June 27: The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Evidence Mounts Against Adam

Monday, June 27, 2016


June 27 2016 Y&R SpoilersAn emotional Sharon yells “Go away!” at someone unseen.  Faith comes into the room and not seeing anyone is puzzled.  “Mommy, who are you yelling at” Sharon’s daughter wants to know.

Chelsea is upset at the latest developments in Adams case.  With Constance’s body exhumed and found to be riddled with poison and a mysterious vial found during a police search of a storage unit Adam said he leased fro Sage, evidence is mounting against Adam.  Chelsea is distressed that Dylan now thinks that Adam is guilty also.  She realizes Dylan wants to take Adam away tonight. Now.

Natalie confronts Mariah. She thinks that Mariah is trying to shove her out of the picture so that Marian and Kevin can have mediocre sex again.  Aghast, Mariah asks what Natalie just said to her.

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Episode Highlights:

Chelsea notes that they don’t know what is in the vial yet but Adam isn’t so optimistic.  He knows what’s in there.  Clearly Victor has managed from a prison cell to plant enough evidence to see Adam join him behind bars.  They wonder how he has managed this.

Dylan wants to take Adam in tonight.  Chelsea begs for him not to, but it is Connor that has Dylan agree to post a guard on the door instead. Chelsea, Adam and Connor spend what could be their last night together.

Victor and Nick end up arguing about who is responsible for “blowing” up his kids lives.  Victor thinks Nick should check his own record at fatherhood before throwing stones at him.  Victor promises to take back everything that belongs to him as Nick leaves.

While Sharon tells Mariah that Chelsea is going to hire here, she sees Sage standing behind Mariah.  Sage accuses Sharon of taking everything that was hers. Sage continues to taunt Sharon telling her she will haunt her every day.  Sharon tells herself that Sage isn’t there and as soon as the meds are out of her system, Sage will be also.  Sharon loses it and yells “Go Away”.  Faith enters and asks who her mother is yelling at. Sharon tells Faith she was calling out for Mariah.

Later Faith tells Nick that Sharon is fighting with Mommy.  When Faith also tells her dad that she heard them say “meds” Nick waits till Dylan arrives.  Dylan fills them in on Adam.

At Crimson lights Natalie denies working with Victor. The fact that the cyber evidence leads to her is proof she didn’t do it.  She would have done a better job hiding her tracks.  Natalie wonders if its simply an excuse to get Kevin to dump her and wonders if perhaps it was Mariah who set her up.

Natalie questions Mariah and accuses her of wanting to get rid of Natalie so that she and Kevin can have mediocre sex again.  Mariah is perplexed when Natalie mentions the Newman oil spill.  Later at home, Mariah tells Sharon and Nick that Natalie is Victors accomplice in the oil spill.

Kevin goes to see Victor to try establish whether Natalie is working for him.  Victor is no help but Kevin does not the security camera in the visitation room on the way out.  Victor also gets a visit from Michael.  Victor won’t help Adam though.  Adam will hear in court what Victor really thinks when he testifies.

Back at Crimson lights Kevin and Natalie hack the prison security cameras.  They find footage of a woman visiting Victor who looks like Natalie.  She states that it isn’t her.


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