’t over – just getting started.  They kissed and fell onto the bed…

Hope went looking for Liam and found him

Meanwhile, after having a discussion about Deacon with Ridge and Brooke at the church Hope headed back to the hotel to find Liam.  Ridge and Brooke followed.  Bill offered to stay at the church in case Liam turned up there, but in reality he headed to the airport where he instructed his pilot to take Steffy and Liam to Turkey where he had a gullet waiting for them.  Liam and Steffy would be incommunicado for a week while they sailed…

Back at the hotel Hope knocked on the door.  Liam and Steffy broke apart from making out and Steffy hid in the bathroom.  A disheveled Liam answered the door and asked Hope why she was still in her wedding dress.  Because it was her wedding day Hope stated and excitedly proceeded to tell Liam all that had happened.  Liam told Hope that he thought she’d walked out on him because of the note she’d left.  Hope looked at the note and told him she didn’t write it – her father probably left it for her!

Hope hugged Liam and promised she would never stand him up.  She was sorry for what he’d gone through but nothing had changed – they were getting married – today!

Steffy listened from the bathroom with tears in her eyes.


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