June 22: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Brooke Tells Bill There Is No Honor In What He Is Doing

Wednesday, June 22, 2016 – Episode #7359


Katie is Blissfully Unaware

june 22 2016 B&B SpoilersBill has his life planned.  He will act as a loving husband and father to Katie, keeping his family together, and on the sly he will seek individual fulfillment in Brooke’s arms.  That’s the plan anyway.  But Brooke seems to be resisting.

Bill stands in Brooke’s bedroom, with Brooke dressed in a robe and tells her that they love each other; that she can’t deny it.

But Brooke has never denied that.  In fact it was Brooke’s telling Bill that he is the great love of her life that started the latest round of Katie’s downward spiral. Katie overheard and unable to cope with her sister and husband betraying her a second time, Katie hit the bottle.

Brooke lays out the logic for Bill.  He wants Liam to respect Wyatt and Steffy’s marriage and yet, here they are disrespecting his.  Brooke asks Bill where the honor is in that.

Meanwhile Wyatt is visiting with Katie.  Katie told Bill that whatever had gotten into him, he should continue with it, because Katie liked the man he was right now.  With a smile on her face, Katie tells Wyatt that life in the Spencer household couldn’t be better right now…

Steffy Tells Liam She Wants Her Marriage to Wyatt

Steffy defends her relationship with Wyatt to just about everyone.  Today its Liam’s turn.  Liam still wants Steffy to be with him even though he is struggling to be the man his father wants him to be.

Steffy tells Liam, that yes, she and Wyatt got caught up in something (of Quinn’s making) but it doesn’t mean that what Steffy feels for him isn’t real.

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Monday, June 22, 2015 – Episode #7104

Ivy Can’t Be Deported

Liam asks what the immigration guy said.  Ivy is about to tell him but is interrupted by Quinn stopping in to see Ivy.  She needs her opinion on some designs. Quinn claims responsibility for sending Carter to marry them.  She calls Liam a rescue ranger.  It just shows how much he loves Ivy says.  Quinn is pleased she can help in a small way.

Liam gets a text.  Ivy tells him to go.  She will talk to him when he gets back.

Ivy tells Quinn she can’t be deported she doesn’t need to be married to Liam.  Ivy runs Quinn through what happened. The immigration officer admitted he made a mistake.  Ivy does have dual citizenship.  Ivy says Liam need to know the truth.

Quinn of course doesn’t want that.  She gives Ivy a bracelet as a wedding gift.

Quinn tells her the agent could come back and admit he made another mistake. Quinn encourages Ivy to be quiet and not screw it up.  Liam needs saving from himself.  He and Steffy have never worked out before and Ivy is Mrs Liam Spencer.  Don’t cave in Quinn says.  You can have it all if you want it – just don’t say anything to Liam Quinn tells Ivy.

Steffy, Wyatt and Liam

Wyatt pulls out of the kiss.  Steffy says not to say sorry, she couldn’t take another sorry from a Spencer right now.  Wyatt hugs a Steffy who is upset over Liam marrying Ivy.  Quinn sees them hug and quickly leaves.

Steffy and Wyatt move inside.  Its just a ploy to keep Ivy in the country Wyatt says,  but Steffy says this could take years – Liam will try to make the marriage work.

Wyatt tells Steffy if that Liam felt the same way as Steffy he wouldn’t have married Ivy.  He fell in love with someone else while she was gone.  Steffy says that Liam wants to make it work with her that the marriage doesn’t mean anything.

Wyatt asks if she told him to go to hell.  Steffy admits that she won’t go down that road again.  Wyatt tells her its time to get a new man.  Wyatt hugs and Liam enters.

Liam needs to talk to her alone. Wyatt leaves.

Where’s the Mrs. Steffy asks.  That should have been us (who got married) Steffy spits at her ex husband.  Liam has to tell her something.  When she left Ivy asked if they could make the marriage work.  Liam agreed because Steffy was done with him.  Steffy says that his marriage is not for show anymore then.  Do you love her Steffy asks.

I love you, Liam says.  He spent a long time lying to himself about that. It took this false marriage for him to realize that.  If there is a chance for them then he can’t do it.  Steffy says its already over.  Liam turns it around on her and reminds her that she left him.

He swallowed all his feelings until she came back.  He can’t deny what they bring to each other and what they are to each other. Liam did tell Ivy he would try to make the marriage work, but he thinks this is fixable but he needs to hear from her that she wants it too.

She wants to believe him but he always does this.  Different girl, same situation.  Liam says if Steffy gives him a sign he will figure it out.  Steffy tells him to go home to his wife.  He can only tear up marriage papers so many times to convince her.   Liam leaves.

Wyatt arrives.  She wants Liam to be happy but she won’t compete for him.  Wyatt says she shouldn’t have to compete with anyone.  Steffy won’t share Liam with his wife.

Katie and Bill

Katie and Bill discuss Rick reign as CEO being over.

Bill tells Katie that he wants Liam to do the interview about Steffy being back at Forrester.  Bill admits Wyatt is interested in Steffy.  Katie is surprised.  Bill says Liam and Steffy belong together, but Katie thinks Liam is committed to Ivy.

Bill calls Wyatt.  Wyatt has news for him.  Your son went and got himself a wife.  Liam doesn’t have US citizenship so Liam married her to save the day.  Wyatt wishes he could see the news on their faces.  He has to go pick up the pieces of Liam telling Steffy…

Katie notes Bill was blindsided.  They both say how impulsive Liam is.  He always has to play the hero Katie notes.

Liam Arrives Home – Will Ivy Tell the Truth?

Liam arrives home.  He asks what Ivy was going to tell her about the agent.  Ivy is torn about telling him the truth or not.  Ivy reflects on Quinn’s words to keep quiet while Liam reminds her immigration can’t threaten her.


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