June 23: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Thomas: My Father Stole My Son From Me

2011 - Ridge proposed to Taylor; 2014: Ridge came home 2015: Ivy kept her secret...2016: Thomas has to live with his father stealing his son from him;

Thursday, June 23, 2016 – Episode #7360


Thomas Has to Live With His Father Stealing His Son From Him

June 23 2016 B&B SpoilersWhen Bill Spencer, backed by Brooke, threatened to expose the truth about Douglas’ paternity, Thomas stood by his father and Caroline and agreed that wasn’t in the best interest of Douglas.  And that the secret wasn’t Bill’s to divulge.  Bill traded his and Brooke’s silence for Ridge treating Rick better at Forrester Creations to prevent Brooke’s heart from being broken when her son and his new family left town.

Bill and Brooke got what they wanted.  And so did Thomas, Caroline and Ridge.  Their secret is safe.  Or is it?

Thomas is still struggling with the fact that he has a son,  that he has had an innate connection to since before his birth, who he is allowing to be raised by his father.  Thomas and Ridge haven’t always had the best relationship (read the 2011 entry below for just one example), and even now, Caroline spends a lot of time smoothing the waters between Ridge and Thomas in the name of protecting her infant son from growing up with a life of scandal.

Can Thomas keep up the lie and live in the same house as his son, who the world believes to be his brother?  It looks like it’s getting harder and harder for Thomas to deny his feelings the longer he knows the truth.  An emotional Thomas tells someone (likely Caroline) that he has to live everyday knowing that his father stole his son from him.

Caroline hasn’t fully believed in Ridge’s plan to raise Thomas’ child as his own from the outset, but she stood by her husband’s plan.  Thomas and Ridge remain at constant odds over the issue now that Thomas knows the truth.  Caroline feels guilty over taking his son away from Thomas, who clearly loves Douglas.  An emotional Caroline tells someone (Thomas and/or Ridge) that she thinks they just need to be honest; honest with everyone about who Douglas’ father really is.

Liam Wants To Use Spencer Publications Power for Good

Liam is in a meeting at Spencer Publications, likely with Bill and Wyatt. Liam has always had a softer heart that his father and brother, who are all about the deal and getting things done.

Liam’s experience with Quinn looked to have hardened him .    But the old Liam seems to be reasserting himself.  Not only has Liam convinced himself that Bill is a paragon of virtue when it comes to marital commitment , but he now wants to use Spencer Publications power and resources to make a difference in the world.

How will Bill and Wyatt, the deal makers feel about that?

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Episode Summary:

Steffy Confides in Caroline

At work Steffy remembers marry Wyatt, and reuniting with Liam on the beach after he’s been kidnapped.  Caroline arrives with Douglas. Caroline needs some grown up time.

Caroline wants to know how things are going with Wyatt and Liam.  Steffy knows she can have a wonderful future with Wyatt.  She hopes that Liam realizes how much Steffy appreciates their time together.

They debate about whether Spencer’s or Foresters are more complicated.

Caroline says what happened to Liam was terrible and no one expects him to recover overnight.  Wyatt was there for Steffy when she got those text messages Quinn sent.  She thought they were over and Wyatt was there for her Steffy says.  Steffy says it feels good to be open and honest about her feelings.  Keeping secrets doesn’t help anyone Steffy says.

Liam Wants to Donate Spencer Profits; use Spencer Publications for Good

Bill reminds Liam that he needs to respect his brother’s marriage.  Liam is talking about the company though.  He wants to consider what their role is.  He thinks they can have a bigger role on a bigger stage.

Bill is all for expansion, but he has to understand the risks and expense associated with it. But Liam wants to use Spencer’s power and resources to make a difference in the world, not expand and diversify their revenue streams as Wyatt supposes.

They could create a meaningful change in the world, but gifting a significant portion of their revenue to their Foundation that may or may not have to be started.

Bill says he doesn’t believe in handouts and flushing his profits down the toilet. Wyatt thinks that Liam wants to forget that they are in the business of making money.  Liam says charitable activity is a tax writ-off and good PR to offset their click-bait trash journalism that Liam thinks damages their reputation.  Wyatt reminds him it makes a lot of money.

Wyatt says what Liam wants to do sounds good in theory.  Bill says they don’t have to change anything.  They are on top, and he’s not going to change anything right now.  Bill and Wyatt disagree with Liam’s plan.

Steffy arrives.  Liam says her timing is great; he needs someone on his side.  He wants to gift our profits to charity and stop publishing gossip because it has no social redeeming value.  Regardless of how profitable it is Bill adds. Liam says he’s run the numbers and there is an upside that can’t be measured.

