June 24: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Caroline Supports Thomas About Telling The Truth About Douglas

2011: Taylor accepted Ridge's marriage proposal 2014: Deacon moved in with Quinn 2015: Maya moves back in with Rick 2016: Katie derails again

Friday, June 24, 2016 – Episode #7361


Caroline Wants To Tell the Truth About Douglas

June 24 2016 B&b SpoilersWhen Thomas tells Ridge that he can’t keep the secret of Douglas’ paternity a secret anymore, Ridge wants Thomas to get back to the plan.  They have an agreement.  When Caroline comes home with Douglas, Ridge tries to use Caroline to back him up, but Caroline finally voices her own opinion and sides with Thomas.  She also thinks they need to be honest.

A tearful Caroline tries to convince Ridge why she thinks the truth needs to come out.  Of course Ridge is resistant.  Caroline stands up to her husband and tells him that she wishes with everything inside her that Douglas was his; she really does.  But he isn’t and they can’t deny that.

Liam Needs Something Good to Focus On

Over at Spencer Publications, after being mocked by his father and brother for wanting to “give back” to worthy causes some of the fortune made publishing “click-bait” tabloid style articles, Liam confides in Steffy why he needs to do this.  If Bill and Wyatt won’t back his plan to use the Spencer Foundation to use Spencer Publications power and resources for good, then he will start his own foundation.

He tells Steffy that he won’t just be doing good for other people, he’ll be helping himself also.  If he has something positive to focus on it will help him stop obsessing over them; and what might have been but now never will.

Katie Derails – Again

Over in Brooke’s kitchen, Brooke is exasperated because Katie seems to once again have fallen into old habits.  Something has gotten under her skin and she is on a rant against Brooke.  Katie tells Brooke that she isn’t like her; Katie drinks because she gets the feeling that the people who supposedly care about me are betraying.

Brooke sighs as Katie has clearly lost that happy feeling she’s had recently.  Will this be enough to drive Brooke back into Bill’s bed?  Is Brooke coming to appreciate how difficult it has been to live with Katie’s yo-yo moods?


Wednesday, June 24, 2015 – Episode #7106

Caroline Returns to Work

Ridge brings Caroline into work where Eric, Carter, Pam and Charlie have a party prepared.  Eric tells Pam she will love it. The Forrester’s welcome Caroline “home”.  Ridge thanks his father for being there.  They toast Caroline’s return. Caroline tells them she wouldn’t have been back this soon if it weren’t for Ridge.  He never let her doubt this day would come.

Conversation turns to work. On the phone Pam tries to tell someone that Maya was not fired from Forrester.  The public thinks she was fired even though Maya quit.  Ridge needs to do something about the PR nightmare. Ridge, Caroline and Eric discuss the same issue inside the CEO office.

They need to address it somewhere. Caroline offers to blog about it.  Eric says Forrester appears as the bad guy here.  Eric says that the public wasn’t to see Maya back there.  Ridge asks what Eric is suggesting.  Eric says he thinks Ridge knows.

Maya may not want to come back to Forrester, but Eric says that Ridge needs to make this happen. Ridge leaves the office.

Caroline tells Eric that her welcome back was very sweet.  Her return wouldn’t have been as warm if Rick had been CEO. Eric notes that Ridge and Caroline appear to be good together.  Eric asks Caroline to not let being CEO overwhelm Ridge’s life.  Eric asks how Caroline will feel about Maya coming back.  She says her feelings aren’t important.  Its what’s best for he company.  Caroline agrees Forrester needs Maya back.

Rick asks Maya to Come Home

Maya arrives at the mansion.  Rick thanks her for coming. It’s her first time there since “everything”. She loved sharing this home with him. Rick invites Maya to a party. They share Martinis despite it being early. Rick notes that Maya must be going stir crazy living at Dayzee’s.  Doesn’t she think its time to come home?  It’s what Rick wants.  He hopes it’s what she wants too.

