June 27: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Thomas Wants to be a Proper Family; Voices in Katie’s Head

2013: Brooke told Bill she lost his baby 2014: Caroline called Maya a gold-digger, but Maya deflected attention onto someone else with a recording 2016: Thomas wants him, Caroline and Douglas to be a family

Monday, June 27, 2016 – Episode #7362


Thomas Wants To Be A Proper Family

June 27 2016 B&B Spoilers
With the truth about Douglas paternity about to be made public, Thomas goes after everything he wants…

After handing Douglas over to his father, and saying goodbye to the baby that he has called “son” since his birth, Ridge tells Thomas that he loves them both very much.  Thomas holds his son as he listens to his father’s words.  Caroline watches.

Ridge tells Caroline and Thomas that he is sorry that he took these special parenting moments away from both of them.

Ridge must leave the new family to explore the new dynamic of their relationship.  Thomas empowered by his recent success in getting Ridge to hand over the “daddy” reins to him decides that being honest about more of his feelings may pay dividends.

He tells Caroline that he is in love with her and wants to be a proper family with her and Douglas.  Caroline seems surprised but this.  She may have supported Thomas in being honest about Douglas’ true paternity, but that is as far as it goes.  She tells Thomas that the three of them can’t be a family in the way that Thomas wants because despite everything, and the reason she went along with everything that Ridge wanted in keeping Douglas paternity a secret is because she is in love with Ridge.  And that hasn’t changed.

The Voices in Katie’s Head Are Right

Katie is clearly agitated as she explains to Brooke in her kitchen that there is a voice in her head that is telling her there is something going on here; between Bill and Brooke.  Katie knows she has to make that voice go away because it makes her want to drink.

When Bill comes home, he tries to calm his wife’s fears.  He holds onto her and tells her that there is nothing more important to him and her sister than Katie’s health and well being.

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Friday June 27, 2014

Wyatt clues Deacon in on Quinn

Deacon and Wyatt talked over a bottle of scotch.  He thought, from the press coverage, that Wyatt and Hope made a good couple.  While Deacon has nothing against Liam, he and Hope have tried to make it work for a long time.  Wyatt admitted that he and Hope were no longer together because of his mother.  Quinn isn’t the type of person Hope respects.

Knowing what Quinn is up to in the warehouse, Deacon asked what kind of person Quinn is.  Wyatt stated honestly that Quinn didn’t care who she hurt to get what she wanted and would and has crossed lined to get it.  Deacon, remembering Quinn’s threat against Liam’s life, reacted as Wyatt told him that Quinn could go too far at times.

Caroline confronts Maya

Rick admitted to Caroline that Maya hit on him in the steam room.  When Maya came to tell Caroline  and Rick about Oliver she was surprised to learn that Caroline already knew about her steam room attempted seduction.  Maya was honest and told Caroline she just needed Rick to know how she felt in case he still had the same feelings.  Caroline mused that at least they know knew why Maya was reluctant to set a wedding date.  She’s a gold digger.

Fresh from overhearing Oliver tell Aly that Aly should replace Maya as the Hope for the Future spokes model, Maya claimed she isn’t that gold digger.  Oliver is.  She played the recording of Oliver admitting to using Aly to secure his job and get a piece of the Forrester lifestyle.

Oliver, Aly, Pam and Charlie went to a medieval event.

Quinn breaks into Liam’s house

In Malibu, Liam went to bed after Hope left for the evening. After hearing a noise he got up and searched the house.  In the living room, Liam’s flashlight illuminated Quinn’s face, scaring Liam.


Thursday June 27, 2013

Believing that there is something more going on with Brooke than just her fainting spell, and the pressure of Katie throwing her a party for being a great sister, Bill asks Brooke about it.  Brooke admits she has been keeping a secret from him too.  She had been pregnant with his child but miscarried.  She had been about to tell him and Katie the truth when she had a panic attack and was hospitalized.  At the hospital she’d learned she lost the baby.  Bill comforted Brooke and was sorry for her, their, loss.

Taylor’s eagerness to find out what Brooke had been up to recently was reignited by finding out Brooke had recreated her and Eric’s Palm Springs  honeymoon.   Eric told Taylor that a stressed Brooke made a poor decision and that he turned Brooke down.  He and Brooke would always be close because they share children but Taylor is the woman in his life.  Eric suggested that he wasn’t nearly as interested in Brooke as Taylor seemed to be.  Taylor noted that she was interested because Brooke had been displaying odd behavior.

At the hospital Taylor spoke with Brooke’s gynecologist, who coincidentally was also Steffy’s OBGYN.   Curious about an OBGYN examining a patient admitted for anxiety Taylor offered to refer colleagues dealing in anxiety.  When Dr. Caspary went to lunch Taylor broke into her files and learned that Brooke, until recently, had been pregnant! Taylor put two and two together and deduced that baby had been Bill’s.

Meanwhile Katie continued to make plans for Brooke’s upcoming birthday party – a celebration of not only Brooke but all the Logan women…



  1. Thomas is asking to much from Caroline he has got the nerve to ask to be a family with
    her she is not in love with him and she is still with his father and merrid to him.
    Thomas wants to play house but Caroline is not liking it one bit she wants to be co parenting
    but she do not what to be serious with him she still loves Ridge. They should do the test all
    ready I don’t like the story Thomas is a creep he dose not deserve any thing at all he wants
    what his father has I hope Ridge will not give up that easly on Caroline how can he? And why is
    he giving in to his son? I hope that Ridge will find out that the baby is his and he can kick his son
    to the curve

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