Bill makes a decision.  The bottom line is the bottom line.  But Liam still wants to start a foundation to address society’s issues. Spencer has enough power and money to change the world.  But Wyatt thinks

Steffy notes that Forrester has charitable activities.  Liam says he’ll start the foundation on his own.  It’s the only thing that makes sense.  Wyatt thinks this is crazy.  Liam asks Steffy what she thinks.

Thomas Wants to Tell the Truth About Douglas; So Does Caroline

Ridge arrives home to talk to Thomas.  Thomas called him to talk to him about Douglas. Thomas tells Ridge he can’t do this anymore, but Ridge thinks the situation is sorted.  Thomas can’t keep lying about this.  Bill, Katie and Brooke already know the truth.  Someone will slip up or Bill will use it as leverage against them.

Thomas doesn’t think what they are doing is the right thing to do.  But Ridge thinks they have an agreement.  Thomas disagrees.  They don’t.

Ridge reminds him he wasn’t raised by his biological father.  Thomas says its different.  Eric and Massimo didn’t  know that Ridge was Massimo’s son.  Thomas and Ridge know about Douglas.

Ridge becomes resentful again and brings up what Thomas did to Caroline the night Douglas was conceived.  Thomas says Ridge broke Caroline’s heart.  He was just trying to be there for her. He can’t use that night to take his son away from him.

Ridge Thomas he needs to get back to the plan. Thomas says Douglas is his son.  Thomas is done letting Ridge push him round and call the shots.  He will have Douglas birth certificate changed.  He will take this to court if he has to.

This secret is too much Thomas says.  For all of us.  Its time for the truth to come out.  Ridge is adamant it won’t.

Caroline comes in with Douglas.  Ridge tells Caroline that Thomas doesn’t want to keep the secret anymore.  Ridge reminds him that Ridge isn’t the only one asking.  He heard Caroline beg for Bill to keep the secret.  The secret stays a secret Ridge says, but Thomas think too many people already know.

It kills Caroline to see them arguing about this.  They all love Douglas and want what is best for him.  Caroline tells Ridge she loves him so much and that he wants to protecttheir family and their privacy, but Caroline says Thomas is right.  They need to be honest about who Douglas’ father really is.


Tuesday, June 23, 2015 – Episode #7105

Bill and Katie

Bill wants to know from Katie why his adult sons don’t ask his advice before making bone headed decisions.  Wyatt enters. Liam’s phone is off and Bill wants to know why Liam is married to Ivy.  Wyatt doesn’t know why he’s surprised.  Liam rescues small animals and women.  And he may have had a little help from Wyatt’s mom.  What does crackpot Quinn have to do with this Bill wants to know.

Quinn looks out for Quinn and Wyatt Bill and Katie note.  Quinn agrees Quinn wants Ivy to be happy.

Later, alone, Bill says that Wyatt and Steffy are a bad idea.  Liam won’t be with Ivy a moment longer than he needs to be and Wyatt will get his heart stomped on again.  Katie notes that there may be a time when Liam is available and Steffy is not.

Deacon and Quinn

Deacon surprises Quinn at work.  She’s working on wedding rings for Ivy and Liam.  They are warnings for interlopers she tells Deacon.  Stay Away.

Quinn and Deacon discuss Ivy and Liam’s wedding.  Quinn says how and why the wedding starts at doesn’t have to be how it ends up.  Deacon wants to know why Quinn cares.  She doesn’t even like those two.

Quinn is warming up to Ivy. Deacon isn’t buying it – he wants to know the angle she’s working.  Quinn agrees she only cares about Ivy and Liam as a couple as far as it affects Wyatt. With Liam committed to Ivy there is room for Wyatt and Steffy to become a couple.

Quinn fills in on the bureaucratic snafu – Ivy has dual citizenship.  The reason Liam married Ivy is null and void.

Ridge and Steffy

Ridge is stunned that Liam married Ivy.  Steffy is now done.  She doesn’t’ care if there was a reason for the wedding. She isn’t going to be the chick on the side waiting for him to sneak away from his wife.  Ridge agrees Steffy deserves batter and he is going to let Liam know that.

Steffy won’t put her life on hold to share him with another woman – particularly when she’s his wife. Steffy just wants a normal guy who is committed.  Ridge is glad she is putting a higher value on herself.  Father and daughter hug.  Wyatt arrives and Ridge leaves.

Wyatt says he overheard a bit of their conversation.  She’s in the market for a wonderful committed guy.  Her e he is – right on cue Wyatt says.  She’s not ready to start dating.  He knows that – that’s why he hasn’t asked her out yet.  Steffy likes his confidence.