Maya continues to support Rick as blindly as she has before.  Maya asks if he’s is sure.  She has cost him so much – his job.  Rick says that she gave him the courage to go after that job in the first place. Rick asks her again to move back in.

Maya wasn’t expecting this.  Are they moving forward together Maya asks.  Rick says he’s proud of her living who she wants to be.  Maya wants to live at the mansion so much.  They kiss as Rick assures her that he doesn’t look at her any differently than before.

Ridge walks in unannounced.  He needs to talk to Maya.  Forrester needs her, Ridge tells Maya. Maya says she resigns.


Tuesday June 24, 2014

Brooke and Liam both warned Hope that Deacon couldn’t be trusted.  Liam reminded Hope he was the one that busted up their wedding.  Liam did however acknowledge that he was still her father.  Hope agreed that she didn’t entirely trust Deacon either but wanted to try have some kind of relationship with him.

Deacon moves in with Quinn

Quinn called Deacon to her loft.  He wanted to help Hope, she wanted to help Wyatt. Let’s work something out, Quinn suggested.  Deacon told her that if Hope and Wyatt were really as good together as Quinn said, he’d see what he could do.  In return he needed somewhere to stay and he liked the look for her loft!

Thorne wants to know Oliver’s intentions towards Aly

Thorne saw Aly and Oliver getting cozy on the sky lounge.  He sent Aly away so he could have a fatherly chat with Oliver.  He’s much older that Aly, Thorne noted and if his intentions were not true towards Aly, then he should end this right now because his daughter was falling for him.  Oliver was about to tell Thorne how he felt about Aly when she returned.  Alone, Oliver debriefed Aly on the old school chat he and Thorne had.  Aly  agreed with Thorne – she was falling for Oliver – they kissed.

Deacon and Hope

Deacon visited Hope at the office.  They discussed their relationship and Hope’s recent return to Liam.  Deacon asked his daughter if she was sure that Liam was the one.  Hope admitted to not being over Wyatt but that she couldn’t imagine having Quinn as a mother in law.  Frankly she scares me, Hope confided in her father.  Hope also hoped that Deacon would never have to meet Quinn!

Quinn threatens Liam

Meanwhile Quinn pushed her way into Liam’s home. She was going to haunt Liam.  Her new mission in life was to be rid of Liam once and for all.  You only made me stronger, Quinn told Liam, and so much more dangerous.

Friday June 24, 2011

News spreads

Marcus came to see Eric, his second adopted father, to ask him about giving Baby Rosie the Forrester name.  He told Stephanie about it.  Stephanie also received a call from Steffy about Ridge proposing to Taylor.

Taylor Accepted Ridge’s Proposal

Taylor accepted Ridge’s proposal but was wary about Ridge returning to her backfiring on her like it had so many times in the past when it came to Brooke.  She told Ridge that they wouldn’t have a physical relationship until they were wed.  Ridge assured Taylor that he could never forget Brooke sleeping with their son.

When Thomas and Steffy returned to the room, Taylor and Ridge shared the good news.  Steffy handed Ridge the ring that Stephanie had given her. Ridge put the ring on Taylor’s finger and sealed their engagement with a kiss.

Brooke learned about Ridge’s Engagement to Taylor

Brooke told Donna and Katie about the hallucinations that she and Thomas had on the island after eating the berries.  She didn’t remember sleeping with Thomas, but Thomas did and Brooke didn’t believe Thomas would lie about something like that.  Brooke told her sisters she was going to reinvent herself as a better person taking a leaf out of Stephanie’s book.

Later Stephanie arrived and told Brooke she was still uncomfortable about Brooke using her name for her foundation.  Brooke told Stephanie that she was her inspiration and the reason she was doing this.  A guilty Stephanie wanted to be left out of it.

Stephanie changed the subject and told Brooke that Ridge had proposed to Taylor Tears fell from Brooke’s eyes and Stephanie couldn’t help but hug her.