June 28: The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Ridge and Brooke Support Each Other’s Bad Decisions; Steffy and Wyatt to Prove Themselves

2016: Ridge and Brooke support each other in the mistakes they have recently made

Tuesday, June 28, 2016 – Episode #7363


Wyatt and Steffy To Prove Themselves

June 28 2016 B&B SpoilersAt home in Malibu, Wyatt discusses work with his wife.  Wyatt tells Steffy that Bill wants proof that he is a Spencer, that he can make his was in this world. (Isn’t that what Wyatt did before he knew who his dad was? And all those years working for Forrester Creations?)

Meanwhile, Steffy opens up her life to public scrutiny in the name of fame and adulation, which only makes sense if it’s a plot device in a future storyline or twist.  Somehow this choice will backfire.

Steffy takes lessons in marketing herself on the social media scene.  Survivor Castaway, Debbie Warner makes a Bold and the Beautiful guest appearance to give Steffy the skills she needs.

Which seems a little odd, since Steffy’s mother in law, Caroline Spencer Forrester is well established as having a huge social media presence and following.  But Caroline is a new mother, so I guess that is easy enough to overlook.

In the not so distant past, however, Steffy used the excuse of it being inappropriate for the President of Forrester Creations to be modeling (of course Ivy was also blackmailing Steffy) as the second Face of Forrester Creations.  And now she’s suddenly okay with plastering the President of Forrester Creations all over social media?


Ex-lovers Support Each Other

Brooke confides in Ridge over recent events in her (secret) love life and how she has once again betrayed her sister.  Katie’s suspicious and accusations, this time, are well founded.  But Brooke has made thinks right.  She has ended what was going on with Bill.

Given that his own life hasn’t been a model in honesty Ridge is supportive of his ex-wife.  He gently tells Brooke that she made a mistake, that’s all.  Ridge then adds that he’s made a few of his own recently.

Brooke comes full circle once again and decides that she doesn’t need a man in her life to define who she is.  First she had Ridge in her life, and now it’s Bill.  Brooke is determined that she can be a strong independent woman.  She states she was that woman once.  But Ridge giggles at that.

Hmm.  Wasn’t it her determination to be strong and independent that lead her into a reclusive life of loneliness in her big mansion.  And that ended up with Brooke enjoying the fine company of Vodka.  I guess this time is different; Maya, Rick and Lizzie are living with her; and if she does start drinking again she won’t be alone.  She and Katie can be drinking buddies.


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