Liam and Ivy

Liam asks what He needs to know about the immigration officer and what he said.  Ivy is distracted and starting to freak Liam out. We shouldn’t be married Ivy finally tells Liam.  If it weren’t for her immigration problems he would be free to pursue his feelings for Steffy.

Liam won’t lie about that.  But he won’t stand by and see her kicked out of the country. But he’s in love with Steffy Ivy states.  Ivy says she will have annulment papers drawn up, by Carter.  Liam agrees it’s not an ideal start, but he agreed to make their marriage work. Liam asks if knowing how he feels about Steffy makes Ivy want out.

Ivy is eternally grateful him marrying her is the most selfless act she’s seen from anyone.  She loves him so much and admits it hurts knowing he has feelings for Steffy.  He can’t help his feelings like she can’t help hers.  That he’s willing to give their marriage a shot may be enough.

Later while alone in the bedroom, Ivy gets a call from Quinn – checking in. She hasn’t told Liam yet, but she’s about too – everything about deceiving Liam feels wrong. Quinn asks if Ivy is going to gift wrap Steffy and hand her to Liam?  Hold onto this opportunity Quinn counsels.  Liam married her because he loves her, Quinn reiterates.

Outside the bedroom however Liam is holding the mood wedding rings from his wedding to Steffy in Aspen and reflecting on their relationship.  At Forrester Creations Steffy is doing the same.

Ivy comes out from the bedroom and joins Liam.  They hug.


Monday June 23, 2014

Welcome Home Ridge

Ridges homecoming party is an excuse for everyone to catch up.  Aly told Thorne she is doing well and Thorne told Aly that he and Taylor were still together.  Wyatt, who had turned up uninvited was told by Liam to leave.  Wyatt was trying to manipulate Hope, Liam reasoned,  when he should just respect her decision.  Hope assured Liam that she’d made it clear to Wyatt that Liam was who she wanted to be with.

Brooke made a toast to Ridge being safe and with the woman he loves. Brooke told everyone she could now see how much love there is between Katie and Ridge.  Ridge thanked everyone.  He had much still to work out.  He wouldn’t be returning to work immediately.  Ridge spoke about the fall and it being dark and quiet and the fear he felt. His friends and family gave him the will to survive Ridge said.  Ridge told Katie he loved her and couldn’t wait to marry her.

Quinn on the outs

Bill finds Quinn and Wyatt’s place.  Quinn catches him up on Hope dumping Wyatt and going back to Liam while he was gone in Abu Dhabi.  Quinn wants him to intervene on Wyatt’s behalf.  Bill tells Quinn that he has two sons and is going to stay out of it.  He suggested that she do the same.  She has nothing to blackmail him with now and he and Brooke are stronger than ever.

While she is at it, she may as well leave town, Bill advised, before an angry mob headed by her own son drives her out of town.  Brooke despised Quinn and surely wouldn’t do anything to help her or her son in regard to Hope.

Wyatt returned home later and told his mom that Hope may have been happy to see him but Liam certainly wasn’t.  Quinn stated that Liam needed to be stopped and she was just the person to do it.  Wyatt warned his mother that he didn’t need her kind of toxic help…


Thursday June 23, 2011

Brooke admitted what she’d done on the island

Brooke admitted to her shocked sisters that she had encouraged Ridge to go build a life with Taylor.  She would bring him peace.  Donna and Katie reminded Brooke that Taylor, Steffy and Stephanie weren’t saints.  Brooke admitted to her sisters that she had done something terrible on the island after eating the hallucinogenic berries.  She slept with Thomas – Ridge’s son – Brooke admitted to her stunned sisters.

Thomas felt guilty for his lie

Meanwhile, Thomas was feeling guilty about his lie which annoyed Stephanie to no end.  Stephanie reminded Thomas that Brooke may not have done anything this time, but that she’d done plenty in the past.  She encouraged Thomas to move on.  Steffy arrived and Stephanie gave her something, then encouraged both Steffy and Thomas to go home – to their parents.

Ridge Proposed to Taylor

When Steffy and Thomas arrived home, Ridge encouraged them to all spend time together.  He told them what Brooke had done was unforgiveable but it wasn’t Thomas’ fault.  Ridge wanted to make some changes to this life.  He knows he absence has hurt Steffy and Thomas  and that he was now where he was supposed to be – with them.  Ridge took Taylor’s hands and told the mother of his children that they needed to pick up the pieces and move on.  This was their beginning.  “Marry me.” Ridge asked Taylor.